How Black Women Oppress Other Black Women

– When I look at this picture here, it is Spiritree, no matter what artifical shit Erykah Nig-do does to steal her rightful owed spotlight – who got the REAL spotlight: The nigger witch Erykah Badu STRIKES AGAIN!!!! Here is Spiritree BOASTING of how the nigger bitch witch Erykah Badu STOLE, oops I mean was “influenced” by ha here:   Here is the CON-CERT where the nigger bitch witch stole Spiritree’s style here: Shit…. she stealing Baron Samedi, EVERYBODY’S style here smdh ??‍♀️ I talked about ha black ass here with that: Astral Vision Shows Erykah Badu Destroyed Lauryn Hill’s

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