The Astral Vision Where I Saw Selena Trapped In A Hellish Astral Version of New Orleans With Mexican Gangs

– Funny cause the colors where I saw she was at were muted just like that since she is not that far from the hellish underworld realms!

It’s funny cause one day not too long after I had had that astral vision I just so randomly ran into her memorial:

It’s also funny cause I was born in New Orleans.

Also I peep that she has been reaching out to black women regarding her situation in the astral like as conveyed by this young black woman’s testimony of seeing Selena covered in soot and looking depressed:

That being said, here is the video I did based on the astral vision I saw of her being in a darker version of New Orleans – my home city – and Mexican gangs etc. along with coming across an old nun/religion spanish teacher from my high school who, it turns out, was low key fucking with voodoo as conveyed by this vision:

Honest I think she in them hellish realms cause the fat sociopath bitch who murdered her put her there:

Evil bitch!

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