The North Korea Regime Is Designed To Send Souls To The Hell Kim Jong-il Got Set Up

With that image I felt something peak in my sacral chakra just now which is telling me is an accurate depiction of what is happening to the souls he collected in his concentration camps on the other side….



Looka them pupils….

That’s those reptilian people David Icke and Credo Mutwa talks about. It’s all in the eyez…..

That being said, his ass came out of NOWHERE to fuck with me (beforehand he was stalking past my car, asking for cigarettes and even then I knew he wasn’t good) and ONLY started shit on the part in the vid where I said Kim Jong-il, the former fucking demonic dictator of North Korea, was a fucking incarnated demon, to throw me off.

I also noticed that when he was around the energy got real negative and volatile around me. HIS energy caused that cause all was peaceful and bucolic before.

I also believe he may have wrote this shit here (I sensed a tormented spirit which he very well could be) under Brian Venison:

This the second time a rep (reptilian) approached me this week. This was another one who did:

You can see it in the face.

Now there is some fucked up OCCULT shit going on in North Korea which I breakdown here:


I wanna say I don’t think the son, Kim Jong-un, runs shit. His sister who had the soul of an alien grey placed her that, thru my mind’s eye, I saw looks just like the demon who Aleister Crowley summoned here named Lam (a VERY Korean sounding name interestingly when you think about it):

….is the one who BEEN running the show,
Kim Yo-jong:

She look like an alien. They also carrying his fat ass cause he drinks too much.

You can tell his fat baby balloon Lord of the Asses ass wasn’t running shit! Also the oldest son, who was murdered by the fam in 1994 named Kim Jong-nam, had a conscience and actually wanted to reform shit:

– Peep the family members who ain’t trying to help the people are still here.

I hope that angel rest in peace ?

That being said, listen to this audio recording of when a shaman had to get my brother out of hell vis a vis pics of a North Korean concentration camp, where EVERYBODY in your family went if you said one thing bad about the North Korean dictator and his fam. BTW Kim Jong-il KILLED his entire immediate fam: brothers, sisters, mother, father. I said no lie when I said HE IS AN INCARNATED DEMON!

Here the recording:

These are images of North Korean concentration camps as drawn by survivors….

Tell me that place ain’t hell.

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