How Drinking Period Blood IS Drinking Adrenochrome

…You ain’t gotta murder anybody to get it, reptilians!

Before I begin, I was doing some dumb shit, walking barefoot at the gas station:


Contrast that with the gas prices found in central L.A. mid wilshire area:


It’s funny because I would do rituals using triangles as taught to me by the “entities” in my old apartment through sage smoke. Speaking of triangles and rituals…

Damn, I got some BIRD ASS LEGS…

Anyways, these triangles and rituals dovetails into what I’m about to talk about: I drink my period blood. The way I see it there are inherent POTENT magickal, spiritual powers in it! Period blood was drunken by the gods of yore. Hell, ancient Egyptians (my bloodline) indulged in it with red wine coupled with it. In our misogynist and patriarchal society where women are called thots (thot is actually an illuminati bastardization of the ancient Egyptian deity’s of wisdom’s name, THOTH which you can read about right here: for doing the same thing (having sex) which men get called winners for – I personally think that this all has something to do with womb envy in which men (mainly non melenated) envy women’s natural and easy access to the Divine Feminine which period blood dovetails into – it’s no surprise women are encouraged to imbibe sperm (which has no mystical properties) while foregoing drinking period blood, which can help you out.

Let me expain…

Now that you’ve gone through WHAT YOU PERCEIVE TO BE “SHOCK PICTURES”, Let me explain…

Okay, so it is no mystery that our periods as females fall under the cycles of the moon…

(show picture of me at beach at night saying this must be why I’m drawn to the moon)

It’s also no mystery that women’s moods – bodies – change while on our periods (I believe this is where the werewolf myths derive from).

That said, I find from personal experience that my psychic abilitoes get wildly open while I’m on my period and ESP. when I drink my period blood (I can subsist off of it ALLL DAY) mirroring in effect the effect that meth has on it’s victims who will forgo eating – ALLL day!

This is why various holy folks of India will fast so they can get these same psychic experiences which are readily available from drinking period blood juice and drugs. I also forgot to mention to add early morning urine since when you first wake up (or really, ANYTIME you’ve just waken up – not just at early morning). That said, the volatility of emotions we experience while on our periods which I must say from personal experience emotional volatility I find will awaken your psychic abilities as I’ve learned trauma opens up your abilities just as anything that kinda forces you into a certain state of heightened pain (hence why folks will report having out of body experiences during certain physical trauma that ain’t even life threatening like a broken leg) – will open up your psychic gifts. Let me explain:

See, everything has energy. They say chi flows better and can move things with stronger energy. Stronger energy comes from having stronger emotions (rage, hate, fear, etc. which fear when coupled with blood is used to make adrenochrome which is often used in occult rituals as explained by Hunter S. Thompson, here):

That said, when a woman on her period, we get a wide mix range of volatile emotions that mirrors manic depression and anxiety which are both said to be gateways to schizophrenia ie psychic powers and so when you drink period blood and, here’s my theory – when you drink period blood – just as adrenochrome (which helps you have psychic powers) is created from causing adrenaline to be released into the blood via causing fear in the person – the same could be said of period blood as when we are in those heightened states while on our periods we end up releasong adrenaline (and I believe pheromones, too)  into the bloodstream thereby in effect creating a drug caused from our very own selves!

Damn, I’m a fucking genius! Now I know why I’M addicted to it and won’t eat anything else!

That said that’s why period blood is in a way good for psychic growth and development!

Now that I made my case, here are more pics of my being on my period – drinking it! Hope you take my advice – stop looking down on it – engage in some nice warm period blood drinking with a glass of wine to the side!

That’s why I STAY looking so young…

Look at the sparkle in my eyes!!!! Says it all!

Here are the requisite photos of me at Malibu Beach by Topanga Canyon.

Topanga Canyon Blvd looks cool (it’s also where alot of ufos come out of):

WOW, an Aztec pyramid next to the gas station:

And, of course – here are pics of me sucking and biting down on a white dick! BYE!



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