The Crazy Shit I Saw With My New Baby Telescope

Looks like a whole new dimension, like seeing into the 4D.

I SWEAR cause the telescope can “see” at the same light spectrum that cats and dogs can see, I been seeing some shit, 4th dimensionally!

The first night I saw 3 lights in a triangular pattern (peep the triangle = reptilian symbolism which always follows me) RIGHT ABOVE MY CAR AFTER USING IT. Saw it for a brief sec then it disappeared. The next day I then saw right over the ocean while I was in Topanga a ghetto look mothership that looked ALOT like this except it had a scope like object at the top much like guns placed on tanks….

I love muh baby whittle tele-scope ???

It was only $59 on Amazon….

And already the motherfucker broke….


Thought I saw the rapist in there, too…..

I think evil spirits did that shit….

Ever since I was a little kid I ALWAYS wanted a telescope but, despite my folks being able to scrounge up the lil money to get fairly costly presents – couldn’t get the telescope.

Even as an adult the telescope seemed out of reach – just strong inclinations to put it off cause of possible future incoming expenses.

Tho I got alot of shit on my plate, esp. financially I said fuck it so I can live my dream.

Even as a child, I always had a fascination with the nighttime sky. Whenever my mom or dad would open the garage door I would come running out to be in my own little world and enjoy the nighttime sky.

I still do:

I didn’t see those two “stars” with the naked eye ?

Even the telescope that told otherworldly views like other-worldly:

Look like a solar eclipse ?

As a child I had A STRONG PASSION for looking up at the nighttime sky.

My parents used to call me a “space cadet” and said I was looking for home….

I’ll never forget visiting NASA on a high school fieldtrip that was located in New Orleans East and a handsome older white man telling me to stay articulate.

Man, despite the astral visions I got – I still regret and know I didn’t belong at that nigger school ?? here and here

That said, on the first night, I was just exploring ?…. looking for home, trying to figure it out. I wanted to see the rings of Saturn witch ??‍♀️ this promised and the constellations but you gotta learn the basics of telescopes to see that shit. I didn’t get much…..

Found a perfect rat’s nest the next morning lol…..

I think spirits do that shit….




That said here is the SECOND time I attempted to use it….

I saw some weird shit in the sky like an I formed in the clouds from the light of the moon – it was always cloudy – and then face shapes and triangles (a reptilian symbol):


I know they say not to but I attempted to look direct at the sun.


Don’t do it as the lens will attract the sun’s rays and that shit will hit you direct in addition to burning your lens.

Fucking scary and wonder what assholes went blind fucking with that shit.

Now, last night was fucking weird! I think this may be more attuned for tomorrow in a way…..

I had been doing some SIGNIFICANT HEALING on myself and, when doing one, RIGHT AFTER – a fucking psychic attack occurred. As described in the video I heard a female voice say, “Leave” (sounded black) and I saw an older hispancic man come ZOOMING on a fucking bike saying, “Fantasima Santa Muerte.” Nah, that shit was reptilians cause the way that shit sound – lemme explain: reps can go in and out of the 3D frequency via manipulation of Tesla style technologies the average human isn’t privy too (all that shit is being done in deep underground military bases around the world).

Cause of this – I know from experience that when they appear – they will speak with crystal clarity but using exaggerated human tones etc. similar to when you watch crime shows and folks use the voice changer. And at one point I heard stomping that sounded too big for a human to make and the ground here is to soft to have that pounding.

As my cards showed that was a rep:

I even tried asking a brother who lives in the woods if he saw anyone/ or if other folks are sleeping back there:


The son of a Quetzalcoatl bas-turd did not like my removing one of their entity attachments/implants that they used to increase alcohol, food urges, impluses in me so I can come into my Soul power.

I woke up feeling mad drained but Power-FULL ✊? cause I removed that.

Did it on my own. Now I can focus on meditation and doing better shit cause I am no longer bound.

I still have work to do in that department but here are my attempts at trying to take pics of the moon and other planets….

Interesting cause a fire occurred yesterday ✊?? ‘Fyre Flame ‘Woke

I Told Ya’ll In Malibu I Was Gonna Woolsey Fyre Fest 2.0 Dat Azz

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