Jennelle Eliana Is A Clone And How Her Reptilian Energy Is Exposing White Folk’s Jealousy

Jennelle Eliana Is A Clone And How Her Reptilian Energy Is Exposing White Folk’s Jealousy


This is the insta-heaux for her pet snake:

– It says WORLD DOMINATION with the snake next to it connoting what rules the world = reptilians ??????

NASA connotes to the fact that they come from outer space and that “the time has come” caption means domination and just basically coming out with their reptilian asses.

Basically she got reptilian handlers…

– Her pet snake an ugly, smarmy mofo….

Alright, look – when you got reptilian energy around you, like she does….

– That shit with the snake looking towards her purse symbolizes they control her money, like they do me but I am breaking free…..

– Wetbawk was right.

When reptilians are around you – as I know all too well from experience – their energy makes folks wanna provoke and fuck with you in addition to increasing your urges for desires as this man here is, unfortunately, finding out…..

That being said, Eliana a clone….

– There go the reptilian-snake symbolism, showing what runs her ? hisssss…..

She look like a high priestess holding up the snake to pray to it, kinda like how they do in those baptist fire tongue revivals, voodoo, santeria, hindu rituals….

Mami Wata, an African Marine based religion!

Can’t tell me she ain’t in the occult on some level.

Think about this: she was supposedly born in the early 00’s. Folks were using digital cameras then (I remember). Those are polaroids cause digital camera pics don’t age like that since all you had to do was hook em up to a computer and, voila! She’d be showing you digital camera shots, not polaroids.

We used polaroids back in my day. I was born in ’83.

That said looka those polaroid pictures…. she supposed to be Ethiopian but as we know Ethiopians got “white” features given that they are the original caucasians (in addition to being the true Jews). She doesn’t look mixed. She look like a pure Ethiopian. Her typical dowdy white “mama” in the pic don’t look anything like her, with her sharp nose while the ma and the lil girl in the polaroids got relatively wider noses. The dad don’t look black. Those aren’t her people….

She a clone and those polaroids were intercepted from a real family working with all that deep underground military base shit.

I break down why they will be using clones from now on here:


That said, that reptilian energy will fuck you up. It will have people wanting to fuck with you – after being possessed by their archon masters – to attack you so they can feed of their energy of loosh and also, if you got spiritual talents, use you to sacrifice them as they have done so often in the past with me…..



Looka all this harassment from, again, the archon fav decoy, the wetback demon seeds of Quetzalcoatl! Like lemmings, they can be counted on to do dumb shit for the archons cause they created them as disposable vessels via which to do it!

– BTW nice to get back to working out. I am thinking of getting steroids so I can get bigger.

Note that predatory wetback drove off when I picked up the 25lbs dumbbell cause that meant I could defend myself and that scared him – proving that behaviour IS innately predatory.

That said, I don’t like how these white folks are coming at her:

This mofo the WORST here:

These heauxs here….

And my boi, who getting fucked by dem reptilians…. he a funny and cool dude who is just calling it and being real:

Black Bigot You Are Gonna Have To Fight These Reptilians

– he been living in his vehicle longer than me I think…..

Those folks are jealous, and it is the rep energy that got them into fucking with her…..

I break down in the first vid how it works…..

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