I Got Into A Fight With A White Dude Who Is In The Entertainment Industry

Fucking Mortal Kombat:

Before I begin, I just wanna start off by saying – to the creepy ass, I presume based on the accents I heard coming from their voices, WETBACK mofos in the black jeep who be passing by close to my car – I saw ya’ll for TWO FUCKING NIGHTS PULLING THAT SHIT – Imma ‘woke ya like I did that crakkka in the big black-green truck Imma talk about later on, “telling me to leave….”

THE MAIN EVENT (I know you heauxs been waiting for this video):


I remind me of this song here cause no matter how many times he punched me to the ground my ass kept getting back up again lol:

Boy I remember I loved listening to this song on VH1 when they played it ALLL THE FUCKING TIME (crazy how I ended up doing reality tv shows on there later), back when I used to affect an English accent “me damn self”, “Deep Rising” – which had this red headed ENGLISH white dude who was one of the hardened dudes in the submarine who I used to have plenty of sex fantasis about – came out, 007, the film and the video game.

Demz memories…..

That being said, if I didn’t have my cellphone in my hand or if I wasn’t wearing my sarong, I woulda bust his ass ????

I think he the same mofo who was harassing me one night who me and Colton Wood ganged up on who drove a green hatchback then I saw him the next day in a grey one HONEST! Listen to the voices – they match:


He a gangstalker. I saw him with a blue van that belonged to some homeless I saw parking across the street from me – usually folks park by the woods if they oark over here – one time!

That being said, this all started cause I could hear his ass playing this talk radio station where they have some elderly ole fake jewish homosexual – possibly in the closet – faggot or shall I say, “fahjay” in his car one time (he told me he was talking to his producer so I bet it has something to do with that shit). I heard what sounded like a woman calling in talking schit about a “topless lady.” There were only two vehicles in the vicinity – his and this beige suv where I never had problems with the folks in there. They don’t fuck with me I don’t fuck with them. Before all that, his vehicle I recall was the one that slid past me to kick some rocks while being mad near my car to antagonize.

I hated that this bitch, when the camera was off, enjoyed punching me in the face while saying – and looking around suspiciously – “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Pisses me off I couldn’t of done much more damage.

That said, drunk off some beers this dude brought earlier in the day…..


The day started off niceee




Actually these assholes caused shit to sour….



I can’t stand that hypocritical shit…..

ACTUALLY THIS ASSHOLE WAS THE FIRST TO TEE ME OFF BY DELIBERATELY THROWING TRASH WHILE MAINTAINING EYE CONTACT WITH ME – he had a weird look on his face while doing it – a day after I wrote about how I disdained litter and litterers….


This was the shit that offset everything and acted as an omen for the shitstorm that was to come, that was evolving…..

And Soul Source Tarot called it out…. OUT!

That being said, I gotta say something…..

Buttressed by what this guy talks about here:


Malibu IS BAD with this gangstalking shit. THIS WILL SOUND CRAZY but one day, after replacing the 02 sensor underneath my car – WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING – I had whites, blacks, mexicans passing by giving me the thumbs up for congratulations, as if they fucking telepathically KNEW I had succeeded in replacing and, to note I SAID NOTHING ON SOCIAL MEDIA ABOUT IT, AT ALLL!

It makes me think there is some type of occult, cult like hivemind going on.

I already know that mk ultra victims, manh of whom make up the street and vehicle “homeless” out here – who you be seeing out here FOR A LOOOONG TIME – gravitate to Malibu. As me and the man whose car I helped jumped who is himself a victim of government gangstalking and harassment noted, Malibu is illuminati central.

I myself talked about this here the other day with my own experiences with this…..

I Finally Found The Elmer Fudd Looking And Sounding Mofo Using Electronic Harassment To Run Me Out of Malibu

– Thinking back to that I now think some of that shit WAS electronic harassment (now I am getting tinnitus in my right ear):

– People look at folks like me like I am crazy but there is something to this shit. As Dave Chapelle – before they killed and cloned him – said when folks call people who tell great truths “crazy” cause it’s dismissive and many of the dumbed down sheep aka organic portals (who don’t mean anything to me anyways) while be quick to go along with the schadenfraude, the gaslighting.

I mean, I have heard it from the radio of a FedEx dude, that 911 satanic fruit bat bitch who be selling fruits, plenty of others even while driving by – a radio station that will make references to a “topless lady” talking ish.

IMMA SAY THIS – now that I think about it – after the fight I SWEAR WHILE MEDITATING I heard that mofo who I fought with’s voice saying, OUT LOUD AS IF HE WAS AROUND HERE: “THAT TOPLESS GIRL IS NUTS, SHE NUTS” while talking with what I saw via my third eye a dark haired hispanic lady who works with the city of Malibu. I opened my eyes despite knowing how shit gets sent to disturb my ass while I do inner ‘woke ✊? on my self and, save for a lonely black truck with a CHP undercover cop wearing glasses and the same ole, ole beige van that I see sitting far from me – I SAW NO ONE!

These weren’t spirit voices cause you gotta tap into a low frequency to hear em. That shit was electronic harassment. They were crystal fucking clear…..

That being said, not too long after, the day after…..

That night I tried checking my cards to see what might happen to his ass…..

I think this was after some egg cleansings I did tho…..


– TF is this?

I still see his fucking nasty ass trying to pass and stare but then take off when he sees me looking….

I was trying to spiritually get his ass ☠⚰ but that fucking ifa kneegrow and the merry band of reptilian demons he works with (Eye ? Sea ? in my cards that I’m fucking his ass UP) were blocking me from getting that crakkka.

Imma get his ass tho. now that I’m getting stronger.

What followed the next day was just fucking gangstalking to an unprecedented degree unlike what I usually see around here:

This dude came with an old fashioned camera (which makes me wonder if he was working for radio or something in the entertainment industry and if it reached them) and started taking pictures…..


Then I had to run this beer bellied pregnant with michelob forever mofo up the street, trying to steal energy (he has a purplish black aura and that is THE DEFINITION in terms of auras for energy vampires as purple mean he is LITERALLY psychic and is out to steal your shit as shown by the black aura):


See, Imma say this this why I don’t tolerate the wrong mofos being around. I can read you. I can read your intentions. Get the fuck outta here. You ain’t gonna come into my world, ravage it, take what you want! Fuck on! That is an energy vampire domination thing. He was trying to get in but shocked I saw his shit from a mile away and shut his ass down.

Fuck you! I feed my own ego bitch and protect my own soul. Fuck you ??

Also, until I realised that it was my letting a wetbawk follow me on social media that was the cause of it – me and my friend musta had a strong psychic link cause WE BOTH came down with a bad inexplicable case of diahrrea at the same time (and it wanned away ??‍♀️ after I removed the wetbuck off my ig):


I thought it was covid till I realised (thru resolution) it was a more spiritual source.

Hispanics got strong ass energy so I can not DEFINITELY be creating chords with em as I heal…..

This is crazy.

Later in the day I had this crakkka (I checked my cards and dat ‘woke done fucked him up – he ain’t gonna do dat shit again – I was trying to kill him as I do to so many of my enemies ??⚰ but his torment and suffering will do ???) came around to bully me into leaving, telling me to “leave”:


I think this the same mofo from here:

People Got To STOP Putting Black Women Into The Category Of The Super Strong Black Woman Terminatrix

This is why I don’t like men: he looked EXACT LIKE THE SAME MOFO WHO WAS PERVING ON ME ONE DAY WHILE DRUNK (if I’m sober that shit ain’t happening):

I think that’s THE SAME mofo cause he looked just like that except he was driving a regular ole black pick up truck!

That’s fucked up for me to bless you with my presence and you wanna turn around and attack me cause I am not staying in the so called “whore” part of the virgin whore complex dichotomy you got going on so you attack….

This why I hate men. They deserve the hatred. I break it down a lil later….

He then paid this equally self loathing, self hating black dude hooked on meth to relay the message (I feel sorry for the brother tho. cause addiction no joke):


I then did the same thing to his black ass one day…..


This was sad.

It kills me how, it seems like they use this brother – these crakkkas around here, cause he in a weakened state.

The poor darling has such low self esteem due to all them demons attacking him till he feel he is trash.

That is the sense I get from him.

I also learned from him as well that there really is a strong envy – but pull by others towards my energy…..

Let me break it down!

They know I can’t be broken down, they can’t diminish my spirit or force me to make it wane cause they don’t have power like that over me. They can throw all the personal attacks, insults and contumlies but none of it phase me cause I know myself and I own me and I have walls (with a moat and crocodiles and alligators protecting it) so no one getting in or ie close to me who I don’t want – like that pregnant pot bellied mofo learned real quick the hard way.

That’s why I stay cursing certain mofos right off the bat cause I know what you are all about and what you are coming for your and your energy ain’t in sync with mine so I ain’t gonna tolerate ya!

Imma scar you if I have to to get my point across.

These Malibu mofos see me as an anomaly. When I first came around they had some mk ultra mofos – I heard it from a black dude then that green suv reptilian blonde broad from NJ and then one of the rednecks and really, before all of em, a white gidget bitch that “I am white” on the inside. There is truth to this as my soul expresses as white but it is immortal and not confined to a particular timeframe, lifetime or physicality.

That said, I saw them coming from a mile away, I saw past the bull and in typical Raven fashion I (sadistically) shut they asses down here:


I’m a very antisocial fucking person (they weren’t counting on that). I grew up in an antisocial home, I keep people (namely organic portals) at bay. I’m mean. I don’t like to be fucking bothered and, when you do, Imma embarass and humiliate (sadistically) the fuck out your ass so you and others will leave me be.

I noticed that when I would start talking to some of these people the cops would pass by with glee in their eyes like, “Yeah, she becoming part of the undercurrent fabric of Malibu and being a part of the crowd.” Nan, heaux, I ain’t part of shit. I rule!

That’s my boi!

I admired that nigga back in the day and had a crush on a few of his peeps including Heinrich Himmler, Balder Von Schirach, the Hitler Youth administrator and that one pretty boy, I can’t recall his name…..

That’s the Man right Chea’ as Mystikal said in a song back ‘n da day!

Imma fucking ruler! My mama like that, my big brother like that (that’s why he gotta work to himself)!

Just like that nigga (Hitler), I’m “homeless” just like he was back ‘n da day!

Remember how I talk about fucking with that satanism shit back in the day? I wanted to be the fucking Antichrist and kill and fuck up a whole lotta people back in the day. I wanted to leave a mark on the world by going down in history for being the biggest mass murderer who killed more people then Hitler, Ghenghis Khan, Xerxes, Napoleon Bonaparte – all them niggaz combined!

But then, giving that we got nukes in this new era, what is the point if there will be no one left to remember cause the world will be looking like Mad Max at that point!

That’s why I just use ‘woke!

I use witchcraft to dominate others and namely, keep mofos off my ass!

I notice that wherever I park, folks fucking vanish:



They tried it last night…..

They got the fuck out by morning tho…..


Those aren’t stars those red and white orbs are some kind of alien-government satellite thing ESP. made to control the homeless as I have seen in the astral….

Funny I was watching a video talking about how to integrate an evil shadow self but they never said how…..

I ain’t going to jail over stupid shit. I’m just gonna ‘woke ya! I actually take pride in and enjoy killing people with black magic (and what makes it even better is I can send em to hell) like how I laughed in this dude’s face after I took his ma life for not giving me a jump:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

I can’t tell ya how many folks who done wronged me’s relatives got bodied (and sent to hell by me) via black magic…. and I enjoy racking those body counts…..

I love this channel and that film and can’t tell ya how many times I’ve visualized myself being an antagonist main character on one of the films he profiles, killing people!

It’s just, it’s something about killing the spirit and taking they energy that I find revitalizing….

That’s why I TAKE GREAT PLEASURE in crushing the mere hopes, aspirations, feelings, expectations like I did this dude here:

Don’t Come Up To Me Like I’m Lil Miss Ambassador

I dominated him and that makes me feel good. Reminds me of how I left my body and encountered a shadow person and beat him up and came back to – feeling stronger ??

It’s like, here is my inner dialogue – how dare he comes up to me, and without my consent imposes me into a narrative into his life as a role to play for him….!

How dare he!

I can crush him, show him my power as I have done to others…..

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

This organic portal, who is beneath me, does not know who he is talking to so he needs to be shown ??‍♀️ ‘woke ✊?

I dominate, and I do what I want.

If that is not freedom, I don’t know what it is.

That is the inner dialogue, what goes thru my mind when dealing with most folks who are not special like me cause they don’t have souls. They are not worthy of me. They are there to steal energy. I embarass them to crush they world, so they can’t get up again and I use my powers to do it. It feels good to get energy out of these mugs who are lower than me.

This is how I am.

Also, to anyone saying she a coward cause she don’t wanna put in “work” in real life – let me tell ya, there is nothing, NOTHING stupider than a stupid mofo who does stupid shit – take a life – then end up in a cell for the rest of your life.

For you nearsighted mofo your thoughts, your values change over time. For you dumb mofos in your 20s thinking you will live forever, imagine how you will feel when you are 48 staring at a cell, having a person tell you what to do, where to shit, when to play for the rest of your life:

– I’ve been to jail on more than a coupla occasions. You want that? I don’t. That’s why I do shit the smart way ✊? ‘woke ??‍♀️

I wanna here while in jail I SAW via a STRAIGHT vision an afro haired latin man screaming for help while in a holding cell colored in bright orange-red (he musta died there) while seeing the deputies and begging them for help from the otherside…..

I can’t tell you how many souls I saw in horrible holding cells while in jail. Lots! You see their faces carved, etched in the walls, etc.

That said, for those who doubt what I am spiritually capable of….. read here:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

Don’t be naive if you think I am not capable and fuck up your life and aftelife when I do ‘woke on you to prove you wrong.

Also, if I don’t get you it’s cause you either got protection or, via listening to my Higher Self, I’m being held back or something else will do the job for me…..

I also wanna say, it seems like I have always been turned off by sex and copious amorous shows of affection – it bothers me. I think it harkens back to the two past lives that involved rape and murder. I can’t. I recall at the age of 5 witnessing a couple in Audubon park sitting in a wheelbarrow that, now looking back on it, was being mysteriously wheeled by no one and they looking up and noticing I noticed them. I think they were ghost but they looked as real as you and I. I remember being bothered by their display of affection tho. and wanting to kill them.

I think the trauma of those past lives yielding a sorta pressure that caused my psychic abilities to open more as the attempted suicide by pills in high school caused me to have a kundalini awakening.

This also reminds me of how TWICE – once when 13 and again at 22 witnessing an interage couple – a young white girl of 13 and a white lady in a business suit of 30, sexually kissing on the lil girl, passionately, and it seemed like they were in love.

Those were ghosts!

That said, here more gangstalking – it’s like mugs were coming out the woodwork for the rest of the day to test me ????


I ‘woked the mofos in the “car show”, talking about “they gonna run me out.”

Nan, heaux, I run YOU OUT ?? of this worl ? One womban brought you in, I’ll take you OUT (which is why I am for abortion ✊? – esp. of males).

You know what is peculiar, talking about orbs like I did earlier, I saw a silver thing embedded into the hill side of Malibu right where I post:


This ain’t the first time…..


Shit might be that weird BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT star I see shining high in the sky early in the mornings out here…..

This wetback came his ass to stare but….. maybe it’s the ‘woke, he ran OUT!


They even sent a heroin addict to come spy that day lol:


Imma keep it 100% I don’t like men. I hate men. I sense as I pointed here what they are all about:

Missy Misdemeanor Ellitot No Man GLOW Proves Men Are NATURAL Energy Vampires


The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

I really hate men. I can sense deeper than most and I can sense the undercurrents of groups on a deeper level too.

I hate men. I know what they are all about. Their purpose for being here (reddit TRIED to take this story down cause it told TRUTHS about dudes):

I sit back and I observe. I am a student of humanity, I study people. That’s why I don’t in part like most mofos cause I don’t respect the hivemind ya’ll have, the sheep mentality.

I see ya’ll as insects.

Let me get back to talking about men: I really hate men and it is because of how they feel, innately and collectively towards the people who gave them lyfe: the womban!

I feel an energy, esp. when they look at me, of the whore virgin complex shining thru. For those of you not familiar with the whore virgin complex, it is a complex most males have where they view a womban as either a whore, analogous to how this mofo drove away calling me a “whore” cause I didn’t wanna be bothered with his ass after I beat his ass and ran him up the street ??

Mofo With Micheloeb Beer In The Car Says He LAPD After I Run His Thirstay Azz Up The Skreet

That’s why I beat his ass from the jump, cause I sense what he was all about.

You ain’t gonna come up to ME, reduce ME – someone SPIRITUALLY fucking power-FULL at that, down to a nameless, voiceless thing to look at (objectification) and think that I am going to be opening to you, give you my goodness, my friendless, my energy.

You gonna have to see the darkside. I showed hell. I took his energy. I feel good for what I did!

It’s like how that crakkka in that first video up there who I fought with, knocked me for this, saying, “We gone run you out,” but wanna pass to look.

Let me catch his ass parking…. We gone have round 2 ????

The “madonna” part which the singer Madonna sought to fight (that asshole Sean Penn used to beat her – that’s why as a strong womban with strong powers I don’t deal with men or let them get close, intimiately, not if they ain’t on my level of consciousness):

– I always thought she was a very beautiful womban….

is the conception that a female gotta be fucking sexually neutered in terms of thoughts, feelings etc. of sex to be a proper woman. We ain’t supposed to be fleshed out humans with self autonomy and our own thoughts and feelings but these neutered objects with no thoughts and feelings that dudes can just project their thoughts on:

I sense them pulling that on me. You add in, factor in race (if that shit was happening that day to a white woman as what happened to me – there wouldn’t be no laughing, no cajoling – someone woulda stepped in no matter HOW OUT THERE SHE IS), you damn right I hate men! I don’t want them near me. If I could get away with killing them, I would. ‘Wokeing is the next best step!

Dudes have killed fucking Mother Nature:

All World Wars that were meant to destroy the Earth was created by them. Men are toxic to the planet, Mother Earth. Damn right I want them gone.

As my long held inner childhood wounds heal – I am going deeper and deeper into my feelings. The old saying fight fire with fire ain’t for naught. You have to be a predator to defeat one. Fuck all that New (c)age shit of showing light to your enemy. Fuck that cause the darkness devours aka feeds off of light. You gotta be a predator, think, act like em.

The wounds from my past life make sense why I still have em: to defeat a predator you must become one. I enjoy throwing niggas off with this topless shit, only to embarass THE FUCK out there ass when they try to get close. Reminds me of films where a female serial killer dresses scantily clad to ensnare her prey into a trap.

She kills em…..

I steal their energy…..

I do it by embarassing them, cutting them down, cursing them out, throwing rocks – lol!

It’s all about domination for me, to train men one at a time.

Now, I know some fool rearing to take his life into this own hands – some organic portal – is gonna misconstrue me for an organic portal broad – like him – and think that by being nice and kind he could break me down via the trojan horse of trying to “understand”aka tame the hatred that is in me!

Imma jade you. I know more than you, I am smarter, more clever, savvy, spiritual. Like a very sensitive spiritually speaking predator, I can sense your weakness. I hone in. I hurt you to make you feel as hurt as me.

And I sadistically enjoy it.

Life leaves their eyes, the pleasure leaves em, they turn black.

And I enjoy that. I take great pride and pleasure in doing that to me.

I am killing them. It is my way of killing them cause I know my words – combined with my energy – cut deep and the toxic energy coming from me I sow into them makes shit worse.

You bow down to me.

I don’t, won’t cow toe to your pathetic, shriveled, fragile (the more fragile it is the better) male ego.

This just how I feel. Yeah, I got the mind of a killer, a serial killer, a mass murderer esp. when it comes to males. So be it. I own it.

That said, speaking on that jeep…..


I think this a woman tho…..


I don’t mind women.

I’m here for the women. ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?✊♀️

It’s men I don’t like. It’s men I am here to kill, esp. spiritually! I think my divine life plan, purpose is to get rid of men.

As I broke down here:

I Knew That There Was Something Keeping Me Bound And Miserable And Astral Traveling

And here:

Mofo With Micheloeb Beer In The Car Says He LAPD After I Run His Thirstay Azz Up The Skreet

I ain’t got this male predatory energy in me for nan! I know I bring chaos and death as was told to me by a number of spiritualist:

Raven Masterson Named Abaddon In A Dream

And I enjoy it….. I love destroying shit, uprooting old foundations.

They say Satan has a feminine energy.

I think that is what the true Antichrist energy is = destroy the patriarchy! ✊✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?♀️

Kill all men.

I feel that we are at war with men. That is why I see it as a threat, an attack when a man tries to come up to me expressing his affections IN ANY WAY towards me and that is why I curse they asses out, hit em etc. cause it is an attack against me!

If I catch that jeep driving past – I know ya’ll mofos are gonna do it again to challenge – Imma make you pay, pay real bad, with your life and your souls in the afterlife.

Play with me! I’ll show you what I am capable of.

BTW I had NO SCARS on my face the next day lol

* BTW for the ladies…. there is a chakra on the side of your neck that, when closed, takes away your empathy and gives you masculine, almost superhuman strenght. I just learned it a coupla days ago ??

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