Just Found The Lil Rat That Has Been Building A Nest In My Car

Just Found The Lil Rat That Has Been Building A Nest In My Car

Looka who been doing diss….



Imma call her – I sense it’s a she – Rat Fink and let her live in my car to get her out the cold since she starting this shit early and is being too visible = poor baby cold ?

I wanna say this tow truck driver, who drove his ass around one night as I stargazed – I don’t like him. He has an energy of maliciousness. I may have to get him spiritually cause I don’t want that low vibratory shit around me…..


Here he is the other night when I was using my telescope….


That said, I kinda like lil Rat Fink. Most folks (organic portals) would see him as a nuisance and sure, at one point after I tried to spray the whittle baby, she tried to eat up my shit…..

But rats are smart and I find em very cutee! Looka how this one here balls her fist up when a sibling LIT walks all over her…..

I kinda want a pet. Thought of a Chihuahua who are little like me and aggressive like me too but it’s alot of work.

I wouldn’t mind as it gets cold taking lil Rat Fink – she soooo cutee ?❤? – in and even her babies and taking care of em for the night then letting them back out to be free range animals instead of keeping them coup’d up!

I got cheese:

I’ll offer it to her next time…..

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