Crakkka Males Can Get This ‘Woke Too

Looka how I treat the black who stops and stares…..


Compared to the other races….


…..All yesterday was gangstalking day…. it was intense! One (wetback) even took off LIKE A LIGHT THE SEC I played 6000hz frequency….


This mofo thought I was stupid, like I couldn’t see what he was up to….

This wetback here HAD THE AUDACITY to tell me to leave cause I don’t like being gangstalked…. looka what he does next….


Wonder why he in a fucking neckbrace….

These assholes thought they were gonna use that u turn around shit to have a laugh at my expense, thinking my car fucked up (nah, I had to replace the CCRM – my car work better than they new car cause these old cars arw built ford tough)


And this asshole – who threw rocks at a distance then called the police after his punk ass left…..


The amount of gangstalking I been experiencing has been UNPRECEDENTED LATELY! It’s like something on a forum is influencing them to do this stupid shit! It’s been like line after line of cars on a fucking hoe stroll. It’s CRAZY the number of cars doing this shit REPEATEDLY and, like with the wetback, they know they doing wrong and their intention is to fuck with me (Him saying, “Don’t park on the side of the road” alludes to that….). It’s like the crakkkas of Malibu are sending they lowly ass wetbuck particularly house maids, servants and hoes to fuck with me and run me out. It ain’t gonna work cause I know what’s going on. In one instance a beige car parked DIRECT across from me with the driver looking DEAD. AT ME! When I flicked my hand to say, “Yeah, whatever” – he took to talking shit about me with someone over the phone and then, when that didn’t aggrevate me, took off!

I know what ya’ll are trying to do – get me to lash out so I can go to jail. I’m just gonna ‘woke ya! ????‍♀️?? #DragYourAssToHell

Imma start being nice to black people, black men who do that shit from now on….

Fuck I will ONLY treat crakkkas and wetbacks (the white bois lapdogs) who pull this shit LIKE SHIT from now on….

I do this cause the other groups don’t respect me! They don’t respect me as a black woman and in large part it is cause they lust after us – as if we are animals – but are intimidated by our power and strenght so they feel they “gotta” subdue us.

You gotta the wrong fucking one as he and his ma found out (as I got ha burning in hell ????):

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

Just like I fucked up the lives of ALL THESE PEOPLE HERE….

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

And, Erick (that dumbass cop gave me your fucking name)…. you gonna be next, bitch! You gonna be next, heaux!

– Looking at IT’S picture, IT looks like a fucking degenerated ogre-hobgoblin-neanderape STRAIGHT FROM THE CAVES OF EUROPE!

I said it once, black folks need to start being protective of our energies….


We too powerfull ?? spiritually esp. to be lowering ourselves down to trying to be understood by these lower ass races who aren’t the original humans…. I break it down here:

The REAL Reason Why Other Races Hate Blacks But Want To Be Around Us

Why The World Hates Black People

I’ve seen that Erick mofo in that red truck driving around here before, circling me…..

Imma say something right now: that is an energy grab from energy vampires looking to steal energy from your sacral chakra area, which stores your sexual energy.

It is a form of rape and I do feel violated by it, esp. with the predatory stare like the one that was issued by the porche driver early this morning – I even felt a sharp stab (that manifested as an ice pick in my mind’s eye).

That being said, the way I act is a defense mechanism to counteract it!

I can feel deeper than what most people can do due to being an empath which is why folks can’t get shit past me…. like this white heaux here:

Old Lying White Bitch Judy Truly Tries To Get Me To Fuck With The Sheriffs By Lying On Them

There are 3 types of those predatory types stares…. 1) The first one is the vacant stare which is not intrusive (it’s like there is nobody, no entity attachments home). 2) Is the sexual deviant entity attachment one – like I just got from some lecherous ass crakkka in a black car a min ago. It is somebody who is being prompted by something supernatural to feed off of you and they use that person as a conduit.

Now the 3) and…. in my opinion…. the most violent and predatory is the sexual rapist/misogynist/violent-dominant type stare that I got from that crakkka, Erick – whose truck I had been seeing circling me for quite some time. Throwing rocks at somebody…..

I’ve been attacked by crakkka males before….

Here is the vid but I got the article somewhere….


This was like 2014 somewhere in that time frame….

White LA Methhead Michael Pataky And Son Raise Hell Cause I Won’t Give Them No Black Pussy

That being said, it gets my goad with the selfishness of how they wanna take and take from the black woman but treat us as men.

That’s why I am closing myself off to the other races (really, mainly, wetbacks and crakkkas) and treating the random brothers like gold cause black men have always been good to me – and they deserve respect unlike the demon seed Quetzalcoatl species and the wide bois!

Yes, I am a mean mofo because as I expound here (and as you can see examples of what I am talking about)…..

People Got To STOP Putting Black Women Into The Category Of The Super Strong Black Woman Terminatrix

people VIEW me while putting me into an unfair category. I have been forced to fight all my life cause I am different – soul wise! Got it from all sorts. People have always been intimidated by my power and strenght so they seek to try to put me down in some fucking way. Then when you factor in the energy ass vampires who want to fake niceness towards ya to get close after fooling ya’ so they can use ya and, worse, the violent type of predatory mofos who get pissed cause they thinking, “This lil bittie woman why am I scared of her” like this wetback who attacked me years ago as you can read here and so, yes, as a defense mechanism I have to be strong! I have to be a mean mofo cause mofos will try to treat me and use for a fool if I don’t! That’s why I’m angry…. I sense folks motives on a deeper level which is why I went off on them despite their “pretend niceness” (I saw in my cards my ‘woke cause her to lose her basturd in her womb ::ha ha witches curse ha haaaa::):



Notice that crakkka wanted to throw hands at a black woman just for speaking. That’s why I told his ass fuck you and cursed (and spiritually cursed) they ass cause I knew what they fuck, how he truly felt about my black ass!

Happy to burst your bubble and make your life fucking miserable (just as my demons are doing to your asses already)!

That being said, that’s why I put down my foot with people: I let you know how I feel cause folks treat me like shit.

I hear the murmurs of them wetbuck mofos making fun of some injury I sustained, some bad shit that happened! They wouldn’t do that to a white woman!

Those crakkkks and wetbacks woulda never put hands on me with their low testosterone, fake overcompensating for lack of real masculinity asses if I were a white woman!

I mean, even around here – amongst the homeless – I’ve had crakkkas like Allen, etc attack me when I’d stand up for myself as this mofo stalked and took advantage while I was drunk. Now you understand why I’m fucking angry!

Looka this – these two fucking “MALE” BICYCLISTS try to come at me like I’m a fucking man – took a black man to step in and stop it (later on I had to pull something out on they ass so they know ??):

Wetback Wannabe White Bicyclists In Malibu Tell Black Woman To Go Back To Africa

Lol, yup ???‍♂️??‍♂️?

I Encourage Folks To Run Over And Kill The Malibu Bicyclists And I GUARANTEE Malibu Will Have Another Forest Fire

I rem. one time them assholes when passing by, after I got raped, one sung, “Sharing is caring” as a mockery of what happened to me and my pain….

You damn right I’m fucking angry…. but I know you don’t understand which is why I am gonna continue to be a wrathful mofo and make you all feel my anger. Black men (asian folks, I have nothing against Arabs or indians AT ALL)…. Let me just make it clear…. crakkkas and wetbacks – ESP. wetbacks for trying to be the white man’s lapdogs (and just overall being a low vibratory reptilian derived ass species of demon)….. and, honest, white folks are trying….

Also, I OVERSTAND that white folks are the way they are cause they are coming from a place of fear….. of white genetic annhilation given that they are genetically the WEAKEST on the planet and that’s due to wide bois having low testosterone as this chart shows….

That’s why they dying out cause no one wants their infini-TESIMAL clit for dicks…..

That’s why I aborted (and sacrificed) my half crakkka keeds! You ain’t using my black ass womb – as they have used us for ages – to push your weak genetics thru!

Now, to black folks…. we gotta stop the brown invasion cause you ain’t seen shit yet until wetbacks dominate. Just read these articles as a primer…..

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

See what I mean?

That being said, I know most mofos ain’t gonna care – about my feelings, my pain witch ??‍♀️ is why I will set out to make mofo’s lives miserable thru ‘woke (cause I can kill folks and not have to go to prison).

Again, my goodness will be excluded from the wetback and the crakkka. You will just get death from me.

Another thing: don’t pull that gangstalking shit of driving around and making unnecessary ass u turns! I’M PSYCHIC so I know what the fuck you are doing so I will make you respect me!

That’s why we black women and black people as a whole are fucking angry – ya’ll treat us like animals but I will do something about it ??‍♀️?? Get your spiritual protection UP, ESP. you wetbacks…..

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