The Energy of Envy and How It Has Always Sabotaged Me And Why I Think It Exists

This a pretty picture and, like all of em, symbolize what is going on within….

Going within, doing deep Soul inner cleansing and healing, has allowed me to go into some deep dark inner places that I usually don’t go into, that in the past I would not be equipped to do:


Though I got to the heart – to some degree – of what was the chaotic basis for what I have suffered a lifetime of hurt and rejection at the hands of others…. I can’t get to the craw of what is EXACTLY the cause of this unjustified animosity, disdain I get from others……


I see ole boy from here wasn’t here early this morning and hope he don’t come…..

Wetbacks Come To Interrupt My Healing And Calling Out A Jealous Homeless Black Dude

I ‘woke people cause I got to. It is just like in a George Romero movie where, though you think the zombie is controlled by something else, you gotta still defend yourself to preserve yourself by taking the mofo out:

That is what I had to tell that old white lady, the shaman, who live on a farm and don’t have to deal with pee-pole where she was on her “white people shit” telling me not to ‘woke. Now, regarding her – this is hard to say and I hope it’s not true (cause entities can manipulate visions, esp. reps ? esp. taking into account where, when I was in the deep throes of satanism people were reporting avatars of me being used to attack folks, folks I don’t even fucking know) but before I called upon her to help out my baby brother, I had an astral vision showing that she was envious of my gifts and that she didn’t really help him.

Envy, the theme of envy, keeps popping back up in my life!

That being said, all my life I am somehow fucking used as people’s punching bag/crutch to blame all they shit on, put all their emotional baggage on. I’d be doing shit others do but I get singled out and I would hear, repeatedly, even as a little girl: “It’s your energy. You need to tone your energy.”

Fuck ya’ll! Imma star! I’m shinning! I’m not letting shit dim it!

This is why, like as I wrote here, I can’t have friends or associate with folks (organic portals are INSTANTLY excluded):

This Is Why I Avoid Self Destructive Faggots

This is why I speak my peace and, this another thing that pisses me the fuck off: I either draw these mofos like this kneegrow here who are jealousy of my energy but GOTTA BE AROUND IT (I ‘woked his ass and didn’t see him here this morning):

Wetbacks Come To Interrupt My Healing And Calling Out A Jealous Homeless Black Dude

OR it’s these people like Matt here who become attracted to my energy, my being, who like me and worship me but, cause of forces that we can’t see says and does shit to cut me down (organic portals are INSTANTLY fucking excluded ?? – they don’t count):

This Is Why I Avoid Self Destructive Faggots

Now I got my extrapolations for what’s going on cause I don’t believe in harping on an issue and not trying to come up with a solution. That’s why I don’t like whiny mofos who just wanna use your energy to whine to you and not come up with shit. Fuck off! Those types be the main ones to wanna rely on your energy and strenght to build themselves up and once they do it, they’ll be the same ones to – out of envy, again – talk shit about ya, behind ya back usually (cause they cowards) and backstab you for your strenght.

– That K.C. mofo btw is someone who got into the occult cause she’d get hurt and allowed a demonic walk in to take over so she wouldn’t hurt again….

Now, as we all know, I don’t like organic portals……

Just like as seen yesterday, THIS ain’t organic:


Don’t ask how I know….

That being said, here an example of organic portal shit:

– That’s organic portal commentary….. I ain’t trying to reach out to the organic portals. I don’t care for em. My mission is to reach out to SOULLED humans ie humans with Souls and awaken them to certain truths so they can escape this matrix demiurge archon trap realm!

For SOULLED humans this is how organic portals would operate with me in the past….

Like this mofo here…..

When People Project On Me It Is An Issue With Them Not With Me

ALMOST LIKE, PRACTICALLY AS IF THEY HAD THE RIGHT they would DEMAND I ACT in a way that would suit them (so they can put me into a box) and to push opinions and thoughts that they had SELFISHLY with no consideration for me…..

That IS organic portal behaviour and you can see it all in that blog post I wrote on that douche!

The “wanting to put me into a box” point makes sense cause organic portals are NOT capable of deep thought (they can only mirror and steal from us) but gotta understand shit only when placed into boxes like lil kids…..

Like this young lady said they wanna control us (as per orders of the demiurge) to keep us from realising our individuality (hence why he attacked me for not fitting into a box) so they can keep us from knowing our Divine Selves as getting to know your True Self = individual self is the first part:

That being said that’s why it is important to do SELF HEALING cause those organic portal predators will sense your chakras are leaking and will provoke you to keep you wounded and thus leaking so they can feed off you. The demiurge and archons use implants and entity attachments to keep you separated from The Source like here:

At the top of the Soul’s head is a halo I find that is designed to keep you from connecting with your Higher Self!

It is an implant that is designed to keep you mired in the 3D and from not ascending to your true Self.

It is the very thing I would have to escape before full blown astral projecting in which would induce horrible dark hallucinations of deep dark demonic shit that induces fear into you and makes you wanna stay in your body…..

That is why angels = archons wear “halos” which connotes to this implant!


I touch on it’s effects on me here.

You must break free – it also has wind up corkscrew like “keys” to the front and back of your head to keep your Soul separated as well.

All yesterday I had been trying to work to liberate myself of it but to no avail. It also seems to distort my energy which allows me to absorb ‘wokeings I have righteously done on others. It is analogous to the tale of the giant trying to knock down the tree of the world only to have it grow back the 7th day:

I swear shit keep changing due to the Mandela Effect – there was a mythos where a giant would chop a tree only to have it regrow on the 7th day…..

That said, this is EXACTLY what this implant is supposed to do. All us Soulled people have it. It is like the creme de la creme of demiurge archon implants designed to keep your ass down before you can fully break free…..

pretty, huh!?

Let me tell you what to do:

Heal yourself for starters. I got rid of ALOT of basic, bad troublesome implants that way when I first started the process. Also remove external spiritual attachments/enemies (mines was Baron Samedi) as you make your way towards freedom….

Second is, alright, from organic portals, mainly wetbacks who we all know come direct from a demonic reptilian bloodline, hence why I accurately refer to em as demon seeds…..

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

….will call me a “crackhead” (never did crack in my life and so what if I ever theoretically did), say that “I am on drugs” or any millieu of shit designed to knock my reputation so as to throw a wrench on my message, otherwise known as dumb folks calling smart folks like me, “crazy”:

Lemme break down the significance behind why these organic portals subconsciously see me as a “crackhead.” Aside from the fact that I am black, crackhead denotes use of a drug that can expand your consciousness to other realms…..

There is a reason why drugs are rendered illegal all over the world with in some places you getting the death penalty like in HYPO-christian The Phillipines (meanwhile child rape and murder is treated with leniency eh Mr. Peter Scully):

Look up Daisy’s Destruction to learn more on this demon….

Anyways, NOTE how many Soulled people – the main ones who become addicted due to righteously seeking an escape from this demiurge-archon ran society – find that it opens their minds and expands their consciousness in ways that many other things, including meditation, can’t so easily do that allows them to get in touch with their Higher Selves and, esp. with acid users – see that they are not by themselves, just themselves but that they are part of a greater unit = The Source!

The demiurge ran influenced governments of this demiurge archon matrix controlled world don’t want you knowing this, being in contact with that, hence why they illegalize it and stigmatize it and call you a crackhead for doing activities, things, that ultimately leads you to thinking outside the box.

Demiurge can’t have. Archon-matrix complex can’t have that so they turn crackhead, methhead into slurs but, personally, I’d rather be known as a crackhead then a dumbed down mofo who can’t think for themselves cause they are part of a group consciousness known as “organic portals.”

It’s analogous to when wetbacks call blacks “monkies” which simply denotes we are the original, true humans…..

The REAL Reason Why Other Races Hate Blacks But Want To Be Around Us

Meanwhile look at where THEY come from….

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

I’d rather be known as a monkey = human ? then the demon seeds from hell from which they are, and where they going back to ???????????

That being said, overstand what’s going on. They fuck with you, mock you to put you in a certain place and they wanna keep you in a state of fear from knowing yourself.

That is what the demiurge wants…..

Another example is folks who do got Souls who tear your down but are addicted to your energy to where they become obsessed:

White LA Methhead Michael Pataky And Son Raise Hell Cause I Won’t Give Them No Black Pussy

Somebody About To Find Out I Ain’t One To Mess With

– You can obsessed with my energy, excessively.

Now THAT is a methhead and a fucking racist one at that!

How dare he. Imma kill this mofo. Black witches, put in da ‘woke!

Imma have to kill his ass. I won’t stand for this.

That’s a TOXIC mofo who is at a low point, is needy and clingy and is one of those mofos who wanna use your strenght which they envy as a crutch for themselves. Don’t put up with that shit…. leave em in the dust….

He IS a naked stark example of how these energy vampires see me, and thus come at me hence why I don’t tolerate people shit ✊???‍♀️ ‘woke.

As for this halo-crown thing, I gotta figure out how to get rid of this shit.

I already got rid of the black snake right eyed entity attachment which some folks say is impossible, so I gotta put in the ‘woke on this shit too and I’ll tell ya how to do it when it’s done!

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

Imma say this as well: to us Soulled folks you wanna solve this cause you don’t wanna end up continuing to get chained here, in this matrix hell:

All organic portals go here when they die ha ha!

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