Wetbacks Come To Interrupt My Healing And Calling Out A Jealous Homeless Black Dude

This makes my blood BOIL ??



While doing healing as I break down in here – somewhere – I realize that for too long I have been acting as a fucking mountain to shoulder other folks’ shortcomings which they project on me out of jealous and because of my instrinsically good nature……


I have acted as an emotional punching bag for mofos who are crabs in a barrel cause they envy my energy.

This is why I ‘woke mofos. This why I hate when folks say “don’t do black magic” (all magic is the same, it’s dual like fucking nature ??‍♀️):

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

For me, black magic evens the playing field OUT! I don’t care if you like me but you will respect me or else I’ll make you ✊?’woke ??‍♀️??

That said THIS is why I hate men and would never get involved with one:


And I mean it!

Now that I done solidified my Soul I mean what the fuck I say and I am staying consistent with what I say!

That being said, I grew up hearing weak willed ass bitches – from the media to even at home (my mom ain’t a bitch) say that you gotta make yourself weaker to build a man up.

That’s some fucked up shit…..

Now this black ass dude who jumped in the fight here…..


Is one of those mofos who I am talking about when I say that mofos have long envied my strenght and, really, energy…..

Based on my cards they woulda rolled but because he brought his black ass there the fucking dude’s wetback machismo shit kicked off.

He woulda got fucked up if I didn’t have my knife.

Now you can hear this mofo telling me, ordering me like I’m his fucking wife (in an abusive relationship) back in the fucking car!

The real mvp was this kid here……

Very nice young man. He was cordial, wasn’t bossy. Very spiritual I sense too. Got a GREAT heart ❤

A womban would be lucky to have him!

That being said, you can hear the male pompousness in the black guy, saying, “Imma man – Imma handle this!” like a child trying to prove himself!

This the type of mofo I am talking about when I speak on mofos with the mentality of wanting to beat a womban’s strenght down so he can build himself up at her expense…..

Firstly this mofo got evil shit on him…..

I’ve worked through alot of shit and got ALOT of shit off of me. THAT MOFO – see spirits have a way of using light and shadow to make themselves known in the 3D.

That’s a trickster spirit that pretends to be an angel but actually isn’t and likes to cause him bad luck.

When he first came here – and this weird – he claimed he HAD JUST come from Detroit BUT HAD CALIFORNIA license plates.

How tf does that happen!

He some type of mk ultra puppet – would be handler but I am the WRONG mofo to be playing with.

I’d ‘woke dat ass but I don’t want his bad shit on me…..


I am already making it out the dark woods as it is!

That said, one of the things he said, that he made reference to was that folks were coming over to fuck with me cause they know I don’t like em.


Here the longer version with fuckery….


As I explain up above…. that is what you call hero discouragement programming.

It is a programming used by agents like him to detour a person like myself who has done incarnated and is here to convey messages to keep me from doing what I came here to do as my life’s mission, my life’s work!

What I say about wetbacks is true….

I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

The Reptilians Are REALLY SENDING Their Organic Portal Wetbacks As A Form Of A Psychic Attack

What I say about them is true and it is a truth that needs to be broadcasted. The Soulled ones like the hispanic gentleman during the fight are the exception but what I see in alot of em, based on what I have experienced, what others have and what I know spiritually IS TRUE!

I can not tell you how many people inbox me and thank me for articulating in words what they are not capable of doing as well as break down the OVERALL overstanding of what is wrong with them!

Like this guy says here they got bad blood and it is cause they come from a demonic reptilian bloodline that sired them…..

That piece of shit black dude doesn’t want ny star to shine:

Just like in the tarot deck I AM THE STAR! I own it! I will not let folks’ envy detour me from owning my rightful place in life.

I worked for it. I deserve it!

That said another fucking thing, as I explained in the vid, that he tried to attack me on the basis of – knowing this is my heart – was when I pointed to the fact that this was happening due to a spiritual change (that night I used my third eye to see what brought on the wetback attack and I saw a lion entity that spewed fire on me and quickly got rid of it since it was causing me to have a sorta “open” in the sacral chakra area).

That said, as I explain here…..


Here examples of the gangstalking….


These wetbacks and Malibu gangstalkers were PISSED cause they can no longer get energy out of me. I been working diligently to close old wounds, even past life ones that were the cause of the leakages and cause they couldn’t feed – they got pissed!

That asshole had the gumption to tell me don’t feed them energy by RIGHTEOUSLY reacting. FOH!

The worst – as explained in the “I hate men” video – was when he made a comment about who helped me when I got stabbed, insinuating I need a man!

That’s what the fuck he was all about – the point he was trying to impress, using a fucked up situation to, again, build himself up while tearing me down, as men do!

That’s why I deal with nor like straight men! Now that I am solidified in my Soul I KNOW who the fuck I am and how I am and what I deserve now!

No straight man deserves me!

That said, on a spiritual level – look, you are your SOUL, not your physical container aka body!

My energy is VERY masculine. I prefer gay men or pretty trans ladies because their typical feminine energy compliments my masculine energy…..

– Lil Baron Samedi ‘woke for ya ??

That being said, I would never get with a straight man cause they type of dudes I attract are dudes who wanna beat me down cause of my strenght or weak willed types who will overtime devour my energy while taking passive aggressive snipes at my psyche.

I don’t need that shit ✋?

That being said that asshole is a prime example of the shit that I talk about on this blog. Help a person, but don’t use it as an ulterior method of raping someone, attacking someone, esp. energetically. I am who I am and esp. now I am gonna BE Raven and ain’t shit taking me away from myself, not this time……


Peep how empty Topanga was the other night – not a Soul (I did see a shadow entity with afro hair and a suit that looked a lil like this ?).

If I get hurt, shit happens! You don’t let fear get you living in a cage:

It’s life and we are here and are meant to experience.

Your 3D body is not you but the “suit” you use to explore this realm.

That is another thing – the shrieking violet/I need help programming he was trying to instill me, another curse!

– That’s what his wanted. Too bad I am attracted to white dudes, really transgenders (female).

That being said, mofos look at me and they fetishize my height and weight cause the predator that is in males see me as someone to dominate. When I roar, when I speak, when I put ‘woke on em – it sends scrambling!

They can not handle it cause they want to cause their predatory belief system won’t have them be upstaged by someone who is smaller and stronger ??

So they convince themselves, every time I fall in their eyes, get beat up, suffer a defeat that, “Yeah see she weak. She ain’t shit. She can’t defend her ownself.”


This black dude here some type of predator…. you can feel it in the energy percolating off his tricky evil sinister face:

Nothing BUT hating and nigger-tivity on dat channel. Go say hi and give them incarnated demon some “energy” ??


That said that last comment was actually said here by a brother….

They were right to tell me not to help that wetback cause, again, the energy of envy was strong towards me at that Autozone cause I’m well known.


How dare this black ass dude try to pull that shit, trying to talk to me like we married. Bitch you ain’t white go sit the fuck down!

I’m very fucking pissed. I am very mad close to ‘wokeing his ass…. mad fucking close ??

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

No matter WHAT my physical body goes thru – nothing beats my spirit. Nothing. I always win the war cause my spirit stays intact (and I ‘woke the mofo).


As can be seen up above I have GREAT spiritual gifts…..

This why Rat Fink loves me….. I don’t think I’ll harm him. When I saw his qutee face last night I can’t fuck over mah whittle baby!


I’ve been thru ALOT and I have done alone. I am a loner who is used to and prefers being alone and to myself. I am a human being and I will have downfalls, follies. I have a right to be human and err.

That said no situation defines me. I won’t let it! That is why folks lose themselves when things bottom out in their lives cause they defined themselves by job, car, stupid superficial status. If there is none of that in the world, ask yourself who you truly are then.

Moulies like this dude – I am more pissed off at him honest then the wetbacks – have alot on toxic, interpersonal shit to work thru. He needs to solve his shit but I won’t be his punching bag.


I did the work (or shall I say ‘woke) on myself. I earned my shit!


The nice white dude came back around again to give me some of dat good water and fruit AND sandwiches.

I am aware mofos don’t like me and envy. I prefer for mofos to be who they are and let me know from the gate where we stand. One thing I don’t tolerate is a frenemy who pretends to have your back then throw it your face and attack you like this mofo did last night.

If you reading this, you ARE the worst type of mofo.

Keep your “help” and back fucking energy to yourself, “brother”!

ANOTHER thing I forgot to mention: I noticed that as I been healing, ESP. after I removed the black snake right eyed vril entity attachment…..

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

…..he has been acting strange towards me, like not as friendly as he would in the past.

Also that night I saw Baron Samedi, a voodoo death loa, dancing in a sorta 4th dimensional light RIGHT BEFORE THIS HAPPENED!

I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT ANYBODY SAYS but skeletons represent bad luck, chaos and attachments to addictions in the astral:

Given that Baron is black AND given that he is a skeleton, with him being an archonic avatar of the matrix like all gods and goddesses as I break down here:

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

I believe he caused this chaos and sent the brother, who is under ALOT of demonic mk ultra programming, to fuck with me!

Don’t fuck with skeletons….. when the shaman tried to attack the cause of my alcohol urges, she found a skeleton with alkie-hole in his hand, in my underworld, holding the spiritual protection I am entitled to, hostage.

Just yesterday while en route to take a spiritual bath, an old white dude who was a full blown reptilian – I sensed it from his energy signature and his eyes even shapeshifted – was leering at me, indignantly, sassily, till I pushed his ass with the left hand (the right hand emits energy while the left absorbs energy) so he wouldn’t steal my energy!

Also that black dude is under some pro black programming where he is trained to help black folks whether he likes it or not…..

He at one point attacked my intuition and said – like another possessed negro with all sorts of bad entity attachments on him did – due to that being my connection to The Source/Self!

Another thing I wanna posit before I am done: I wrote the majority of this yesterday. Last night, well I guess you can say early this morning….. I had an astral vision. In it there were some wetbacks who had ran a black man, a full fledged American, who was innocently selling mixtape CDs on a street corner. An older wetback missing teeth – possibly due to meth use – wearing a white hat and suit (wonder who TF he was) who was part of the gang – and some of his compadres – started categorizing me as “white” and treated me as different from him. Reminds of when they were hunting innocent AMERICAN black women, babies and our elderly in Chicago like as can be seen here:

Wetbacks Attack Black Bus Driver As She Is Working

I still ‘woked they ass cause they wetbacks, the demon seeds of the reptilian demon Quetzalcoatl!

I get shown things for a reason.

This is why I stay on their demonic, sneaky, snake asses…..

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

It is my spiritual duty to deliver this message cause it is true!

You will get wounds in battle – but it is my duty to carry on the fight!

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