This Is Why I Avoid Self Destructive Faggots

This Is Why I Avoid Self Destructive Faggots

Imma jump on the energy of envy that I have been getting from people all my life, that has pretty much defined my relations with people and why I can not make friends….

My shit works. This miserable mofo wants me to stay on fucking youtube so I can get flagged all the time, be miserable, and feed off that loosh (I saw what the fuck around you, FAGGOT ?)!

I’ve seen some pretty interesting things about this faggot in the astral….

This is why I stay to myself!

In the 3D, he has a tendency to ADDICTIVELY watch which is filled with body parts, people getting murdered – which shows you his frequency…..

Imma say what that’s done to him!

When we were on good terms – no lie – I had an astral experience where he was with a faggoty friend of his and he attempted to steal my “gift” of being able to make money via prostitution (see all this toxic shit? It’s like I am mired in a sea of toxicity)!

The second time I was in the astral and a blonde haired man, around my age or early 40s, was trying to show me the way regarding doing well spiritually, financially and then that Matt Nivens FAGGOT came around to try to run the guy away and sabotage me…..

Now, recent, I was in the astral and there was a black bitch with long box braids that had red highlights in em and kinda wearing a leather or blue jean buttoned dress – something like what they wore in the 90s – and she was trying to put a spell. She was probably responsible for this:

Wetbacks Come To Interrupt My Healing And Calling Out A Jealous Homeless Black Dude

Matt tried to bring to my attention what wassup!

Now, this may be able to help him if he willing…. while in the throes of my healing process, I saw him at a table of reptilians, dinosaur looking mofos, with a traumatised look in his eye (this why I am not too harsh on him cause I overstand wassup), being congratulated for trying to throw me off the healing path cause, when I told him how the egg cleansings were helping me, he starts going on on a fucking tirade OUT OF NOWHERE telling me to war-ship Jesus Christ and other craziness that he don’t normally say!

Imma say this right now: I’m glaad I took after my parents and am anti-social! I ain’t one of these people to hold on to your crutch ass cause I know you are gonna hold me back! Just like my words cut – as my mama’s do – I cut people off like it’s nothing. I ain’t gonna be on no bullshit of “understanding” and “understanding where you coming from.” Imma cut you off. If you try to fuck with me cause you want my energy, Imma do this to you:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

Play with me.

That said, before I cut him off he was trying to get me involved in petty fights with his beau, sending me weird ass distorted pics of me claiming it was from his beau (it was him):

– Like wtf?

I saw the forest for the trees with the antipathy towards my healing, and I cut him off.

You show me your face – or what’s controlling you in his case – and that’s all I need.

I peep as I heal this other mofo popped up (she got so much bad shit on her I can’t ‘woke her):

…..I erased her comment, she was right above Matt Nivens, so here her shit going back a coupla years….

Cult of White Reptilians Fucking With My Ass For Not Being Able To Use Me

That being said, I don’t need anybody! I’m a fucking loner. I work best ALONE! I don’t work well with other people. Never did!

Like this jealous motherfucker here:

Wetbacks Come To Interrupt My Healing And Calling Out A Jealous Homeless Black Dude

I have this inexplicable fucking tendency – I gotta figure this shit out – to draw in these weirdos that don’t fucking like me, hate and resent my ass, talk about me behind my back – but they gotta cling to me, cling to my words…..

This is definitely something spiritual and I gotta solve this shit!

I kinda wonder in the back of my mind if it is that whole “martyr forgiving programming” or that bullshit “soul purpose” that many tarot readers have told me that I have to subscribe to to learn a “life lesson.”

Nah nah nah nah that’s LOOSH for the fucking reptilians….

Fuck on with that….

There is something at the crown chakra that keeps us Soulled beings stuck to a timeline (I don’t write my shit for the organic portals).

It is a spiritual implant disc that is similar to a halo or kinda like the ones shown in ancient Khemet (Egypt):

They kinda wore em but, I’ve seen the ones like the Egyptian god Ra and that’s when you’ve reached a certain level of heightened spirituality where you aren’t rooted here as much…..

It was more like the angel halo. But I gotta figure out how to get rid of this. In the meantime, STAY the fuck away from me or else you WILL end up like this mofo’s ma here #JC

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

Don’t fuck with me esp. as I work on myself!

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