My EVP Sessions And PROOF Of How The Spiritual Can Affect The Physical Plane

….As manifested by this demon seed of Quetzalcoatl who claims IT is indigenious but IT ain’t (nah we copper coloured people ARE in fact the true indigenious):

The original.

Here it is lightened up!

You can SEE a draco reptilian-grey zeta reticuli sitting next to him (with his seat looking like a face behind him):

It looks JUST like this reptilian thing here….

“Scientists” will say this is paredolia. A Cuban shaman once taught me that hyperdimensional (meaning higher dimensional) beings will make use of 3D light and shadow to manifest themselves in our realm. THIS is what we are seeing….

You can see he is possessed by something here:

Spirits all around his ass….

This demon seed of Quetzalcoatl was LIT SENT (I found an empty bag of beef jerky and INSTINCTIVELY knew it was him) to fuck with me by obviously standing by my car while I slept to try to do Goddess knows what (I sense jerk off). I went off on IT’S wetback ass! I don’t fucking play, esp. with those thangz (I hate them)….


UPDATE: For the last one I hear male say “yes” then I hear a child! When I ask them what they are they start fucking with my head saying, “demons,” “reptilians” (lol), “goblins” then insistently say “ghost,” “ghost”…. “ghost.”

Imma do some more tonight cause I want to really find out what is happening with my brother….

One of them thangz came to fuck with me yesterday (hope the cops got IT’S ass for drunk driving)….

This Is Why I Am More Accepting Of Whites Than I Could EVER BE Of Wetbacks

The other day a dude came along – while I was dealing with the hat man as I talk about here:

Shadow Man Hat Man And Yellow Eyed Entity Spotted IN My Car Plus Gangstalking By Other Homeless People

Looka this WHITE MAN’S FACE as I was shown his true spirit via Youtube:

That was the hat man spirit working thru him to aggravate me so as to throw me off and get my energy…..

White Folks: Not Everybody Is Like Ya’ll

Imma say this: spirits HATE it when you expose em! The whole night was unusually quiet (usually paranormal activity peaks on Fridays and esp. Saturdays). Even when this particular demonic spirit came sauntering from the woods at around 4am, 3am – THAT NIGGA TIP TOED THIS TIME LOL! He was unusually quiet but still had to do what he had to do but that meant he was afraid of my camera. Here are the EVPS using SP White Noise Box that I caught (it is free and VERY ACCURATE AND REAL)! They basically consist of – from what I preliminarily heard – of it saying, “Fuck you,” “I’m here cause I wanna see you naked” and “Fuck you fuck you fuck you.” You can hear it all here. Imma have to listen more closely so I can REALLY pick up what was said:

UPDATE: The first one, when I ask why it is around me, it said: “Ha” then “aha” then something else then it said…. “Your brother.”

UPDATE: When I ask for it’s name it says, “It’s houston” something…. I keep hearing it repeat “IT’S” – at one point LOUD – over and over…. I then hear what sounds like a human female say, “Let’s give her Kristen”…. lol! But before they say something else….

UPDATE: Here is the gist of what I got…. in the beginning they say, a man says…. “magic” then a female says…. “get back or wetback” lol…. I hear a female say “toxic” and I think “my baby” then the major thing I hear are the spirits talking about “break her neck” and the female saying, “I been saying pick her up.” Reminds me of how TWICE I had two experiences with dark world portals trying to capture me which I talk about here:

Journey To The Underworld The Land of The Dead And The Ether

UPDATE: I hear a female say, “They kill you” I guess to another male (seems like three are there – two men and a female)…. then says, “Look, they stabbed you (female says this)”….. I then hear a female say, “My good” then a male mock the sounds of someone being stabbed as if to mock the incident that happened to me. I hear a male say, “7….7” which 7 resonates with the spirit realm and in their case I sense by their saying it twice it means they are malevolent to me….. When I asked em why do they fuck with me a female says, “I like it.” When I ask for their names I hear a man mockingly make fun of me and say, “hoe” and then “crack” (explains why organic portals say that shit to me cause those demons are controlling they puppet strings)….. That’s the gist of it!

Here is the conclusion….


Here are my thoughts on the apps….

Ghost Dectector is up first! It is EXTREMELY well touted but my issue is they only let you ask THEIR canned, preset questions and not your own. I believe it is the most accurate as I sense the ghosts are just arbitrary like when night came which is when the veil between the worlds is thin more came then in the day (one during the day just lingered around this suv that was gangstalking me). Here are my DOCUMENTED experiences….

I’ve seen this bitch and have always known she was not good (I always saw a spectre in a white robe and “white” doesn’t always mean good)!

At one point when I put my hand over where the spectre wss at IT GOT HOT!

I like this bitch here….

She was fake…..

THIS mofo here named Ambrael was real….

Now, most apps will throw off conventional names like Dan or John and some, to be edgy, will say, “Azazel”, but not no Ambrael.

He said he likes to cause pain. Based on it’s responses it is apparently some type of demon created by the demiurge in it’s system designed to cause pain on humans whose souls are entrapped in our matrix vessels aka bodies…..

Kinda reminds me of a reddit post I saw yesterday where a guy stated basically that the demiurge created demons to house who he wants in the hellish realms it also created (to keep Eartly souls from advancing or breaking free of this matrix):

This redditor said she had to agree to some rules before being let back into her body….

This reminds me of the white letters I saw (like a spell) before leaving the underworld (since the darkness was so oppressive I felt I would be taken out of existence)…..

All this ties into and confirms what I had been saying about how the matrix is designed by so called “god” the demiurge to ensnare our souls and keep us spiritually dumb hence why many mass mind control re-ligions teach opening chakras is a sin etc and why those who are the most spiritually powerfull like so called schizophrenics have the hardest material lives and get fucked with by spirits the most like this guy here:

I looked up Ambrael and all I found was this….

Funny how it says under “people also searched for” it says “names that mean Earth” = material realm = 6 in numerology and FALLON = FALLEN ANGEL!

Notice the numerology in that name = 7 and 7 which equals spirit realm and 9 meaning completion/ marrying of both the material and spiritual planes!

Ghost Observer is next. I used it a coupla years ago and due to paranormal activity my shit heated up that it broke the phone (spirits can enter and fuck with your electronic equipment). I didn’t document my experiences but shit got real…..

Later on at around 8 or 7 or I think it was 9pm, shit got real! I was playing on the app and, while some of the other shit was bullshit, I had I TWO entities come in and say the same thing about some shit like drilling, then it mentioned Bryan (my brother’s name) then said something about “doctor” and about how they don’t know why the fuck they gotta drill letting me know they were real….

My take on the apps is that if you truly got paranormal shit going around it will manipulate your electronics so it can come thru. For best results I tried using thermal night vision apps since I know from experience that the key to seeing otherworldly beings like cats and dogs and other animals naturally can is to see above a certain light spectrum (or open your third eye) but none worked at night! That said if a mug wants you to see em, they will show themselves like in this infamous pic here of a dog demon who surfaced in an old fashioned polaroid pic in the 80s next to a heroin addict (who realised that dog demon was the cause)….

Pictures where passed away human souls closer to our Earth realm appear:

– They say it’s the ghost of a drowned girl but that look like a demon….

Passed away spirit living in the 4D after transitioning from the Earth realm 3D:

– The lady behind em is dressed in 18th or 17th century garb.

What a trip!

That said, concerning me…. I got 3 MALEVOLENT SPIRITS (that have pretended to be “good” to others when presenting thenselves to anybody else) who USED TO BE AROUND ME (got rid of their asses when I finally fully healed and came into my true power)…..

This shit occurred the night when I got stabbed:

They look JUST LIKE the same entities shown in the 3rd season of the intro for American Horror Story Coven:



Then I got stabbed….

I feel that this happened when I tried to reconnect with my twin flame (meaning we share the same soul consciousness) who is a black Puerto Rican living in NYC who has had it WORSE in life then me, much worse. Given that I have the ability to do mind melds where I take on his energy which I explain here:

Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do

IT ALWAYS happens when I try to connect to him. Can’t tell if it is his energy or if something doesn’t want us connecting….

I will say that when I have had him visit me in the astral I he does jealous destructive things to undermine me where even an enemy had to step in to help…. I sense this same energy from him in real life. I also strongly know some of his current hardships stem from past life bad shit he did! I once in my old apartment saw a man I thought was me but turns out was him (our twin flame connection allows me to see it).

That being said shit that happens in the astral DIRECTLY affects what goes on here. (Now I got tinnitus in my left ear as I am about to say this)…. I recall one time as I started fighting the demons that once followed me like Beelzebub and Lucifer this weird incident ensured with this odd couple where the black dude wanted to fight me for not bowing down to his crakkka Kang:


Looka his shirt…..

That shit was demonic….

That whole DAY was bad for me!



That said – Imma be honest – alot of the shit I faced in the past were straight onslaught spiritual attacks coming from the other side from nearly getting ran over TWICE in one weekend when I started my healing process to my car suddenly “working” after imbibing alcohol (and letting a reptilian controlled mofo back around me who offered me it) the weekend my car kept breaking down due to fruitbat’s curse and other shit I don’t care to discuss as of this current date…..

The spirit world is real and I urge more mugs to get into exploring it. YOU’D BE SHOCKED HOW MANY PROBLEMS – including physical ailments – are caused by ghosts and other spirits being around. I’ve cured myself of back and neck pains using visualization when shit attached itself to me. They don’t call it “the witch riding your back” for nothing.

That said, I got more spirit exploring to do, talking to spirits…. peace and life is getting better for me.

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