Black Bigot You Are Gonna Have To Fight These Reptilians


As I was writing this I got interrupted which I’ll show and break down later…..

Black Bigot I saw this coming….

To The Black Bugatti Aka Black Bigot Stay True To Yourself

This man’s eyes are typically BRIGHT BLUE….

– Dat damn alki-(black)hole aka alcohol…..

I was once where you were Mr. Bigot:

– Same as yours…. EXACT!

– All of these were after some heavy bout of drinking brought on by reptilian possession or a coupla days after…..

I knew they were gonna get you…. As shown in that article, I saw it MONTHS in advance…..

Watch your ass….

Looka all the gangstalking, interruptions I faced to make a video telling you, warning you about this….

Sexual harassment gangstalking (knowing I hate that shit), calling the sheriffs to enforce gender based programs of oppression against womben (knowing damn well I am here to fight that)…..



I was even getting attacked by numerous flies, more than usual (they coming out THE WOODWORK now that I am ascending) to keep me from telling you all this…..

I said months before, you have a Soul. Most people don’t. Most of the folks who call themselves your fans, who you encounter are what you call organic portals who are meant to keep you “in the game” of chasing materialism and fame.

That game will cost you:

Here Crissy Tiegan saying she can’t sleep cause she constantly haunted by demons due to selling her Soul to the archons, reptilians and “god” the demiurge:


I know the illuminati were putting you on by recommending your “41 at Popeyes” video:

They got you going viral with 1.4 mil vids!

Eye ? ??? Sea that you are trying to recreate that “success”:

You’ve been doing vlogs to try to get yourself into the more popular, mainstream aka lamestream world…..

That shit on Amanda Berry was an attempt to get (negative) attention, but that was low.

For those of you not familiar with her she was one of the young ladies kidnapped by literal troglodyte-hobbit-rapist, Ariel Castro – who is thankfully dead – who held her hostage in an attic for 11 straight fucking years!

….Lordt this why I carry myself the way I do, esp. being homeless and a womban living alone (witch ??‍♀️) out of my car. That’s why I stay doing black magick and ‘wokeing mofos…..

Wish a mug would. We going kamikaze. DARE A BITCH! And mugs get pissed cause I got masculine energy around me and exude it.



Let me keep the focus and not get diverted…..

You better than this!

You better than pop junk!

That said, I have had the illuminati come to me to make a deal…..

Next thing I know, they take a TOTALLY innocent vid down….

There is a man by the name of Astral Boo Baby who I spoke of in that video series…..

He was approached by the illuminati. This is what happened to him when he refused and what happened to those who went along with em….

Here he is sorta speaking on that ish and celebrating NOT being pulled into their game:

There was an 80s up and coming actress named Tammy Lynn Lepert who spoke of threats to her life after she went to an industry party and heard some fucked up shit…. then she went missing…..

This is not a game my brother…..

Cause I been down the path you been, I know what you are experiencing.

You didn’t look well in last night’s chat. You look DRAINED ? Tired with bags under your eyes.

It’s cause them reptilians are doing a number on you, manipulating you into drinking (Eye ? see it ??).

They are beating you down so you will make a deal with em.

I saw it coming, see it coming but I KNOW you will change your timeline for the better and start working on yourself spiritually, otherwise they will have you addled in addictions till the point you die!

We all saw it in the live meaning folks watching you, esp. us spiritual folks!

I went thru ALOT early this morning to speak this….

Sexual harassment gangstalking then calling on the sheriffs to enforce gender attacks…..


I SINCERE thought this was the entertainment dude I got into it with a month ago…..


I Got Into A Fight With A White Dude Who Is In The Entertainment Industry

I had flies – a sign of demonic infestation – attack me (flies ain’t usually in here)….

….Notice they EVERYWHERE but the one I killed…..

One was even wedged, just out the BLUE, in my knee area, like it just “appeared.”

TWICE while uploading the pic of your eyes to Dropbox an unseen force wouldn’t let me (reptilians and spirits in general are GOOD at manipulating electronic devices)…..


Not even a screenshot would upload….


As I write this now I am facing an unusual amount of sexual harassment gangstalking (the energy signatures of these people are different than regular gangstalkers). Looka the synchronicities here to see what I mean…..


Just now a sheriff came around to “watch” me after being called by a yellow beige “work” UNDERCOVER truck as I sit in my car…..


This the mofo who threw a water jug at me who works for public works…..


He was scared to come out.

All these coincidences ain’t for naught. I been doing healing on myself all throughout the month. I been doing great!

As I make the requisite spiritual strides, I’ve been releasing the grip from entities that seek to keep me stuck and focused on the 3D – as they are doing to you, Lamont. As I speak, tho. I am not hungry – an entity attachment on the right side is inducing food urges in me. I know this is not me cause I have learned to take the time to understand my energy body and understand what is a part of me – and what is not!

That said, I am getting positive signs confirming I am on the right path ??

Found this amulet to ward off evil by my favourite porta potty early this morning:


Though I sense it was designed to act as a bad message for me, it IS a double entendre in terms of meaning: Just like the bicyclist “gang” members early this morning (they are FILLED with organic portals) who said, “She being a good girl” meant to be in reference to my covering up due to it being fucking cold outside – it is an acknowledgement that I am on the rite path ?? The amulet means “I have protection from evil” due to my coming into my crown chakra energy, piercing “that veil” to reach the higher chakras thru deep inner healing, and the bicyclist comment meant that I am doing what I am supposed to do by not overindulging in vices, as I used to.

As I get out the dark woods…..


It’s my job to act as a beacon of light ? to help other lost Souls out the darkness aka demiurge-archon-holographic-prison matrix as well…..

That IS “god” the demiurge ??

Peace! ✌?

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