I Finally Found The Elmer Fudd Looking And Sounding Mofo Using Electronic Harassment To Run Me Out of Malibu

He an ugly looking mofo:

Bitch look like a Simpson’s character!



This ugly Elmer Fudd looking ass Farmer Joe sounding ass heaux right here ??

I remember when I first came to mofo Malibu hearing a seeming “disembodied” voice telling me to get out, leave Malibu, blah blah blah ad nauseam shit rinse wash repeat…..

THAT WAS HIM! I would hear it all over with no discernible derivation.

I recall going back as far as NY, when I was renting a room in the Bronx off of Castle Hill Ave. – I heard what sounded like someone using one of those deep voice disguise contraptions like here:

That went, “ahem” the morning I awoke after an “entity” had breathed TWICE into my ear – once and then again after I merely THOUGHT to myself this couldn’t be real and to note the air around me at this time was just, fucking, dead, like dead – like a vaccum with no sound.

In another case when a client while on the phone with me was coming to my doorstep his country twanged voice changed to that of a New Yorker and it started fervently telling me to “come to the car” (we agreed to meet at my door) while we were still connected on the phone. While we were still connected, I told him to hear for himself the voice that had replaced his while we were still connected. The “entity” dropped it!

The weirdest instance was, three times at the University of New Orleans I was told by three different people – I recall I think my best friend at the time, Lucian, a very attractive young white lady who looked like Kelly Osbourne and, of all things an Asian naval guy – which figures into mk ultra – that they saw AN EXACT REPLICA of me walking on campus. The white lady told me her name, Patterson (mine is Williams). Being a worker at the UNO library circulation desk (I LOVED working at the library ❤????) – now, mind you, their database had folks in there going back to the 60’s – couldn’t find anyone by that last name.

The king of swords showed up as the entity taking that form when I threw cards on it:

I figured, fuck even SENSED IT back then that it was some electronic harassment shit.

Just the other day – I knew his ass was a gangstalker cause I saw him with the blue van that was in on that shit – I heard his voice saying, “That topless girl crazy, she crazy” to some dark haired broad who ‘wokes for the s(ch)itty of Malibu while I was in deep meditation. When I opened my eyes, except for a black undercover truck and a beige van that’s here ALLL THE TIME – I SAW NOBODY!

I recall one time after getting into it with a local homeless Malibu nut named Emiel some shit (he disappeared ✊? ‘woke) I heard him and then what sounded like an electronic robot named TH talk about getting to me and suppressing my spiritual talents….




He said he was part of a government program known as Solar Warden!


I can’t tell ya how many people who I knew whose lives followed the MK Ultra trajectory of being bred and “adopted” into homes like one guy I knew who was groomed to be a manchurian candidate who was being trained to be a killer and how his ma who was a government agent raised him in a loveless home which is consistent with mk ultra. NOW THIS GUY WAS LOGICAL! He was not a guy driven by or who would easily give in to flights of fancy. He was not spiritual AT ALL, focused only on what the eyes can see, etc. but he did have plenty of entity attachments that caused addictions to keep him tied down.

He would in a way – as if he was hiding a deep deep trauma (another characteristic of mk ultra) how, strangely, something about how Hillary Clinton “pardoned” him from jail which don’t make any sense and harkens back to what Cathy O’ Brien, an mk ultra victim, spoke of being “thrown off the freedom train” at age 30 meaning they kill em (mainly I conjecture sex slaves due to loss of youth) cause they are no longer of use…..

Looking back I wonder how much of that shit that was actually people, like even now, fucking with me…..

That shit real!

Oh yeah I got gangstalked by a tow truck and Vanilla Ice yesterday:


That being said, electronic harassment IS REAL – me and a dude who I gave a jump to today were talking about it….. I also peeped the numbers on his car were EXACT 1717 which for me means justice and he was talking about how the Malibu cops ran him and some others out the night before…..

He was also talking of being in mk ultra government programs. There are plenty of folks out here who are as I know from experience and cause the illuminati are out here, alot of those people tend to flock out here!

I spoke of the government experiments being done on the local homeless largely in Malibu here:

Man Informs Me That Homeless People In Malibu Are Being Abducted And Being Taken To A Blue House To Have Illegal Medical Experiments Conducted On Them

That being said electronic harassment IS REAL:

There are plenty of other victims of this….

That being said my shit more spiritual as I break down here:

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

My shit involves reptilians and alll dat sheeit!

That being said, this type – the electronic gangstalking is alot more pervasive than you think!

While I was in jail there was a young hispanic lady who spoke about “hearing voices” in her abode. At first she thought she was going crazy then she noted that when she spoke to em – they spoke back! She started “playing” with em till they liked her after chilling with her then they left her alone!

That said electronic attacks are real. I can hear spirit voices as I can tap into that frequency so I can tell the difference between spirit voices vs the electronic harassment shit and the electronic harassment shit will sound more pronounced, like a person speaking from a voice box, like really pronounced.

As I was explaining to the dude whose car I was helping to get jump started (get it? I know, terrible pun), Malibu chokefull of that shit with the mugs doing the u turns, beeping, honking of horns.

I have never seen gangstalking to the very intense degree as I have witnessed out here.

As for that guy – here is what I sense on him:

He a local with ties to law enforcement. I believe as I have witnessed before many of these people here got some type of psyhic link hivemind like, when I was explaining to two folks – after I was done replacing the 02 sensor on my car – all of a sudden whyte folk, black folk – not even messy-canTs – were giving me the “thumbs up” as if they knew what I did tho. I did not post anything on social media about it!

That was plum proof for me that some deep kinda hivemind weird spiritual shit is going on in Malibu.

I sense that even before I arrived he was “christened” to watch over me, to keep an eye on me. They sense I can’t be recruited as confirmed abysmally so many fucking times…..

Malibu Is Gonna Get Another Fire ‘Woke AND I Feel I Am Revenge For What Ya’ll Did To Mitrice Richardson

….cause I am too fucking antisocial. So the intent is to keep an eye till they figure out what to do with me!

I keep also feeling he some type of handler.

Also, knowing what he is I wasn’t gonna give him the energy but I did give him the bizness ?? ✊? witch ??‍♀️ is why I just stared…..

I always know what’s up!

That gangstalking shit IS REAL in Malibu and I ain’t the only one to face it…..

This shit by “civilians” aka wetbucks who do it cause they act as organic vessels for the reptilian Quetzalcoatl and we know reptilians run L.A.

His whole channel talks about this shit:


Peep he has to date 123 views and 66 subs. 123 in numerology I sense means “on your way” on your path and 66 is staying to steeped in the material realm which I warned him about when he first contacted me going back to 2012.

Anyways I gotta continue doing this inner ‘woke healing and sheeit…. I ain’t got time for the bull like I used to. That’s why I just don’t react. I can sense what a person is attempting to do and I act accordingly.

That said I look forward to the future where I’m free of this shit, free to be me ???

Wonder why Moonstones standing out…..

Now let me get back to diss healing and sheeit!
…..And to you heauxz in Malibu…..

fuck you…..

Fuck you….


I’m out putt putt putt

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