I don’t know if it is this wetback here named Diego Meza who subsequently wrote some bull not too long after this happened (Jav sounds like Javier, a shortened version of a typical wetback name), but as you can see the smarminess, THE ENTITLEMENT to my fucking energy OOZES thru that post….

And you wonder why womyn, womben hate men!

No man is getting my mofo womb or even into it…. then I’ll abort ?????

That said, I talked about this before: my plans to have a kid with a gay male as a sperm donor and wanting to have an ONLY female(s) child!


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I don’t want no misogynistic genes fucking up MY GRRL CHILD!

I also don’t want no male who gonna instantly think he superior to his mom – the womban who gave him lyfe – coming out MY WOMB!

You wanna hate me, let your daddy have you thru his dick ✏?

Men INSTANTLY hate – really – womben envy femails. This reddit story which I took screenshots of (in case they take it down here) explains it:


It breaks down that males got something in their brain that makes them instantly see us femails as only vessels to use to carry their genetic makeup = kids thru and if we are lesbian, or refuse to fuck em and carry their seed, they see us as useless!

Well, bitch I’m dead to ya’ll mofos so stay the fuck away from me!

And don’t take that shit as a challenge cause using my Divine Feminine energy I will ‘woke your ass and have you enslaved to a terrible underworld fate when you die!

You can see a museum of all the black magic I’ve put on people, including putting one guy who called himself “pursuing” me aka SEXUALLY HARASSING ME in a mental hospital here:


Imma break it down right naw, hell the Great Baba Bobby Hemmitt once broke it down:

– Listen to 11:23 of this lecture here!

Men envy femails. They wanna be us cause they know we can create life, and take it (hence why they hate abortion which I had two of). They – as infused by the energy of the demiurge which I expound on here:


Want to keep us in a state of ignorance, futility and lack of awakening to our powers.

That is why the Salem witch trials happened:

Got a poor lil femail baby in there!

That is why the male patriarchal reigions created by the demiurge aka “god” like HYPOchristianity and islam preach that opening your chakras, etc is a sin, shit, spiritual abilities that come natural to the femail cause of our connection to the Divine Feminine.

I want ya’ll to think about this for a sec. Adrenochrome is blood infused with high emotions. When we on our period our emotions go THRU THE ROOF! From my experience my spiritual abilities HEIGHTEN when I am on my period. That’s adrenochrome.

I explain more here:


Also, think about it: Our cycles are paired with the moon.

The tides of the ocean also synchronise with our periods.

Men DO NOT have this closeness to nature like we do which is why PRIESTESSES are chosen as the heads of worship in nature based spiritual systems.

? See how PowerFULL we are!

I want ya’ll to think on something too: PEEP our male society teaches that imbibing sperm – which has no nutritional or spiritual esp. value – is good (for the male ego) but imbibing period blood or having sex on it IS BAD even though blood is what we need for our physical bodies to live AND have great spiritual value!

See, I don’t even have to touch a person and fuck you up – and not just fuck you up here but in the afterlife as well much like this FEMAIL WITCH did to Christopher Case in the early 90’s:


Here the full story printed in a newspaper in case – lol, no pun intended – you think I am being unreal:


We are in the Age of Aquarius, the rebirthing of our natural abilities and return to the womb aka Divine Feminine. Men have always feared this day, the day we will rise in our Power, wombenkind!

That is why they are trying desperately, fiercely to oppress us, tear us down when we raise our voices to speak against the violence meted against by men. Violence like this:

– This why I hate men and want them vanished from the Earth ?? MOTHER EARTH

Ya’ll are some e-vile mofos then wonder why I do this:


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Shit this even worse…. black ass moulie (now you wonder WHY the cops shoot em) STEALS a woman’s $20 bill and then the audience – just like in cases of rape – blames the femail for defending herself from what would appear to any femail who has been in this situation sexual harassment:

Just like Gloria Steinem, a great spearheader for abortion/pro choice rights said: “If men got pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament”.

– Men hate this cause they hate to see womben coming together in solidarity!

Years ago there was a study that was conducted where a man acted like he was a femail online, speaking opinions. He said that he couldn’t handle what femails go thru for 1 second.


Let that sink in!

Here is the article along with a screenshot of said comment!

I’ll nevar forget that after beating this motherfucker for stalking me right here:


These mofos see us as no more than mere vessels to carry their genetic line = kids thru! This why – and I’ve heard this many times – get on with a girl, get her pregnant, tell her to have the kid then leave when she births it!

– I’ll nevar forget aftet whipping his ass for stalking – I caught his ass the other fucking day staring at a lil girl who was right over by the rocks over there who musta been no more then 10, 12 years old – I heard mainly WETBACK MALES saying, “Put on a shirt”.

That’s why I hate their asses with a fucking passion and it has been mainly them attacking me for going topless cause they are intimidated by my ass and feel that, cause I don’t conform to the expectant notions of what they think a femail who does what I do is supposed to act – they think I’m supppsedly to be sexually freely available to em INSTANTLY (and crakkkas thought this too) they get pissed.

Bitch, you ain’t gonna have this pussay but you gone have this ‘woke and I’ll send your wetback ass to the underworld faster than President Trump can send your illegal ass back over that border, fucking wetbacks!

That is their agenda – which is to use us and we can use that to our advantage!

We don’t have to have them – no males ??

Abort any male babies if you find out you are pregnant with one.

Also, as deny them sex and access to our wombs as Carry A. Nation, who brought Prohibition about due to just that!

– I know she hated blacks but she a bad bitch! Salud ??

Get sperm donors and gay men to have our daughters. Then only raise em around womben much as we did during during the matriarchal days without male interference.

This how you get power.

– As a fun aside, a lady told me she PRAYED to have girls and did in fact have em. Men are so fearful of our power and us WIELDING it – the ability to create AND TAKE life – that her doctor – a male – lied and told her she had a boy rather “playfully” with a lil malice hinted in it.

Why you think that “pro life” movement exists: to keep the power that we womben have given away to men by letting them have dominion over OUR WOMBS for their reproductive benefit – and I have been saying this for ages!

Also, it’s designed to retain souls in prisons we call human bodies, which the demiurge aka “god” feeds off us just as illustrated in the Matrix:

I talk about that motherfucker here:


That being said, many of us need to start getting back into the energy and power of Our Divine Feminine!

Witchcraft and sorcery were looked down upon for millenia in patriarchal societies because – after all, to reiterate – I ain’t gotta put hands on you to make you respect MY POWER, MY AUTHORITY! Just a few good night terrors, poltergeist attacks, scratches on your arm and bad luck will get you to know who the boss is!

Is this is why some men sucker up to us!

Like the mofo you saw in the screenshots in the beginning of my blog post – he wanted that energy. He didn’t give a fuck about me, my feelings, my travails, my story!

He just wanted what he wanted out of me.

I’ve been raped, stabbed, attacked – all by men!


I ain’t got no compassion when it comes to speaking the truth, telling truths for those with ears to hear and eyes to see, esp. their third eyes ?

I’m too powerful, and smart for bullshit. I know my worth. That’s why you don’t see me wearing makeup or trying to be a certain way to appease anybody, esp. no fucking man!

Womben gotta start knowing they worth and stop being codependent and needy on men.

I think that men strike us at our heart chakras cause it is open more in us. That is why we struggle to separate our feelings vs what others project on us.

Becareful establishing etheric ties to those mofos cause – like the parasites they are – just like the parasites that exist in the womb we call fetuses – they like to attach to us and feed off our energy, power.

Why you think – in mainly western society tho. – they objectify and sexually fetishize breasts:

That shot looked perverted ass fuck, camera angles and all!

It’s a form of taking our power and being codependent on our ability to nourish while calling us “weak” because most femails are natural nurturers!

That’s why I don’t get on with men beyond being acquainteances, friends and tricks. I’m very protective of my energy.

I have always sensed that I am an ambassador if you will, a soldier for the Divine Feminine:

I have had so many men and femail associates (Aunt Thomasinas if you will) TRY TO TEAR ME DOWN ALLL THROUGHOUT my life! But I don’t let it cause I know what I am here to do now. That’s why you don’t see me letting a man tie me down with no kids, no relationships nan of that! I don’t let shit take me away from my Divine Mission.

That’s why I have had guys rape, attack me – do all sorts of shit to deaden me down and beat out that spirit – but I won’t let em!

Speaking on the use of makeup to oppress womben, I recall years ago when some dudes at a barbershop fucked with me for having my breasts out, a dude from there did this to my pictures:


– Note the change to a non threatening name, Amber!

Notice the black rose meaning death to my True Self!

This why I don’t fuck with men and I suggest other power-FULL womben, fuck it, ALL WOMBEN do the same! They do this shit cause they are intimidated by my power so they gotta restrain me by putting me into a nice lil cutesy box for their predatory male asses to devour cause they can’t handle the real me!

And ALL men are like this! When I was growing up, my dad – who is a very loving parent – would say lil things to chafe at my mom – who is a real strong womban – confidence! Even tho he never laid a hand on her, provided for us all – he was still a “man” and had to beat her down even if passive aggressively! Esp. when talking on pro feminist topics. To be fair she beat him down as well but you see the pathology?

I won’t go into detail but she been thru a lot.

As this woman says here:

Men VIRULENTLY hate womben who are our own womben, who don’t cow tow or yield to their asses.

I rem. when I was growing up my mom used to say shit like, “Look down if a man is sexually harassing you or staring at you” and all these lil things that make you look like, really, easy fucking prey!

I’ll nevar forget a mofo nigger back in New Orleans pulled a fucking gun on my mom cause she wouldn’t say hi.

That pisses me off to this day and that’s why I’m harsh with men!

I started the copwatching (mainly for street sex workers) cause an old fake jew mofo lied and said I pulled a gun on him all cause I told his ass off while driving – while we in BOTH of our cars – down the street. I’ll never forget when I told an officer the situation, he said – “We can’t stop men from chasing pretty girls.” Once when I was copwatching that same mofo wanted to get violent cause I got assertive with him. I sense he lost job now that I fuck with that ‘woke ✊???‍♀️

The same shit I was told back then when I fought against sexual harassment, being told to “stay inside if I don’t want attention” – like we instantly asking for it – is the SAME shit I hear when I go topless which is why I show my motherfucking breasts on my terms!

Fuck you if you don’t like it!

This why I hate men and feel men need to be abolished off the Earth. Men are fucking predators. They are ruining the fucking Earth, destroying ecosystems for their fucking ego – the same fucking fragile ass ego my mom told me I had to “nurture” by looking down and not hurting their “feelings” by not rejecting their sexual advancements for fear of fucking violence.

What about my fucking ego? Fuck that shit! That’s the type of attitude that gives rise towards violence against womben and lil grrls, programming this shit into lil girls. I see this shit going on with Boy George Floyd but what about black femails and the violence, with many facing shit in our own communities or from other nations like I have with wetbacks!

What about us!

And I am referring to every fucking femail on this planet. It all starts with us. Know your power and fight back! Stop sitting like a sitting duck and telling your grrls to doll themselves up for men’s expectations and to cater to their egos (while not feeding our own) by endurinh violence in the form of sexual harassment, street harassment and all this shit.

Men are gonna be fucking men. They are the opposition!

That’s why I don’t play with dey asses. I keep it real and 100 ?? They know where they stand with me, just like when I cursed this mofo out here:


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[purchase_link id=”35756″ text=”Download” style=”button” color=”blue”]

– These mofos with his sad ass go nowhere band had been stalking me online FOR YEARS since when I was an official sex worker/heaux.


And I had to beat his bitch ass here.

TF I need a man for; I been fighting ALL MY FUCKING LIFE! Men are fucking weak. They “need” to beat us down to feel strong. The fuck I need that crutch for!

This why I worship and honour at the altars of St. Aileen Wournos Da Crist:

And St. Lorraina Bobbit, who cut her womban beating ass cheating ass husband’s dick off on A.D June 18, 1989

Lorraina Bobbit IZ G.O.D in my eyes ?


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This the proper way to eat a dick:

If a man rapes you by trying to force you suck his dick, BITE that shit off ??

As I always say, make the dick the dog and the balls the buns ?? = ? ? Yummy!

Aileen Wuornos was ABSOLUTELY RITE TO KILL THOSE NIGGAZ! I can’t tell ya how many times I faced sexual violence and all that bullshit cause we sex workers were and still are seen outside the peripheries of (male misogynist controlled) fucked up ass society cause – going back to what I say, when a womban REFUSES to be a pawn, a vessel to be used for a man’s reproductive benefit on his terms and we demand he gotta give us what we want for the pussy on our terms them bitches get pissed, like the facebook post above establishes!

Men are some evil mofos and that’s why I hate their fucking asses cause I see their real fucking agenda and it don’t encompass empowering us! Instead it involves using us – just like the demiurge does human souls as shown in the Matrix – for their reprodutive and energetic benefit and that shit gotta die.

Men gotta die!

I’m proud of these two siSt⭐rs here


– One of em even got my name ✊?


They even got released from jail!

Asé ✊? Hotep

– For all the femails men have raped, tortured and murdered over the years! Fuck him and fuck them (up) all!

They rape, torture us to steal our power! The mofo who stuck his fingers in me one night, mofo named Billy Crumper (He said his name was William Smith III which IS the same exact name RAPIST William Smith who belongs to the Kennedy clan) did that shit as a power grab of my power:

Nobody helped, people laughed cause they saw it as my defeat by him ostensibly taking my power.

You damn right I got a chip ony fucking shoulder and I’m unapologetic about it and yes – I take it out on mofos cause of how the world treats me!

Fucking energy vampires, energy thieves and envious mofos is all attract. You damn right that’s why I hate mofos and lash out and bare my soul, unapologetically! I cape for myself and for my fucking truths. Call me a spinster, a bitter woman, a bitter bitch – I own it cause the world owes me – and YES, I SAID IT!

That’s why I refuse to be congenial and play a role in folk’s projectionist fantansies of me by letting you know where I’m coming from right off the fucking gate, my struggles, what I been thru – all encased in my energy!

I ain’t had it fucking easy. I’ve had it hard:

That’s why I’m raw in my truths and how I present em! I don’t rosy shit up, I don’t rosy up my presence: I tell AND SHOW the raw, ugly truth and if you don’t like it, get the fuck off!

This my reality and Imma say it how I want to.

I’m also very protective of my energy and myself which is why I have NO PROBLEMS with tearing a mofo down if I feel they will be a threat to me!

That being said, I suggest all femails read Valerie Solanas, another siSt⭐r who exposed truths on men and the patriarchy, her manifesto named S.C.U.M.

LOVE how she and the original cover looks.

– They whitened it, better yet, “male’d” it up here:


People question me why I live my life the way I do. When you are on the fringes, you can say what you want, do as you please cause you are already at a point where no one can take ANYTHING from you for telling your truths!

That’s why I’m set up inwardly not to be materialistic, not to yearn for that cause to yearn for that is to practically yield yourself to possibly becoming a slave to Earthly trinkets and desires – and that’s how they GRAB Power-FULL people like me!

I’m free and freedom is what I truly value.

I roll with no groups, I speak no truth!

That being said, let me end this by saying: It saddens me to see the state that we femails are in but womben are rising and are claiming our Divine Feminine! ?

We reclaiming our prize and rightful rule, slowly but surely, over this planet.

It is said that womben once ruled and then the scales tipped in favour of male rule and thus, the Dark Ages of humanity, which we are getting out of in this Age of Aquarius = Age of the Womben.

I’ll tell you what femininity is: TRUE femininity is being a nurturer but not a punching bag. True femininity is standing in your truths and doing what you know is right and not for the sake of ego, as men do which is why this planet went downhill!

Alex Jones and the misogynist crew talk about flouride and the water making men gay and transgender.

Naw mofo that’s Mother Earth doing that shit, killing off you and toxic ass masculinity!

– Also even John Wayne wore hot pants back in the day!

That’s a real picture.

That being said, ya’ll gotta stop apologising for being femail and even co-opting and cosigning toxic masculinity by supporting that behavior like you see in the comments here where you see a religious cult leader stealing the spiritual energy of womben by spiritually pimping em:

This siSt⭐r said it best!


That being said, stand in your power like Aileen Wuornos, Lorraina Bobbit and Valerie Solanas! ✊✊?✊?✊?✊?✊????????????????????????‍???‍???‍???‍???‍???‍?

OWN that men do is wrong and that it is not “part of the natural order of things” which is why Mother Nature plucking they asses OUT ?????

OWN that they owe us something – respect – and that we got a right to be assertive, to be our own persons and not allow these basturds to fit us into cute, frilly niy boxes like this bitch, these heauxs tried to do here:


[purchase_link id=”35764″ text=”Download” style=”button” color=”blue”]

Then they got that ‘WOKE and got shut. tf. DOWN ?


THEN HE GOT DAT ‘WOKE ✊? and saw the light of WHO he was dealing with ?

And men, let me tell ya’ll something, better yet WARN YA’LL: DON’T YOU DARE SEE ME AS A FUCKING CHALLENGE! I do not want your fucking dick. I ain’t here to cater to your male ego. I say what I want and say what I mean. Stay the fuck away from me before I make an example, as I’ve done other dudes here ?


I stand as a representation of all the luminous siSt⭐rs who came before me:

And I won’t let them down!

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: paypal.me/RWilliams387 you like the content.

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