Healing And Mending My Soul Back Together Again

This shit – what I am going thru is a REAL spiritual awakening.

It ain’t that frilly shit of unicorns shitting rainbows as new (c)agers as would have you believe ???

I have seen MANY folks with souls who, as I did, started off being EXTREMELY EMPATHETIC where they were not in control of their emotions just as seizure victims aren’t in control of their bodies.

That is exactly how it feels…..

That shit is happening cause it is your Soul crying out for help telling you you need to heal this, you need to mend this.

That is why – it all makes sense now – that teacher telling me to “drop the English accent”, as seeming innocuous as it was, was a comment that affected me deeply later.

To come into my spiritual power I had to break free of the limitations that certain damaged parts of my Soul, my Spirit wrought. I can’t get back together again if I don’t address it, remove it which I will explain how to do later on….

It had to be said and I had to have the kundalini awakening, which made me most sensitive and broke me so I can ultimately become a stronger version of myself.

Before, I felt “blocks” in my consciousness that I could not understand why they were there. I as a young child would try to “feel” my way around openinh them but couldn’t.

So thru trial and error I had to go through what I am going through to get to where I am about to be….

Going on about the vril snake entity attachment…..


Imma talk about these wetbacks causing interruptions in my healing soul/spirit process later…. they always seem to synchronize, as if on time ⌚ just right at that moment when I am about to do monumental work.

It confirms my theory of them being some type of organic vessel for the archons (they ARE of a reptilian demonic bloodline) that is designed to hold me back and suppress the spiritual advancement of other Soulled human beings by pulling us into a net where instead of making Soulled progress we instead focus on the reptilian URGES (like the demiURGE) and instincts of fear and survival. Yes, I know the game. Be careful when you go into that zone cause entity attachments can become attached to you like just what happened to me now – I will explain later – when your frequency lowers….

I broke it down here:

More Proof That Wetbucks Are Reptilian Demon Seeds And Need To Be Taken Off The Planet

That being said, this the shit that’s been causing havoc by occupying space in the right eye….

It was A BUNCH of them I removed last night…..



Looka my eyes here…..

The one with the snake in it, the right one, was watery and I felt drained from it meaning something was there and the incense smoke revealed it which is what incense smoke is supposed to do….

Here I break down how entity attachments literally come in and act like they are parts of your spirit/soul after the REAL parts have been removed, just like this type of parasite comes in, EATS the fish’s tongue then replaces it….

Fucked up! It happens etherically. I am proof of this.

Speaking of which, there is an implant that reminds me of the early devices used for measuring the skull like here:

That is designed it seems to keep my Soul from being able to rise. The skeletal one is the most accurate depiction cause it seems that when I make changes in the upper chakras it will have an effect on and resonate with the entire upper wing of my chakra system!

I am feeling it in my chakra system right now…..

That being said, the amount of synchronicities and gangstalking is INSANE….

He looked like a cop seeing the dude up close….


This the same person I believe who was playing that radio station that talks shit on me…..


I recall that day the person she was speaking to over the phone said “She would kick my ass…..”


Speaking on synchronicities this guy here at the 3 part of the vid from a distance with the blonde hair looks like the rapist I spoke of here…..

Chasing My Rapist

Also, THIS DUDE GOT THE SAAAME EXACT LICENSE PLATE as the mugs who ran over my foot that night…..


Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

Near identical except off by 2 LETTERS!

Also, Dial-A-Ride – sound like DOLLA-RIDE when you say it quick – made an appearance lol ?


And this…. just epitomizes the gangstalking…..


THAT was gangstalking cause right after the 1st black truck left ANOTHER black truck showed to sexually harass RIGHT. AFTER. THE OTHER ONE LEFT As if they got antennas and use walkie talkies to see what the other is up to…..

THAT’S GANGSTALKING. It is spiritual as explained here as well as in part rendered by technologies unknown to us:

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

Let me tell you about these wetbacks…..

I need you all to look at this:

That confirms what I have been saying about them: their reptilian roots got them functioning on a low vibratory plane of obsessive thoughts of sex, drinking, partying, violence, beating women up, wantonly doing fucked up shit – that is designed to keep them operating on a low functioning level designed to keep them innured in the 3D and to not be able to ascend. Due to their DNA being reptilian and given that I know they operate from a reptilian hivemind consciousness as all races have organic portals that operate from a group hivemind and theirs is reptilian…. I don’t even think they can ascend. I don’t think they can break free from it. It IS them and they are reps and organic portals – without the hivemind they are born into, they cease to exist (reminds me of how in Judaism they teach that you either go with “god” I am guessing the demiurge or you cease to exist at all…..):

Here Is Why Asians Are Better Than Wetbacks Tho They Come From A Reptilian Bloodline

Asians are of a reptilian bloodline. I love their culture, their way of being (I was Vietnamese in my most recent past incarnation). However, as stated before, their reps aka dragons were more benevolent and their saving grace was buddhism:

Wetbacks on the other hand – just look:

They war-ship death and violence. This is why I and others inherently and instinctively don’t like them (out of preservation for our energies to be protected from them) cause they operate and resonate on a very low frequency: a frequency of death, violence and decay, just like their reptilian creators/parents:

As many reptilian videos will explain, reptilians like to draw energy from the sacral chakra which is where the energy for sex is derived which is right above your navel area:

Just like their reptilian parents, the wetbacks are such accomplished rapists (President Trump said not a lie) who STEAL energy from that area as energy can be ascertained very quickly from that area since it houses our emotions at hyperstate – as I know from experience.

That is why I have heard stories from even white males talking of how wetbacks cat call, wolf whistle at them.

That is why in their cult-ure the motto is “Any hole will do”:


Ole wetback ass….

That is why they are obsessed with sex: it is a reptilian trait!

That said, they are sent DELIBERATELY, incessantly like this wetback creature to disrupt my spiritual evolution process:

Illegal Wetback Impersonates Cop To TRY To Take Advantage of Me

I will say, one time while on Topanga, I was minding my own business than a wetback wolf whistled while staring dead at me. I did something spiritual to protect my sacral chakra sexual energy and he turned the other way….

If that is NOT proof that I am right I don’t know what is…..

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