Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians


Wetbacks are pure evil, just like they daddy, Quetzalcoatl:

Pure fucking evil.

Ever since the days after their draco reptilian parents created them, they been murdering, torturing, cutting up folks since….

It is in their dna.

I do not come with sentimentality, emotion (the ways in which enemies try to attack you to attack what you know to be the truth) but pure empirical observation corroborated by extensive research, and evidence which they so happily provide….

That said, let me show what I know…..

ALLL throughout my healing period, I have been getting interrupted by these creatures often when I am making pivotal landmarks in my healing process…..

Watch the first vid and note the SAME TWO TRUCKS – helmed by wetbacks – coming around to lower my frequency, throw me off with their sex predator reptilian programming…..


Here they are here….



This wetbuck shows up after I give a compliment about a nice one who helped from earlier…..


All throughout that night, though this is a desolate area, those demon seeds show, doing donuts etc…..


THIS thing right here….



And this creature is the worst when it comes to sexual harassment predatory rapist stalking programming….


I talked about IT here:

Stalked By A Child Molestor

And here:

I Feel Good Cause I Feel Fucking FREE

I strongly KNOW this creature was sent by it’s reptilian daddy Quetzalcoatl to harass me and create etheric chords via the harassment to steal my sacral chakra energy as per the sexual predatory programming aspect of reptilian gangstalking…..

That said, let me break down what’s going on…..

Those are not coincidences. I sit back and I observe and study people. Because my intuition is higher than most and I can make inferences based on having an OVERSTANDING what is going on and I can see the forest for the trees….. let me tell you what you are dealing in with the wetback.

Every race has a large majority of organic portals in it: the black race, the white race, the alien race.

As Zecharia Sitchin pointed out – we humans as groups of races were created by different alien species.

The Book of Enoch, which was conveniently left out by the Romans when they recreated the bible into the buy-bull at the Council of Nicea, pointed this out when they spoke on the nephilim intermarrying with human women:

Black people come from the Anunnaki.

Marduk looks alot like alot of Ethiopian brothers I know. Enlil looks alot like Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air:

– Funny I just happened to see a picture of him last night and he “crossed my mind” more so than he should have…..

– I hate to say but this is serial rapist Stuart Little.

Enlil looks alot like the brothers who wear the Hebrew Israelite garb and shout at Times Square:

ESP. this guy:

It’s the light skinned guy. He is actually very handsome.

– A while back I saw in an astral vision that us Egyptians fled from Mars on a spaceship named Astuarte from the reptilians….

The reptilians – and their seeds – are our natural enemies, the enemies of human kind!

That said – now this is important – the Anunnaki came here according to what Zecharia Sitchin transcribed from Sumerian text to mine gold for their dying atmosphere on their home planet of Nibiru:

Why Some People Think Ancient Sumerians Were Visited By Aliens

That is why gold is so important to us to this day and was used as a form of curreny…..

Now, there was a man who wrote a very popular book in the mid 90s called, “The Rings of Saturn” who worked with top level clearance at NASA. His name was Norman Bergrun. Norman Bergrun stated that he saw 7ft tall black African aliens piloting a HUGE mothership that created the rings of Saturn and Uranus:

I made a copy in case youtube takes it down….


NOW, the significance of this is is that, it corroborates the story of the Anunnaki coming here to mine gold out of fear of losing their atmosphere because, based on what Norm Bergrun said, the 7ft tall black aliens created the rings of Saturn and Uranus to protect the atmosphere of those planets and I sense keep order in the universe.

My point being that because the (black Anunnaki) lost their atmosphere they became obsessed with saving others, which is the nature of black folks….

Now, the white race comes from what are called the Nordic aliens:

Billy Meiers is a channeler who first spoke on them…..


Now he posits that the pleidean aliens are nordic! However some folks say that they actually looked more black/Native American:


Now that I think about it you look at this depiction of a pleiadian here…..

– She look like Beyonce here…..

Don’t they look a lil black…..


– All those ladies got features consistent with the African/Native American/Polynesian narrative of how Pleiadians look….


(Gotta find the pic of the Polynesian looking ones in blue spacesuits)

That being said, I do not know too much about the nordic race except that, like us, they come from a lion people race known as the Lyrans. They, like the Carians, a bird people who begot the reptilians, were the earliest forerunners who appeared in this universe as it was being created to seed life in it.

This is why “god” the demiurge is depicting as having the head of a lion (Lyran) and body of a snake (Carian) cause they were the two races that seeded our planet.

Makes sense.

Now I am of the belief that AT LEAST the depiction of the demiurge symbolizes these two races that gave life to our unity-verse:

That being said, from what I understand is said about the nordics…..

They, like us, have fought the reptilians. They have also forged deals with them which manifested unfortunately with the attempt to eradicate other races under Adolf Hitler:


From what I understand, these errant nordics who have forged deals with the reptilians via alliances with Orion reptilians, etc. sell their genetic material to them.

Some have been made slaves by the reps via subjugation of their home planets such as Lyra.

The reptilians, like the wetbacks, envy but admire the nordics and want to be them hence why the demonic reptilian known as Quetzalcoatl was known to shapeshift into a white man:

This a GREAT article to read and drives home what I am gonna say…..


This diaphgram showing a white man with the name, “Quetzal”, says it all….

It is also believed that Samyaza, who is depicted as the devil, Satan, in the buy-bull, as a nordic:

I am more inclined to believe that perhaps Yakub, according to the Hebrew Israelites, more aptly fit this role….

I think history more complicated then what we know…..

I don’t subscribe to that theory that Yakub created the white race (nordics did) but I sense he might of been a black alien who sold us out to the reps and got us all with reptilian dna…..

– Damn…. I was meant to see that article….

That said, now the Asians…..

There is something I wanted to update since I last wrote the post on them here….

Here Is Why Asians Are Better Than Wetbacks Tho They Come From A Reptilian Bloodline

Their reptilians are actually nature dragons, the same ones wiccans war-ship, who are benevolent and rule different aspects of nature like the forests, waters, esp skies.

This woman speaks on sky dragons and other types of nature dragons….

This Mongolian shaman PERFECTLY articulates them:

– Note these dragons are in the sky….

That being said, outside of the Yellow Dragon of Chinese culture who required drowned virgins as sacrifices….

Their reptilians were benevolent, nature spirits who could become corporeal aka manifest in our 3D realm from higher densities for the most part.

Not to mention that Buddha sought the path of Self enlightenment and service to others – which is opposite the death cult-ure that the wetbacks push….

And you can piece together the picture of why they have orderly CIVILIZATIONS were folks get along, polite societies that operate along the lines of kindness and getting along with others…..

Now, let’s talk about the wetback:

They are the children of the devil.

The bible states that Satan is a red colored dragon:

Who does that remind you of….

That being said, they fester and thrive of death, violence and stupidity.

They operate on a very low low frequency that resonates with the reptilian hence why they have a genetic predisposition to have an obsessive preoccupation with drinking, esp. with sex (sacral chakra energy stealing), beating women and other low vibratory behaviors that resonate in a dark place ie the path of the reptilian.

– NOTICE they erected a reptilian statue in Peru which lies in South America in honour of them.

You know I tell the truth ?? https://ufoholic.com/forbidden-history/peruvian-artist-erects-statue-reptilian-humanoid-capital-friendship/

It is a Peruvian reptilian “god” named Morrop.

That said, let me tell you the history of the iguana reptilians…..

They appeared to me, claiming that we are related (I don’t believe that shit cause they deceptive), that they are related to the Rothschilds and that they set world leaders up who they then are not proud of cause they fall down the destructive path of materialism:



One was called the D’voreh and the other T’haumpilas something, which is definitely some fucking Aztec shit.

I remember my friend saying that he saw some iguana like bipedal alien lizards that war-shipped me and are under me….. and I saw them attacking someone I ‘woked in the astral.

I remember one was wearing a black robe and wore a blonde weave.

I’m just gonna say that, I don’t know wtf is going on. They can be deceptive – I’ve seen alot of dinosaurs, bronchiosaurus reptilians calling themselves “working” with me THEN fucking with my little brother on the other side – so I’ll say I don’t trust em given what I have heard, read, and EXPERIENCED from personal experience…..

All I know is that my starseed heritage is from Sirius cause, when I played a tape in reverse a vid where I said – going forward – that I am from Pleiades – in reverse I say, “I am from Sirius, Obama status!”

Now, my friend said that when he was trying free me from them – some black robed, hooded iguana looking reptilians who were flanked by a Darth Maul reptilian (the origin for the devil):

were laughing at him, saying that they liked fucking with me and enjoyed fucking with my dreams in the astral.

Therefore, I think that “I am related to em” shit is just manipulation to get me on they side.

Last time I was forced to succumb to it (after they fucked my money up) by forcing me to become a satanist, I lost myself to worldly vices, become obsessed with materialism, and lost my way towards the spiritual path, hence why my eyes did this…..

That said, Credo Mutwa spoke of the Darth Maul reptilians here:


Now, every race has what are called “organic portals.” Organic portals are only as good as the aliens who created them, hence why the saying, “There are truths to every stereotype.”

Blacks in general tend to have this “service to others even at the expense of themselves” mentality. It is a mentality that feeds an unjustified guilt complex which other races feed off of.

For instance, as wetbacks commit genocidal acts of violence against blacks….

– Looka how they smile after killing us just for being black!

Blacks are “correcting” other black folks for attacking illegal street vendors who shouldn’t even be in this country….

This is because these demonic wetbacks take advantage of our self loathing desire to want to be accepted by others, and do good by others, even at our own expense….

This is sad ??

That being said, let me break down the reptilian, demonic, psychological profile of the wetback based on empirical observation, an abundance of research, and putting the pieces of the puzzle together….

Wetbacks operate on a strictly low vibratory hivemind consciousness that mirrors the traits of sociopaths ie they operate from the reptilian brain…..

They tend to be very glib, insincere, and dishonest.

NOTE how when you go to a grocery store and they will speak Spanish and talk negative of you, if you understand what they are saying and confront them, they will lie through their teeth and pantomime the facial expressions and characteristics of someone telling the truth, perfectly and without breaking a sweat and then will get indignant at you ie angry for even calling them out.

Those are characteristics of a sociopath:


When I am around them I feel a black “hole” of energy coming from within them.

It is like they don’t have a Soul aka organic portal and they just robotically go about their day doing things, pantominining how us humans operate.

They lack empathy.

Case in point:

When you confront them about the genocidal acts of violence that their kind has been doing against blacks….

– They hate us…..

They will ALWAYS respond with glib, lacking in interpersonal concern, unsympathetic comments that puts the blame back on the victim…..

Case in point, after posting what you saw up above, this here ??

The Difference In How Mexicans Treat A Hostile White Lady Vs A Black Lady

They will often respond with glib, sociopathic, empty, unemotional, unsympathetic responses that puts the onus on the victim like right here:

This creature even had the nerve to sub…..

– This is what I call “energy grab moves” that these creatures make on blacks which I have had a few experiences with….

Or else these creatures will deflect on white people, “the illuminati” – same shit white folks do (cause they wanna be them) to take the heat off themselves…..

….while calling me a chimp (at least I am not a demon seed).

These are traits of a sociopath: cognitive dissonance, contradictions in what is said vs actions, glib, empty statements.

All of those are traits of the reptilians….

7 Reptilian Traits in Human Beings

Now, here is why they simultaneous envy, admire but hate whites…..

Read this: this is a great read ??


Just like their demon reptilian king, Quetzalcoatl, shapeshifted into a white man, in their hierarchy the white reptilians are seen as royalty as that article states!

As Peggy Kane posits….

They hate the white Pleiadians and try to destroy em. They simultaneous wanna be them but wanna take them out so they can replace em….

This download just came to me: whites. watch out!

They are sneaky!

Simon Parkes, a councillor from the UK (so you don’t think he just some nut) also spoke of this as well….

That being said, from experience I know what I am about to say is true cause, like this wetback here…..



Here is IT’S license plate in case anything happens…..

CA license plate # 7PGG944

– 944 is spiritual protection…..

I was SO RELIEVED when this guy turned out to be a brother from Morocco:


– Even gave him a $20 bill cause of it ??

That said, wetbacks are such accomplished rapists because it is in their nature as organic portals for reptilians to steal and harvest sexual sacral chakra energy…..

I know a wetback did this to a black young lady….

Their foreparents, the reptilians, are FAMOUS for harvesting sexual energy via rape….

– What she is describing as to where they took her is hell, which is the domain of the reptilians who begot the wetbacks….

Let that sink ?=?=??

That being said, before I roll out on this particular aspect of the article, let me warn you all to protect your energy from wetbacks, esp. sexual.

When these creatures park around me, I can literally feel a zapping of energy from the sacral chakra area especially. It is because, since they are organic portals for the reps, they operate from the sacral chakra (organic portals have an INVERTED version of the chakra system that us Soulled humans have) and steal energy from that area to enhance themselves…..

What I do is, to protect myself, shield my energy very quickly.

Also, ESPECIALLY when you are doing spiritual work – just like their reptilian parents – they LOVE keeping you in a constant state of annoyance, harassment, esp. sexual harassment (again, sacral chakra energy theft) so they can throw you off from doing the energy work you need to do on yourself to heighten your spirituality, and so thus your connection to The Source!

Just as you can see here in these two examples…..


PEEP the coded words the reptilian demon organic portal wetback in the green truck who, as you can see in the above video, deliberately and strategically came around TWICE as I was doing spiritual work on myself, throws out words calling me “crackhead” etc. because of how I chose to live….


That is part of the archonic program to push starseeds, Soulled humans back into the matrix as this bibliotecapleyades article on matrix agents breaks down:



As I sat in my car, writing this, I have been getting interruptions from those creatures all day….


One waited till she was past my car to angrily yell, “Bitch!”

Let me tell you what she was trying to do….

The sacral chakra area stores alot of emotional energy aside from sexual energy. She wanted a response so she, like her reptilian-demon creators, can feed off of it:

You must understand that like their foreparents, the reptilians, the wetback operates on a very low low frequency. This is why they like to provoke people….

For energy.

They are energy thieves for the reptilians. It is in their nature.

The best way to deal with them is is to increase your intuition. That way you can build psychic defences to protect you when they try to come at you, psychically.

I will also go as far as to say, become spiritual enough so that you can tap into their hivemind and fuck with em.

As Bruce Lee said and as I have learned…. fix your energy body as I have been doing so that you can become whole, stable so that they can steal from your chakras (this happens usually due to trauma which will cause a respective chakra to leak). Do not let them create energy chords with you by letting them get close to you.

Case in point, I was filming a vid on my cellphone on Topanga when a demonic wetback with the face of Alfred P. Neuman from Mad TV:

Cat whistled at me as I walked. I actively, using my consciousness, blocked IT from creating etheric ties to me and he INSTANTLY looked away cause he had nothing to energetically feed on.

In another instance – via my third eye and during astral projection I saw some little wetback girls contriving a plan to curse me.

Later on in real life I saw them and they said, “I love your energy.” I cut them off real quick cause they are not getting my energy supply….

I show some examples of this here….

The Reptilians Are REALLY SENDING Their Organic Portal Wetbacks As A Form Of A Psychic Attack

Just with the reptilians, another foolproof way to run them off as is done with the reptilians here…..

is to play between 3000hz to 6000hz frequencies….

This has worked well on them on many occasions….

Running Wetback Biker Gang Up The Skreet With 6000hz Frequency

I find that of all the gangstalkers, this don’t work on whites, blacks, Asians, Arabs, only the wetback….

This is another proof that confirms their demonic nature, aside from their own actions…..

That said, let me explain their connection to hell and what folks call the devil ie demonic reptilians…..

Alright, when the German shaman went to the hellish realms of the underworld to rescue my baby brother….

She saw PRIMARILY reptilian hellguards guarding the place.

That place is terrible. She saw all sorts of races of beings down there in addition to humans….

Now, take for instance Selena:

The Astral Vision Where I Saw Selena Trapped In A Hellish Astral Version of New Orleans With Mexican Gangs

I in addition to another black girl – notice it is all blacks she is reaching out to – said we saw her in hell.

I believe that it could be her reptilian bloodline, her connection to the demonic reptilians, that are pulling her into this place.

Personally I sense the jealous sociopathic WETBACK ex manager who killed her got her caught up there:

That’s an OOGLAY bitch! She looking like a fucking demon. Paint her red and put horns on top and you get the creature from Doom:

That said, I have seen thru my third eye MANY mexicans, south americans in hell…..

This confirms what I been saying about wetbacks. They go back to the home of their creators, as all other races do when they die (or stay in the astral and create your own reality there), which is in the underworld, in hell ?????

After all, as stated here, reptilians live in hell. The underworld aka hell is one of their homes after all…..

I have no illusions about these mofos…..

I know what they are, based on know-ledge, based on experience and as confirmed to me by intuition.

Is there hope for them, can they ever be human, act human? As I said, when you are an organic portal, you have no choice but to act as per the hivemind. Maybe the Soulled amongst them can, but the rest…. nada…..

I don’t sense so….

This is why everybody – from whites to blacks to Puerto Ricans, esp. Cubans have a NATURAL aversion to them…..

We sense the reptilian energy signature off of them which is why as humans we naturally loathe and despise them.

It is a natural form of protection from their reptilian instincts, ways……

That being said, in the west, and in Africa as Credo Mutwa has said…. we have fought the reptilians…..

By extension since the wetback comes from reptilians, they are our natural enemy, the enemy of humankind….

That said, look at this image:

Here is a link to the article:


I’ve been saying that anthropologically we favour whites, physically:

This Why Blacks Need To Unite With Whites and Not With Other Groups of People of Color

It is cause we are human. We as blacks have NOTHING in common with a race that comes from demons, from hell….

There Is No Black and Brown Pride Only Black vs Brown WAR

– Demonic, but that’s how they roll ??????

We all know I don’t say any lies. I’ve given ya’ll the information, it is up to you all on what to do with it….

I am on to something….

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