More Proof That Wetbucks Are Reptilian Demon Seeds And Need To Be Taken Off The Planet

More Proof That Wetbucks Are Reptilian Demon Seeds And Need To Be Taken Off The Planet


Looka this!

On an instagram post a brother mentioned that a stone statue was erected to a fucking reptilian in Peru aka South America.

Now do you see what I’m saying ?

I’ve seen the light.

Looka these comments after watching this video here:

Even on a post showing pro Trump Mexicans (even they know what’s up), looka this….

Even then they gotta make racist comments about blacks.

Let me break to you DOWN what is going on with them.

Looka this as one tries to fight a poor innocent hard working man after stealing this poor man’s tires…

Meanwhile this nice black man, when called out, properly, like a human, returns the man’s things with civility….

Looka this…..

…A 6 year old child…. Still a wetbuck, but a child nevertheless.

Now I need you all humans to read this:

I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

As I go thru the throes of my healing, EVERY TIME I am about to make a major landmark, a stride – a wetback COMES to interrupt it.

I have been saying for the longest…. unlike most people I am not moved by sentimentality, emotions. I have a very clear, adept analytical mind and I see the forest for the trees.

You are not dealing with people when you are dealing with the wetbuck. I want for this message to spread.

That said, in these things, hence why I refer to them and their behaviour as being analogous to John Carpenter’s The Thing:

You are dealing with an innately evil race that comes from a reptilian bloodline. Let me repeat: wetbacks, South Americans come from a reptilian bloodline!

They were created by their reptilian human sacrificing/eating daddy, Quetzalcoatl:

This those things doing the same thing now….

To be a slave worker race whose only function was to be good pets for the reptilians…..

This means, and is why your regular wetbuck has an almost obsessive preoccuption with sex, esp. sex which is why many of em are rapists which I can attest to, popping out babies (as I said before the demiurge feeds of souls encaptured in human bodies even if they come from a reptilian organic portal hivemind consciousness), overindulgence in alcohol, degradation of women and girls and other low vibratory behaviours consistent with reptilian characteristics aka psychopaths.

I never subscribed to the notion that we all come from monkies. I believe that different alien groups came down here and seeded us!

The Book of Enoch talks of this….

This is why people all over the world, including the much prettier Puerto Ricans, Cubans, are repulsed by the wetback as I innately am cause of their reptilian energy signature!

I can not tell you how many times those creatures would come up to me and say they “love to be around me for my energy.”

That is what reptilians do to humans; get close to us to steal our energy!

I noticed that as I have been doing alot of energy, healing work on myself my energy signature repulses them and they don’t try to cling to me as much are try to get around me. Instead they avoid me, meaning I am on the right path ?

That being said, as I laid out here, Asians are of a reptilian bloodline and tho they did some fucked up shit during WW II like the rape of Nanking (they were fucked up on meth tho., hence the kamikazes)….

Here Is Why Asians Are Better Than Wetbacks Tho They Come From A Reptilian Bloodline

Their reptilians aka dragons were more benevolent and the ones who hated humanity were treated as the demons they were.

On the other hand, the aztecs, the mayans revered as gods dragons who ate and hate humans…..

That being said, the alien bloodline from which a race descends says ALOT about who they are…..

Wetbacks war-ship death and demons, whereas the more peaceful, orderly Asians are into buddhism and spiritual enlightenment and evolution:

What does the path of the wetback remind you of…..

Blacks, remember this next time those demons call us “monkies”…..

Notice how here he says that reptilians operate as a borg – how many times I said those things operate from a hivemind….

And like the reps they are they hate for me to reveal this….

While doing healing I peeped that the reptilians had attachments that connected me and so thus made me artificially feel a “kinship” with the wetbacks, witch ??‍♀️ I have long since severed…..

We are dealing with non human entities, robots, vessels for non human entities, who derive, were created by evil dark forces to pull the spiritual evolution of humanity collectively and keep us focused on a lower vibrational, strictly ad obsessively 3D state of mind, hence the creation of the wetback!

The beings who made them – the reptilians – come from hell. They are frequency wise very low vibrational entities who chose negativity and the negative path which the wetback cult-ure of death and violence mirrors….

Read this as a primer on the reptilian way of being…..

Wetbacks can never be capable of insightful thinking and looking within cause it is in their dna as a slave worker race not to do so. That is why questions, comments calling them out are met with glib responses, just like they would be given by a psychopath who operate from a reptilian part of the brain = reptilian consciousness!

Let me make it clear: Wetbacks are the way they are cause they come from – direct – demonic forces. The reptilians ARE the demons, the archons of the bible. Them and the greys from Zeta Reticuli.

When people describe hell they describe hellguards as being typically reptilian…..

Look at Darth Maul then read the description of Credo Mutwa’s reptilian:

When Aleister Crowley tried to summon a demon, an alien grey popped up:

That is why you can not try to argue and reason with the wetback cause their nature is demonic.

That is why I and others keep seeing Selena in hell…..

The Astral Vision Where I Saw Selena Trapped In A Hellish Astral Version of New Orleans With Mexican Gangs

Even tho she didn’t really do anything cause of their bloodline they either end up in the hellish realms or the lower 4D realms of the astral.

It’s due to their dna and natural connection to the demonic reptilians.

That’s why as explained here with reptilians….

Between 6000hz to 8000hz frequency works GREAT ?? to dispel wetbacks. I found the INSTANT I PLAYED IT FROM A DISTANCE THEY RUN!!!! ??‍♂️??‍♀️??


That being said, blacks esp. rejoice ???? when being called a monkey! As I saw in an astral vision, my people, the Egyptians fled on a spaceship named Astuarte from the reptilians.

The wetback is my innate enemy because they come from them.

That being said, that is proof that we are the original humans. We are not the seeds of demons as wetbacks are, not even whites – who derive from the nordics:

I broke it down here:

The REAL Reason Why Other Races Hate Blacks But Want To Be Around Us

Wetbacks were seeded by a demon race. Never forget it.

Spread this know-ledge ??

Also looka how diss wetbuck responded when I LET HIM KNOW DEMONS SPAWNED HIM and told him that by calling me “monkey” it confirms that, unlike him, I am of pure human descent:

Confirms ALL that I say….

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