How Black Women Oppress Other Black Women

– When I look at this picture here, it is Spiritree, no matter what artifical shit Erykah Nig-do does to steal her rightful owed spotlight – who got the REAL spotlight:

The nigger witch Erykah Badu STRIKES AGAIN!!!!

Here is Spiritree BOASTING of how the nigger bitch witch Erykah Badu STOLE, oops I mean was “influenced” by ha here:


Here is the CON-CERT where the nigger bitch witch stole Spiritree’s style here:

Shit…. she stealing Baron Samedi, EVERYBODY’S style here smdh ??‍♀️

I talked about ha black ass here with that:

Astral Vision Shows Erykah Badu Destroyed Lauryn Hill’s Career and Tried To Undermine My Blessings

And the Migos (and Patti LaBelle) too:

Series of Astral Visions Reveal That The Migos Have Been Stealing My Blessings

That being said – fuck, I couldn’t do this video without cursing out a wetback:

That shit with mugs, esp. sellebrities, stealing ordinary folks’ shit to enhance their own shit is real!

I had a wetback bitch and a wetback ass magician try to steal energy from me to do something (I’ll do that to niggers too, ANYONE who steals from me without paying me ??) and I saw that her ass got binded and is indebted ie I got her soul in the astral.

I warn ya’ll – I don’t play!

That said, here me talking on this shit!


– You can see me get into a near fight with this fucking WETBACK near the tail end here who had the NERVE with his fucking illegal-need-to-be-deported ass self to my fucking body…

Then you can hear me talk about they asses here:


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I HATE WETBACKS! That’s why I ENJOY calling them wetbacks and treating them like shit to remind em that they ain’t white (as they tend to think they are) like here:

I thought Michael Jackson’s niece was white. I was like where the black lady at?

Anyways, these fucking wetbacks, they are pure fucking evil and do not have our best interests at heart! I keep reminding ya’ll that they are the basturd seeds of the reptilian Quetzalcoatl:

Them mofos at this point in time wanna use us to push their agenda – like white folks do – and not help us as this wetback “intelligently” revealed here:

Meanwhile doing this to us….

Why they showing a wetback family here? To abate black folks’ RIGHTEOUS reaction to who is the cause of our trauma?

– Fucking wetback smiling!

Here is the story: first heard it on lipstickalley:

And here they are on the instagram @planetofthefoos here low key caping for a neo nazi band dressing as them and using their cult-ure to push their neo nazi agenda, smdh (wide peepole can never have their own shit lol ??‍♀️):

Lordt have marcy HEY-zeus Crakkka Christ Lordt Cesare Borgia…. That’s how they feel and that’s why I put them in they place. Speaking of which…. Gone, baby gone don’t be looooong (that’s an Erykah Badu song)…

I got some drank:


Found it serendiptiously in a bag placed on the side of the road on the pch in Malibu! Also I found the source of that bubblegum phantom smell – I think my baby brother was feeding off of it as an offering (would explain why I smelt tonka trucks too) so I may get him some more and set up an offering to make him strong.


Peace ??

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