Weird And Foreboding Out of Body Experience With View of Past Life

I want ya’ll to take a look at my reptilian eyes with one before the shapeshift then after:

PROOF the shit’s REAL (look at the columns of pics and noticed those two pics above were taken side by side):

I’m starting to become One; I’m so happy.

Anyways, I’m becoming completed much like the number 9 (my expression number which means destiny) which indicates completion. For the longest period of time I’ve been longed for an out of body experience but it seemed after leaving my old apartment. I learned what helps is is to be in places where there’s a great deal of spiritual energy, ley lines are also important and there are certain rocks and their arrangements (based on your bodily energetic harmony) which can bring this about. Depends on you.

That said, I was able to get back on track to becoming the powerful being I was meant to be; a living Godd, which so many entities, so many forces (like the police forces) have tried to stop!

That said, I won’t talk any mundane shit that other people be talking about. Imma keep it to the real shit!

Last Saturday after purchasing a certain stone I had my first full fledged out of body experience.

I recall being in a theatre which looked somewhat similar to where I’ve been in the dreamscape before (somewhat similar to the one in which I saw a red headed white looking ancestor-relative appear in a deep black scrying mirror with a very ornate, fancy gold border around it). That said, I was backstage. That said (and this where the real shit is…)

I recall coming to, back to this reality, closing my eyes then I nightmared some Los Angeles Sheriffs deputies raping me. I recall seeing what appeared to be Deputy Thieme (or someone who look like him) and that gay looking tranny dude (?):


That said, I remember it very well: I was on a table, it seemed like it was in a work basement where the janitors keep their stuff at mad underground.

Now, the significance of this is that me and my friend A LOOONG time ago SAW IN TWO SEPARATE VISIONS the cops doing some shit like this to me, which you can read here:   As of recent, me and another psychic lady had similar visions. Going back to 2014 – when I first 1filed my “topless” lawsuit – my best friend had a vision of my being found – dead and naked – in a field not too far from Malibu. The Chief of Police she said held a press conference and said that it was due to prostitution (which I am out of) and heroin (I AIN’T AND WOULD NEVER FUCK WITH THAT GOD DAMNED SHIT IN MY MOTHERFUCKING LIFE! WHAT’S THE POINT OF NODDING OFF AND GOING TO FUCKING SLEEP which is what that dumb shit does.). That said, going back to that time – I felt the topless thing wouldn’t incur that. But I did feel – regarding my own similar visions that I was homeless and therefore seen in a state of powerlessness (by them at least), a situation many would say I am in NOW!

I can see some shit coming cause of these fake warrants for cases that were closed and that I thus did not have any future court dates for which you can read about here: the bs going on with the artist loft situation in which I was practically fucked over – royally – by the system which you can read about here: and an instance of corruption in that case can be seen here: I wanna note that the courthouse where those fake warrants are due out was the same courthose where I overheard deputies playing porn on their walkie talkies. It’s also funny how the other day I saw a deputy who looked like deputy Thieme but wasn’t (I got the feeling in that astral projection that that wasn’t deputy Thieme). Also, concerning the “artist loft case” that that cop who fucked over me is involved with a couple of other cops who are involved in using women downtown in the skid row area for sex, money and drugs – a scheme they got going on. I also wanna say as of recent my mother told me she had a dream of my brother dying and having been involved in prostitution and drugs (he ain’t; her dreams are symbolic and she said when she sees a boy and visa versa it usually means a girl!) which mirrors what my friend said back in 2014…

Also, some weird shit like what I show here: and here: gives me a foreboding sense that some rapist shit is about to happen given people don’t be sexually harassing me like these two weird mofos did (I believe they were sent by the Demiurge) and I wouldn’t be surprised if some shit goes down in 2018 in which was caused by the Demiurge to KEEP ME ON A LOW VIBRATORY LEVEL (A rape can DEFINITELY fuck up your chakras and even – most def. cause soul loss). These recent incidents I feel here:

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And here:

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I feel in which I was sexually harassed with BOTH being sexually charged gives me a foreboding sense some wicked shit on the horizon!

I also recall from last night another experience in which I saw my past life. There was a tall skinny black man there who’ve I see around me (I got the feeling it was Baron Samedi (?)) showing me my past life. In my past life, I was a round faced Asian girl in Vietnam (whom I’ve seen before) with China white skin and straight black hair. I looked like a China doll. As in this life, I was a very young prob. 14 year old prostitute back then just as I was now in this life (for a time). I was raped by soldiers (I see some parallels). I recall some of their faces: one was dark, Italian looking with curly brown hair. Another I recall with sandy blond hair (I think he might be my right hand man if I were to take the path of the Antichrist in this life since I’ve seen him in my visions, possibly an older version – may be the dude whose supposed to groom me?). All I can remember was the intense wave of emotions: a hatred and need to control men, vowing never to give a man a normal life with me (with my being the present), the rejection, the being used, discarded like trash after being raped! I also got the sense that’s why I wanted to be reborn into a black family so I can be seen as a strong black woman so no one will fuck with me (when I was small I SWORE no one would fuck with me cause ny skin color was enough to think twice – lol). I also didn’t grow up that far from Vietnamese Village in New Orleans East. I feel the purpose of that past life experience was twofold: so as to keep me where in this life I can serve my Greater Life mission which marriage and being around ordinary people (most people don’t operate on my level) would hold me back! After all – and this is what I’ve been told – I have a white aura and I have had one ENEMY (of course demonically sent so I KNOW what she said was legit) say that I have a white and gold halo which is what Jesus Christ is usually associated with having:

– BTW the depictions of Jesus with the heart indicates the opening of the heart chakra, which helps to keep you protected from emotional trauma and pain esp. if you are destined to take up the task of teaching to unappreciative and hateful people who want to destroy you ie the same people Jesus tried to reach out to.

Also, the pain makes me stronger. If my soul could survive that and not break, I can survive anything…

That said, here’s something else I saw while in the astral which reminded me of what this youtuber was talking about awhile back when she talked about seeing shit in the astral…

This also dovetails with my experiences with the cops as well…

Last night or more accurately maybe early this morning I recall having a vivid experience in which I was living in my car in the astral (I took on a hispanic form and I’m learning you can take on whatever form you like in the astral) and I recall getting out to see what was going on and tape it for ole copwatch’s sake (I used to be a copwatcher) then I reca vividly this poach faced dog faced looking ass nigga cop came out and shouted “You ain’t shit” and “Get back get back”, “you’re too smart for your own good” and you ain’t shit and we ain’t afraid of you and then I recall look at a group of wite LAPD cops snickering like a firefighter did one day after that artist loft incident, as if they were happy to knock me down! I also remember them either saying or else feeling that they were setting other people up against me, to fuck with me. And that they would never help me but if anything use people to get at me cause I was exposing too much, which is the feeling I got.

I feel many of those mofos are reptilian controlled (I believe I got that feeling in there, too) which is why they don’t focus on justice but rather – injustice – cause it’s more about keeping people in misery (kinda like demonic gatekeepers like what you see in stereotypical depictions of hell) so that the Demiurge can get energy which is why as this article on Agenda 21 highlights they don’t want to help victims of crime as they didn’t want to for me regarding that artist loft situation:

Here is the article I mentioned…

Notice how the illuminati via Agenda 21 are pushing the police NOT to help victims of crime meaning the system’s a sham (this is what they meant by “You reveal too much”)

(Also not how in that list it says the pushing of drug abuse and committing crimes so they can justify implementing martial law which I explained here: through the promotion of social media “stars” like prettyhoe304, bonk gang amd esp. that Danielle Bregoli CHILD!).

That’s why they were created to push down left wing groups by the L.A. Times publisher which is shown here: anything that can get you critically thinking which can lead to the opening up of your chakras and thus freedom from the Archonic Demiurge created system, something the Demiurge doesn’t want…

The very same reason (the teaching of the opening of your chakras) for which Jesus Christ was murdered or sacrificed (then called a male “Son” with the Sun – a Creator much like the Wombman – being called a “male” so it’ll get you to ignore the Divine Feminine which is your inner Spiritual Power) to the Demiurge aka god (God spelled backwards is Dog which is a form Pazuzu takes) for:

This Pazuzu

and Pazuzu, like “god” is a demonic entity who’ll protect you from all other “gods” but wants total devotion or your energy like “god” which is DOG spelled backwards, like Pazuzu.

I also want to mention on a lighter note KNOWING FOR A FACT that I was out of body cause I saw for a fleeting second a lil giant astral roach hanging around while I was out. I also know I was out of body because while I was coming back in, AFTER I came back in I was seeing through my soul consciousness my physical eyes which WOULD NOT open! It was only until I forced them open (I was scared for a sec) that they opened!

I also want to leave you with a little bit of a tidbit here for your thoughts: I also wanna note to that when I came back, I PRACTICALLY DIDN’T WANT TO EAT! See, we eat for energy! When you have alot of energy YOU DON’T NEED TO EAT (EVEN NOW AS I WORK ON MY CAR I DON’T WANT FOOD). Most folks erroneously eat for pleasure. It’s lower vibratory! When you reach a higher level of vibration, you almost don’t want to eat, not even for pleasure (the “eating for pleasure” thing comes from urges from your lower self trying to keep you rooted to Earth, the root chakra) since you’ve evolved!

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