Why I Would Never Get On With A Straight Men

Why I Would Never Get On With A Straight Men

This makes perfect sense….


See EVERY-THING is energy! Yes, we are in physical containers known as bodies but who you truly are, your identity lies in your consciousness aka Soul!

I have a very masculine energy! I would need a counterpart feminine to compliment me (I didn’t say complete cause when you are a highlt evolved Soul like I, you are completed so you don’t need anyone else to complete you. I complete myself!)!

That being, since I am completing my Soul’s healing journey, I am able to articulate what I know to be true subconsciously! I couldn’t do that before cause I wasn’t whole (and had holes in my auric field).

That being said THIS is why I had a subconscious loathing of straight men and why I would never get with one. He would either have to be gay or else I will go with a transwoman (they are sooo pretty)!

As an addendum to this post I ain’t fucking with straight dudes even for me…. I break it down here the why!


So contact me about sex for money (or ANYTHING dealing with straight males) I’m calling the police or/and will ‘woke you ✊???‍♀️?

Don’t fuck with me!

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