Mofo Claiming To Be Fired Worker From Google Takes My Youtube Channel Down

I ? c u heaux I c u…..

I knew there was something off about this heaux and when I asked my cards if she was
behind it and I got 8 of wands and knight of wands….

That said, this CupeId DerpErl – I mean that whole entire NAME connotes to a fucking troll with derp having been created by internet trolls in like the ’10s and below era – I KNEW she was a fucking troll and deceptive. I didn’t trust this mofo….

Not too long after working at JP Chase in NY I got RAPED by a WETBACK (I hate them fucking thangz) so it makes me wonder if someone from there put something evil on me…. It sounds like she knows….

Almost like on key, right after that heaux said she was gonna send an email (she never did and I did it to test her)…. My youtube channel goes down….

And here….

I don’t care…..

But I will say that, see I like doing magick cause it is the great equalizer….

I saw you, bitch, in the spirit realm – blonde ponytail, etc, laughing, a kinda like scarred face (when I see stuff they can be a lil vague).

I got you…. just like I got him:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

And these people here…..

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

And plenty more I ain’t listed….

And to that WETBACK Ben Diaz – you know I don’t like your fucking kind – I saw that you some WETBACK in the astral calling yourself having huge affections! That said, Imma crush that crush. Did it to someone else. Get ready wetback and get that spiritual protection up ???

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