Breaking Free of The Archonic Curse of Being Chained To Sex Work For Money

I won’t be doing that shit AT ALL ANYMORE so if you come up to me for that shit, even if I saw you in the past…. I am alerting the cops or else YOU WILL GET ‘WOKED ✊???‍♀️


That being said, that shit, a supposed “gift” as shown to me in the astral WAS A CURSE designed to extract loosh for negative archonic forces.

This is how I feel after getting rid of that shit – my sacral chakra even felt “whole” and I don’t feel the energy of being unwittingly looked at as a “sex kitten” energetic burden on me anymore.


I talked about how I saw archonic forces in the astral cursing me by invading my sacral chakra and inserting that energy that ain’t me:

*I can’t find it but basically a long time ago an entity, a dragon, had inserted things into my sacral chakra, implants, that were designed to attract nasty mofos to me!

But this is why I am naturally, INHERENTLY repulsed by the males who are attracted to and come up to me cause they are part of that programming and are possessed by the very entities I hate and am looking to take down!

That is why that African dude was trying to push the archonic goddess sex slave programming known as “Oshun” on me to force me into complying with the demiurge narrative:

Afrikan Ifa Priest Tries To Get Me To Sell My Soul To Oshun

I Knew That There Was Something Keeping Me Bound And Miserable And Astral Traveling

….Saying she my “patron saint” nigga get the fuck outta here with that…..

I just thought of something else: you hear of folks saying this sellebrity is sexy, woo woo wooda woo…. that said, it is because as explained here:

The Spiritual Reasons Behind Why SELLebrities Like Beyonce and Rhianna Have SO Many Followers Who Worship Them

Entities around a person can influence folks to fuck with em. I think the antagonistic male energy “I kept attracting” was due to having Baron Samedi around me, cause when I war-shipped him a looong time ago, his energy had white dudes wanting to fight me and white girls wanting to be with me due to his archon astral template where he is married to Maman Brigette!

– And we all know that skeletons are trickster demonic entities who folks make deals with for money, etc. as gatekeepers in the archon system, hence why many skeletons act as “crossroad agents” in the astral which I’ll expound on later….

BTW read this article by a lady who stated that she experienced the “high priestess/whore” energy programming and how it was being used to feed to archons energy and how they broke free from it:

Eve Lorgen & Lauda Leon on Marc Gray’s DTV Dimensions TV

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