You Gotta Watch Who You Open Yourself To When You Are Spiritual

Alright…. I gotta say this shit…. aside from seeing some niggers I went to high school with, including this broad named Kiera who looked like Snik from Little Monsters:

BUILT (like a linebacker) like his ass too….

in the astral plotting some shit (I shot ya’ll asses down, too)…..



Except it had a hunched back, a big deformed head with a line of fur lining the top of it’s head and back like a horse. It looked like a deformed former human (if a soul is tormented enough it can go from looking ghoulish to becoming a vaguely discernible demonic like creature over time which I have seen firsthand). I sensed it mighta once been a human, a lost soul, poor thing.

It walked past my car. I heard a truck and looked up and, no, the truck was FAR – it had several lights – it was A HUGE truck but I didn’t hear no doors slaming or closing and anyone walking! Also, I NOTICED THAT THE DOOR WHERE I LAY MY HEAD AT ON THE PASSENGER SIDE WHERE THERE IS NO KEY HOLE – THE LATCH ON THE DOOR WAS INEXPLICABLY OPENED THO I REMEMBER MAKING SURE THAT SHIT WAS CLOSED!

I remember when I turned my head away from the passenger side window – the footsteps and the foot creaking of leaves I usually hear early in the morning stopped! I then “woke” to see that thing!

That being said, I made a fucking mistake yesterday:

Tina By Tarot TOLD Me That People Get Sent My Way So I Can Sacrifice Them

When People Project On Me It Is An Issue With Them Not With Me

I shoulda cut this mofo and KNEW what he was up to with all his fucking contradictions…..

– Mofo I don’t owe you SHIT! I fuck who I want and live my life on my own terms. I ain’t gotta be some virgin mary to…. bitch I didn’t ask you to follow me!

This was some type of energy grab (just posting those screenshots sent a sharp pain like an ice pick into the left side of my sacral chakra) or some type of entity transference by whatever controls him. Either way, he got some bad shit on him and I am not taking it on….

To go to show you how all this works and why really spiritual people gotta put their guards up and defend against low key attacks from energy vampires like that, let me breakdown something that happened between me and this voodoo dude in an exchange years ago.

There was this guy who provoked me, knowing my weak points, to fight him online. EVERYTIME I RESPONDED TO HIM I KEPT GETTING DRAINED OF ENERGY, EVERYTIME! Now, those lil voodoo loas ARE NOTORIOUS for being energy vampires. Whatever controlled that dude was telling him to fight me to get my powerful energy.

I SHIT YOU NOT AS I AM ABOUT TO WRITE ABOUT THIS OTHER DUDE I AM FEELING TIRED – I DON’T EVEN WANNA SAY HIS NAME (which is how you do demons). I shoulda recognised that I was dealing with some type of demonic energy vampire/demon motherfucker in the heavily laden contradictions – which whatever controls him uses as a lure to pull folks in – then after calling me crazy says he low key looks up to me and seeks my words for validation:

While saying I shouldn’t be racist and hateful while hating white people himself.

Let me tell ya…..


The minute I connected to this fool I experienced what I call a mind meld where his emotions became my emotions, thoughts became my thoughts, etc. I FELT A BLOCK – A FUCKING BLOCK on the right side of my crown chakra (he got something there). I am used to gangstalking BUT THE GANGSTALKING YESTERDAY WAS UNPRECEDENTED AND NON FUCKING STOP! IT WAS AGGRAVATING AND I WAS LOSING MY MIND AND HAD TO CENTER MYSELF AND PLAY 6000HZ FREQUENCY to come back to normal and abate the shit for a lil bit! Also, his hatred of whites IS NO JOKE! I kinda needed his energy to write this:

Crakkka Males Can Get This ‘Woke Too

Since I stay focused on wetbacks but his hatred of whites is INTENSE and it just seemed crakkkas wanted to fight my ass as bad as the wetbacks all day.

I wasn’t feeling myself!

That being said later on in the evening I get this email from him saying this:

Note he contradicts himself by saying he enjoys my writing and while sounding wishy washy about the wetbacks, still maintaing that it is all gang shit when I have shown evidence to the contrary, he agrees….

All that shit was an energy grab!

He confirmed that shit happens to him. HOWEVER – and this is where you gotta watch yourself – his energy seems strange. My intuition is never wrong. I sense that he has lower chakras but as this article talks about here….

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

He lacks the higher chakras (hence why my crown chakra was dead on my right aka spiritual side). I STRONGLY SENSE THAT! He feels empty though he speaks angrily with strong emotion – which comes from his sacral chakra.

People like him try to get close to soulled spiritually powerfull empathetic beings like me to siphon off our higher chakra energy so they can transfer it to their lower chakras as that article explains…..

– I landed smack dab on that particular quote too while searching for it in the article…..

People like him LIT have no soul. It’s got nothing to do with his belief system, etc. He – as that article expounds on – comes from the particular branch of humanity that was created to be solely organic vessels for their alien masters called the pre-adamites. That is why he got “bey” in his name like many of those hebrew israelities who war-ship, who else….

God the demiurge:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

Who created organic vessels like him to keep soulled individuals like myself from reaching our true potential. I talked on that here:

The Demiurge Wants To Keep You From Becoming Your Own God

THIS website is GREAT for touching on that information….

Organic portals or soulless humans

That’s why my crown chakra was closed on my right side – cause as I picked up, lit ABSORBED his energy (unwittingly) I picked up on how vacuous and dead this dude’s crown is cause he has none!

I cut him off and now I feel myself again.

I feel on another level that something may have inclined me to open up to him to keep me from healing (I’ve been doing GREAT AT). It seems like when I am getting up there with healing some shit happens to stop it…..

Maybe I was meant to endure this to teach you all, someone out there in a similar circumstance what they are dealing with…..

All in all, when you are an empath: watch out! He is an ADVANCED human robotoid who can manipulate emotions to get in and siphon your energy. As that article states, as I sensed with his most RECENT response, he is a caricature of a human being. Not a true soulled human which Yaweh aka the demiurge aka his “god” sought to destroy in the manufactured Great Flood created when Nibiru passed by planet Earth. Look up the Book of Enoch, Zecharia Sitchin, Enki and Enlil to learn more about that.

Lotta history folks don’t know!

That being said, GUARD YOUR ENERGY! Play 6000hz frequency to remove assholes away from you and, most of all, follow your intuition if you are an empath cause that shit is never wrong!

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