Confronting The Tall Alien Grey I Once Knew As The King of Cups Named Satbalababa

You can hear it speak very slight (it will have a deep demonic voice) at around 8:04 and 8:41 of the recording…..


He is what I call the “King of Cups” in my tarot cards. His name is Satbalababa. He induces my alcohol urges….

That being said, I been saying this for a VEEEERY looong time that I am not up against no ordinary shit, not no spooks, ghosts, other spirits and entities like demons which I can just shut down with the swat of a hand.


I am going up against this:

– The vantage point from where he is looking at me is VERY telling with regards to me experiences with his manipulation which I will break down later on…..

According to this pinterest post this is how “god” the demiurge actually looks…..

Aleister Crowley, who was said to be wrought with ALL SORTS of addictions (caused by these archon entities which I will personally testify to and explain later), conjured up such a being which referred to itself as “Lam” when it “suddenly” materialized before him during a seance that was held when he was alive:

Read there how Lam said “I am the way” via his name which means, “The way”. Who does that remind you of:

They basically telling you right there that this false image of HEY-Zeus aka “jesus” actually represents the archons and the archons in turn are a path to the “father” aka the demiurge:

– That is what ya’ll war-ship when ya’ll war-ship “god.”

It also IS related to the “Lama” word in Tibetan which is used to refer to the Dalai Lama:

He don’t look human….

Do you all SEE the spiritual schadenfraude going on in mainstream cult-ure? That is why I don’t follow shit cause I am very smart and got the spiritual eyes to see shit for what it is ?…..

That’s why the archons are coming for me.

I am a very spiritually powerful person. I have always known this since I was a child. My soul is also not human. Look close enough at some of my pics and you will see:

Look a lil reptilian, don’t eye, with shapeshifter eyes…..

My origin is Sirius. This is based on a reverse speech test I did years ago in which I played, out of a strong intuitive curiosity, a tape in which I made where I stated I was from the Pleiades (that was back when I was on my anti reptilian exposing NWO shit and still am….) and in reverse I said, “I am from Sirius, Obama status” meaning I was highly influential and powerful where I came from.

As I write to you now, I am in a place where I have done substantial healing on myself, pulled myself from up out of the muck and am strongly secure in myself and my identity and who I am and what I came here for.

No one can fuck with me at this point cause I am sure of myself and no one can shatter me. So here comes the archons….

That being said, people like myself go thru GREAT material trials and tribulations in this Earthly realm. The reason being is because what you call the demiurge is in charge of it and so to keep it’s Earthly prison palace going….

Our “holographic universe” is made this way to keep us in this physical 3D prison cell….

It had to suppress those who are cognizant that we come from a divine source outside this prison 3D matrix known as The Source:

The superpowers of Superman and Cyclops here represents the power of the third eye:

That’s why lamestream re-ligions don’t want you opening it up cause then it will show who the true God is and take power away from the demiurge ?? You!

They didn’t say the Kingdom of the TRUE GOD aka The Source is in you aka your soul:

With that being said, the so called “god” of this world as war-shipped in lamestream re-ligions like hypo-christianity and islam is the demiurge which is LIT an aborted fetus (hence why that thing incorporated a bullshit “pro life” doctrine into hypo-christian teachings) that was begotten by an aspect of the True God, The Source of which Sophia – the demiurge’s mother – is an aspect:

Sophia was ashamed of it and casted it off. It in turn, feeling dejected from rejection and ignorant really of it’s true origins – thinks it is the ONLY god and proceeded to make this holographic matrix 3D realm of imperfections, hence why light and dark, black and white exist in duality which are freemason colors when you think about it…..

Proof there the freemasons war-ship the demiurge aka “god” which is satan:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

That being said, every so often you get powerful souls like myself (some Seers have said that I am an immortal) whose job it is to come down and rescue humanity by reminding those soulled beings where they actually came from and so thus break folks out of this 3D matrix prison system:

We are in a prison 3D matrix because, as Credo Mutwa explains so well here we once had the capabilities of being both dense and transparent (in astral etheric form) at the same time and we could manifest what we wanted with just a thought. It was the reptilians who then destroyed that a brought us down to a material level, which we are at now:

That being said, messengers like myself get DELUGED WITH BULLSHIT and the more vocal you are, the more they try different modes to knock you down:

1) The first is the unpopularity contest trial in which they falsely influence people not to like you, to go against and to fuck with you for seemingly inexplicably no reason whatsoever…..

I have had people like this guy here say he does not understand WHY HE HATES ME SO MUCH…..

Looka the trail of crazy shit he left and said…..

Another time while I was in a shelter I had a nice white lady say to me, “I don’t know why I dislike you cause you are very nice…..” I heard her once talking in her sleep which is a sign of possession (cause I experienced it while sleeping next to a friend once the same demonic voice that I hear via white noise while sleeping in my car on the side of the road).

This is NOT ordinary hate or haters but hatred being influenced in otherwise normal people and esp. organic portals who are sent to divert and discourage you from your Divine Mission.

2) Aside from folks monitoring you aka gangstalking you THE. WORST. you will be beset with are folks who have deceptive purposes in regards to getting close to you for the purposes of sabotaging you.

The first example of this is this big fat black bitch who called ITSELF (fucking silverback gorilla ape) who tried to “befriend” me but then I heard her snickering in the background with her gook (girl)friend while I was talking about my ideals.

When I ran her ass up the street she went on an unearthly campaign which I chronicle here of trying to destroy me and undermine me (which is chock full of her psychotic crazy):

Stalked By A Silverback Ape Named Angeline Alexis

But then when I started coming into my ‘wokeing powers my reps got her ass…..

They tried to kill that bitch in TWO NEAR FATAL CAR WRECKS….

Those reps don’t play ??? Hissss hissss….. fucking Gorillaz In The Mist ass BITCH!

I wish they woulda killed that bytch!

Second person is this fucking nigger here:

He is an example of what you call an organic portal:

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

Now, I profiled this organic portal’s FUCKERY (or shall I say niggatry) here:

When People Project On Me It Is An Issue With Them Not With Me

You Gotta Watch Who You Open Yourself To When You Are Spiritual

….Just like this wetback here who stalked me…..







#4 (I went off on his ass so hope he don’t bother me again ???)


Fucking times…..

Just like these crakkkas here (including a bitch)…..

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

Sexual Predator Still Stalks Me Even Though I Whipped His Ass

– She got a Quetzalcoatl tattoo along with that pyramid symbol (meaning she some type of handler) which says ALLL I need to know about her…..

That being said to further add insult to injury they send fake people your way who are interested in taking something from you in the form of be it pussy, energy, whatever to throw you off your mission. These assholes are usually sent when you feel isolated. I am a loner. I don’t like to be bothered. I am VERY fucking antisocial and like my mom used to say, I’m the “people repellant.” I take it as a personal contumely aka insult when folks who, me being sensitive and all (you can’t get shit past me and I will not allow you to), are not on my level or are not compatible with me spiritually and, in the romance area (I ain’t interested in shit anyways) physically try to force themselves into my personal space like that nigger above from last night:

Here my response….

Just playing, I don’t like wetbacks….

But THIS MOFO is indicative of an organic portal who saddles up to those who have powerful soul energy like I and tries to capture it. This thing – cause he ain’t a full on soulled human – is using my propensity to fight in order to break me down (via the blatant contradictions in his emails along with the obvious fucking games of gaslighting) to make himself a FAR WAY OUT OF LEAGUE “love interest” but, knowing I like white dudes naturally – and antagonizing for it – he is trying to get my energy by playing a game of TRYING to get in my head (via getting under my skin) so he can AT LEAST manipulate me into a “friendship” so he can steal my energy….

When he first started sending me his bull – via my third eye – I STRONGLY FELT AND SAW that he was an organic portal who liked to drain soulfully powerful’s people’s chakras and divert that energy towards his sacral chakra, which I saw was booming with energy, like the orange was just sputtering out!

This passage here conveys it:

This whole passage sounds like him trying to be me…..

It sounds like the fucking Thing: trying to emulate my words, what I say, my consciousness so “he” can imitate and become me. It is scary!

That day I had what I called a “mind meld” where I “absorb” a person’s energy and I knew he wasn’t what he tried to say he was. I felt the right side (my most spiritually sensitive side) of my crown chakra start to close up on me while my sacral chakra was booming – and inviting in all kinds of crazy energy. I knew what I was dealing with….

With that being said, he is also what you call an abusive type “friend” simulation fiend who becomes attached to you for very selfish superficial purposes ie to acquire a “relationship” with you with no respect for who you truly are and what you are all about (by trying to undermine the fabric of what makes me me by knocking my opinions, my truths and what I truly like) in an effort to make you insecure, make you doubt yourself and thus steal your power and energy and make you dull like them!

That is why – for fun (and to get under his skin) I sent him this message…. and kept it moving…..

You will come across many mofos like that – they call em energy vampires – as you spiritually awaken. To make matters worse those types, like him and others will actually feel ENTITLED to your energy and your space so you will have to be prepared to fight both physically AND esp. spiritually…..

This was one such case:

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

Aside from IT being a wetback this shit goes a lil deeper than what I care to talk about right now (I’m just gonna say IT’S ass was possessed but being a wetback was and still is a MAJOR factor)!

That being said, another group you will come across will be the love obsessive types who feel an obsessive “need” which they can’t even explain to be around you. One of the guys covered in that article there, Allen, even said himself, “I don’t know why I feel so close to you and like you….” just as that old white woman at that shelter said, “I don’t know why I hate you even though you are a nice person.”

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

You will get these people who are NOT spiritually and (to add insult to injury) physically compatible with you who yet feel this OVERWHELMING “NEED” to want to be around you, which is designed to irritate the living fuck out of you amongst other things and to practically divert your attention towards what has become a literal thorn in your side!

I can’t tell you how in the case of this guy here I had beat his ass, threw big rocks DIRECT in his face and he CONTINUED to fuck with me, like he had no fucking control to stop at that point!

Sexual Predator Still Stalks Me Even Though I Whipped His Ass

I mean, if someone throwing rocks in your face and you are STILL fucking with em – even normal stalkers would fucking cease or get violent themselves with you at that point…..

I knew this shit wasn’t normal…..

I saw a reptilian who for awhile was literally love attached to me attach himself to him and astrally encourage him to come fuck with me so it can vicariously steal my energy while using this dude’s body as a conduit. Cause he ain’t spiritual you can’t tell his ass that he got an attachment – ignoring him DID NOT WORK – so wtf can you do…..

Even expelling that mofo off of him didn’t work (he’s a drunk so his vibrational frequency is ALWAYS low enough to allow for entity infection) so what can you do…..

Those are the most frustrating cause they are like zombies and are HARD to dispatch!

This white chick was another one….

Let me tell you about this Quetzalcoatl tattoo…

Her step “dad” was a rapist ass wetback with high up connections in the Dallas, TX government!

When she first came to me – I knew intuituvely her soul wasn’t right! It got confirmed later when she kept trying to push me into materialism, saying like a super excited child, “Don’t you want a mansion ah ha ah ha!” and then, for the silver lining, “The illuminati don’t exist and they manufacture stories of child sacrifice etc. to keep poor people away from rich folks and $ellebs.” I’m never wrong about people and when I ON INSTINCT cuss em out or run em up the street it is cause I know, my soul knows they are fucked up somewhere.

This broad tried latching on to me for a minute as can be seen here:


And here:


While talking shit about me and, like the agent she truly is, encouraging folks to fuck with me!


Later on this ensued…. Long story short I saw via an astral vision that they are some type of weird art cult that recruits kids with special psychic gifts and they get funding from a black pimp who pimps out girls from Minnesota and is supported by the government too. I saw a young woman CHAINED to a fucking vent like, I mean WORSE than a fucking animal, in an apartment. It was horrible what I saw and I saw people’s faces who were in their group which I didn’t know beforehand in this astral vision like this asian dude who I guess is the liasion who gets the money from the pimp:



Here they are talking with this black dude who acted maaaad suspicious when I filmed…..


Here one lil drugged up girl coming out…..


Folks later corroborated that they are some weird art cult. I’m never wrong….

Getting back to that what I was saying about the white broad, here:

She some type of MK Ultra handler and for a minute – till I crushed that shit with ‘woke – she was obsessed with me and tried to latch on to me! Her tattoo here shows her allegiance to the illuminati as shown by her pyramid tattoo. Also the Quetzalcoatl means that her wetback step “daddy” broke her into that shit via child molestation at an early age:

He fractured her mind. Sometimes when I talked with her she would tap into a child like mind at times…..

Just recently I had an astral vision where it was like, while under a spell, I had sex with her….. like she brought me to her.

I don’t see her around but that sex magick shit is real but it don’t work on me.

It probably manifested to her as raping me and thus getting power over me – which didn’t happen – which I have sometimes done in the astral myself.

That being said, if a person is not compatible with you, LET THEM KNOW! DON’T HOLD BACK! Don’t make yourself a victim just to put someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart at ease….. Fuck them! They don’t care about you so fuck them! You don’t need that! You deserve better! This ain’t no ordinary battle and you have to see your intuition as the truth! Don’t let mofos make you second guess yourself. People like myself are at war – spiritual war – and you have to be ready to defend and protect yourself, esp. your energy! No coddling mofos who ain’t on your level and don’t have your best interest at heart. They can kiss your ass! Learn to be selfish like I am of my energy. Don’t give out your shit unless it is in the form of ‘woke. That’s why it is important that in this realm of duality starseeds practise so called “black magic” as a form of self defense as many deceivers will come around like this bitch here:

Mofo Claiming To Be Fired Worker From Google Takes My Youtube Channel Down

Bitch didn’t think Eye ? could c her ???

I don’t give a fuck about hurting people’s feelings. I tell mofos the TRUTH to they face, let them know where they stand! That’s why I be calling mofos wetbacks and shit cause I’m drawing my line in the sand with em letting them know I don’t play, I don’t like you and this is where I stand with you.

I just cussed some out a coupla hours ago, dead in the eye! They some of the BIGGEST organic portals and henchpeople for the archons – the reptilians, their slavemasters….

The Reptilians Are REALLY SENDING Their Organic Portal Wetbacks As A Form Of A Psychic Attack

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

I ain’t gonna do that pretend giggle giggle “oh look at the topless girl in the zoo” shit. That’s why I be ‘wokeing they asses to let them know my power or anyone with that bullshit. I’ve been thru too much and am too strong and spiritually powerful for that shit. How dare you look at me like I am a minstral show and that’s why I call em wetback, “toss” shit towards mugs and most of all, ‘woke em to let em know who they dealing with.

You ain’t gonna play that shit with me.

Funny they know I don’t like they ass but wanna pull that u turn pull around stare at you with dead eye vacant stare bullshit still. I said no lies about them being organic portals for the reptilians and Trump said no lies about them being sexual predators and my own experiences confirm it!

That being said, another thing you are gonna have to deal with it is…. you pass all that shit – well if having trifling ass humans hate on you for no reason don’t get ya or, even worse, attracting INADVERTENTLY low common ass energy vampire scum don’t get ya – they unload mofos who will try to ingratiate themselves to ya by first, fucking up your money then sending folks to make deals with you!

That said, this wetback said NO LIES!!!!!

That’s why I say they got a hivemind cause they be knowing…..

That said, going back to 2014, they put a strangle hold on my money. I was just starting my spiritual journey, astral projecting and shit. I was never a materialistic woman but I did alright and I had money to at least maintain a comfortable standard of living (tho when I first got to that apartment evil spirits were using that mofo to fuck up my money). I was getting donations on youtube, had 3k subs (the largest I EVER had) and then….. I started talking about the reps.

Next thing you know, they came for me. They fucked up my money so bad that I couldn’t even make money from sex work (my main line of work). I was fucked, so I was forced to fuck with Satanism. I made beacoup money cause every dude who came thru my door was influenced by “satan” (a red dragon named Melfore) to come see me as marked by their dragon tattoos or preoccupations with dragons which let me know who was coming into my abode…..

I lost sight of my spiritual development. I developed a TERRIBLE drinking habit which, thru self healing inner traumas, I no longer have a yearning for (after I healed, when I drunk alcohol right after I PUKED VIOLENTLY) and now I just don’t see the point – I get no pleasure from it!

That’s another way they get you is thru addictions. By implanting shit into you in places in your energy body where old deep deep wounds lie, programs are put in place to keep a person from rising to their truest soul potential by placing entity attachments that causes addictions or “schizophrenia” where it can be firmly anchored in a place the demiurge knows you are afraid to go. By doing this it ensures you will not confront the entity attachment causing you to see things or have yearnings for shit that isn’t healthy like alcohol or drugs.

Another thing they will do – aside from fucking with your money – is inviting people into your life which, in my case, by fucking with my money and LIT being an invisible hand that is keeping folks from donating along with judging me unfairly (I have heard folks tell me that something fucks with the donation button when they try to donate and this came from GOOD CONFIRMED HONEST people) – will trigger those addictions and, in my case, when I need money (since folks don’t really donate) I gotta resort to seeing old clients (things will happen to drain me of my money and compromise me like this) and for me to deal with em, I drink and they have alcohol available.

It becomes an ugly cycle from which it is hard to break free from. I have done spiritual work to fight em and because they are energy and energy can neither be created or destroyed, I can send them to hell but because they are associated with the demiurge and he controls that shit, he pulls em back out!

It seems when I heal those mofos REALLY try to get at me! It’s no coincidence that on the weekend when I made an effort to finally inner heal twice – TWICE – folks tried to run me over! TWICE! Even now as I sit watching this the sexual predatory gangstalking with these wetbacks has been unusually through the roof all day!

To combat it, I manipulate my energy so they can’t get shit along with ignoring and they leave…..

Another method is to play 6000hz frequency…..

Works on wetbacks, reptilians and other negative entities everytime ????

That being said, I will be honest…. it is an uphill battle that will last for a long time, probably for our entire lifetime.

People like me are behind enemy lines, in the enemy’s “paradise.” It doesn’t want us to awaken the few highly evolved soulled being who can awaken the other soulled albeit sleeping beings on this planet. It ain’t easy so material hardship is to be expected. The buy-bull – when taking the TRILL passages out – was low key letting us know by saying, “The meek will inherit the kingdom of god.”

I’ve seen the timelines where I woulda had material wealth and in the ones where I woulda famous I woulda been a TERRIBLE fucking person – one I and another girl saw was where I woulda been a famous politrickian but I also woulda been a child ritual sacrifice handler for the illuminati. In another I woulda been a famous actress with this white house on the ocean in Malibu (which I have seen here and ALWAYS stood out to me) but I woulda been on antidepressants and I woulda sold my dad’s soul to satan. Me and my twin flame both saw that. I got a lil echo of that in this timeline where I did that Rock of Love shit and walked out cause I couldn’t be me…..

Lying ass projecting ass Jamila said noies during a livestream where she stated that this timeline may not seem like the best timeline but it is actually good for me!

I am content. I am not wealthy, I get hounded alot, unfairly (but it is important to overstand WHY and not get caught up in the banal details) but I know myself and now I am coming into my true power.

I always ask a person who you are without your job, title, status in society and, if you can’t answer that, you don’t know yourself.

You ain’t content. You can be happy which is a fleeting emotion but not ever truly content till you find the real you! That’s why I don’t care what people say cause I know how to manipulate and protect my energy body to get that shit out and throw it back to sender (so watch out)! That’s why I am “unapproachable” cause I know my fucking worth and I will be damned if I let anyone disrespect or pull me down to a level which I am above!

Because of that, I get ALOT of spiritual opposition which bleeds into the 3D. Looka this coconut here:


According to this site…..

Ritual of Coconut Breaking – for Removing Black Magic

Shit should have had some water in it but that mofo was bone dry lol!

Couldn’t break it tho (mighta been the styrofoam on it). That coconut looked like the fucking Crypt Keeper:

Imma be honest I am up against some powerful shit that would kill most folks who aren’t as strong as me!

These aren’t no ghosts or even demons but that shit that’s second in command in the kingdom = matrix of the demiurge. Most people lose they minds, they health going up against this but tho. they touch me materially, they can’t fuck with this spirit! I am too smart and agile mentally. Cause of that they throw ALL SORTS OF SHIT AT ME, CONSTANTLY…..

It ain’t no fucking coincidence that after having put a curse on my battery (fuck I heard them last night tinkering with and plotting to fuck up my car) the mofo to “save” it is this old stalking mofo who gives me alcohol and then, voila, the car suddenly “works.”

That’s an evil entity trying to destroy my sense of self worth and faith in my powers by going after me unfairly while having the advantage of being a hyperdimensional entity at it’s disposal.

None of the regular shit – getting people to hate on me, attack me like they do Aarona (it stopped when I started putting ‘woke on fuckers) – works.

As I chronicle here – they even tried to pull me TWICE into the underworld via portals – but I never went:

Journey To The Underworld The Land of The Dead And The Ether

Cause I’m strong and I protect me.

That being said, here is how you fight that shit: develop an overstanding of what is going on. Don’t get drugged into the nitty gritty details….. know what you are dealing with and acknowledge it for what it is. That’s why I HATE people who like to pour over – and want you to do the same – YOUR TRAUMAS like ASSHOLES who say, “OMG that’s so horrible” and keep impressing that shit. That’s a toxic mofo! Get rid of em! You don’t need salt poured into your wounds. Heal and overstand the bigger picture. Don’t get lost in the details cause that is how the demiurge gets you caught up in it’s reincarnation matrix trap. If you are ready to forgive and that person is sincerely sorry, forgive if you wish! Don’t let asshole people emotionally influence you and push you into doing what they want you to do. They ain’t in your shoes and they ain’t gotta worry about the jail time/revenge/guilty feeling WHATEVER may come when you do something!

You are gonna have to live simple. You are gonna get some material shitstorm shit coming your way where you will have the worst of luck materially. You will have to change your mindset. I recall years ago this dude here named 13signsastrology wanted to be a mainstream rapper, etc. He is not built for that world knowing what I know about him. Just like I tell Black Bugatti he is too deep for that world:

They won’t let either one really rise.

Know your worth! Too many spiritually powerful folks are so sensitive they let folkd take they power just to get along. Don’t do that! Use your shit to ‘woke they ass and take from they ass. Don’t let em fuck you up!

Now, with the shit that is around me – for me to thrive materially, they want me to shut up!

I recall in 2019 having visions of living in a high rise apartment in Santa Monica by the beach but I was dressed conservative, like Kate Windsor, JUST LIKE HER – and I saw a library (I used to LOVE hanging out there as a child) and then I saw Patti LaBelle, looking at me mean.

In another instance I saw her at a pool party for an up and coming young basketball star (who is already starting to come out on the world stage) and then I saw Patti and a tornado coming to fuck shit up!

In another I saw that I would be married to an ugly old Jewish comedian (who seemed to be famous in pizzagate circles) named Ari Fleischer.

I am saying all this to say that to get material fame and wealth, I would have to shut up! It is no coincidence that going back to 2017, when I first came out the shelter and to Malibu I heard a demon say, “She was supposed to be a senator’s wife” via white noise. I saw that in that timeline where I woulda been a – you guessed it – senator’s wife had I gone to De La Salle. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together, I woulda felt a strong pressure to be “big” and I woulda made spiritual deals with unsavoury entities without knowing my own power which is what they wanted and are pissed cause I eschewed that!

So what they do is they give what lil blessings are in my divine life contract to other people:

I’ve seen this with the Migos, Pattie LaBelle (I have heard folks talk about this and thought them crazy till it happened to me):

Series of Astral Visions Reveal That The Migos Have Been Stealing My Blessings

I have had enemies come up off of me due to evil entities giving them blessings by taking away from me (the crazy wetback attack incident and a few others point to it but I am handling it ????).

For me to come up, I would have to be mum and not say shit and lit just be background decor cause I am too powerful for them and I am not here to serve their agenda.

They – the demiurge, archons – know this so they try to shut me down. Don’t work. Get me to make deals like here:

Don’t work.

I THRIVE off of adversity, they can’t kill me till my appointed time so all they can do is throw shit as a distraction and I am aware of this….

All I can do now is confront these entities while I am here while working on myself before I get to the other side. They constantly fuck with my lil baby brother – which like they said on tape – to get to me, with one even sneakily saying, “Come rescue him.” I ALWAYS use my third eye to see how he is doing and use it to rescue him. I am noticing that the more spiritually powerful I become – like how that big thing backed down as I came out ny car last night – the less they fuck with me!

It’s not an easy path that I am taking. That shit is full of challenges that the ordinary person would not understand and would overwhelm em. This is the true path to becoming A God! If you can conquer the architect of this 3D matrix and break free, that is God Level right there and that is what I am doing…..

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: you like the content.

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