Astral Vision Shows Erykah Badu Destroyed Lauryn Hill’s Career and Tried To Undermine My Blessings

I don’t like this bitch!

– Now, I like the video she did here….

– Got the same backside as me. Does what I do. I commend her for that ??

That being said, how the fuck does Lauren Hill go from being on top of the whirl in the 90s:

To do-gypping people out they money by not showing up to concerts and shit and acting “crazy.”

– This says all you need to know!

If you saw the shit that I have seen of Erykah Badu and what she does, spiritually, you wouldn’t like her either!

She put spells to fuck up Lauren Hill’s career.

In that last screenshot where she says she gotta align her chakras that means she KNOWS she is under a curse and she is working to resolve it. “Craziness” coming from outta no where can be due to a spell due to a person suffering nightmares, night terrors and then lack of sleep due to the curse afflicting them!

A person on states that Erykah Badu a fiercely jealous mofo when it comes to dealing with other females:

Erykah Badu a witch. I just used my third eye to see what is fucking with Lauryn and I saw Ra an Egyptian sun god and another Egyptian sun god, I think Amun, fucking with her and having her tied, restrained to this circular wooden thing as if she a sacrifice.

My friend also saw via his third eye that Erykah Badu sacrifices animals.

Cause of certain folks she fucks with, she tried going after me (the initial sentence was meant to explain how she came across knowledge of me).

I don’t like her evil ass. That’s why I can’t be on that pro black shit!

As explained here:


– I ran those bitches up the street yesterday and I’ve been seeing that I’ve been fucking their shit up – spiritually – so much so they had to consult a powerful white voodoo practicioner to take my shit off, but can’t!

And here:

Black women have done nothing but try to destroy my life. They are some e-vile, sinister motherfuckers and Tommy Sotomayor says no lies about those hoes!

For instance, there is a dude by the name of Eligio Natureboy on Youtube who runs a harem/ “natural” village in different places (before he gets kicked out) around the world!

– I ain’t into black men but he one fine ass mofo!

– That bitch on the left is crazy. Heard she got AIDS too from him.

Anyways, this dude has become net famous thanks to a horde of black women who LIT stalk his for clout.

Now all these crusty heauxs hea are calling themselves “exposing” him:

– I don’t like this broad. Her face just screams bitch, uptight, in denial, projectionist. She chased him for clout.

– Now this BITCH a certified sociopath projecting ass reptilian and I will SHOW you why in a few!

– Fuck a cult, this shit a soap opera!

Look, he a POS! He beat on women, etc. has done twisted things but they “exposing” him for clout and hate him out of jealousy cause of all the attention he gets due to their stupidasses giving him all this energy (how ironic).

Now this fleurbrun mug here:

– Why she calling this vid a comedy when this is supposed to be serious subject matter pertaining to abuse she says Eligio is supposedly meteing out!?

Anyways, she told a young kid by the name of Ryan Cropper not to boast about his talents on youtube:

– Reminds me of how I was told in high school not to use “big words” by another black bitch by the name of Ms. McCleod whose brother worked for Monsanto (someone also did it to her cause she was brilliant in math but don’t make it right).

She also has made other fucked up messy ass comments like here:

This says it all ??

Bitch a cerTIfied snake hissssss ?

Anyways, check the video:


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