My Thoughts On The Boy George Floyd Debacle

– Damn I was right ?? to put that Purge Election Year poster as a backdrop behind his face(s), amirite?


Ding dong spray paints their symbol on the back of a firetruck (why fuck with the firefighters when they just help):

That’s an antifa symbol:

And George Soros funds em:

An outlet, the NY Times, claiming he “don’t” are letting ya’ll know he due #deceptive

And now antifa bombing people:

– No regular lil thug ass looter would do this. This is shadow government George Soros shid!

If this ain’t domestic terrorism, I dunno what is!

DAMN, THIS WHOLE THING IS SOME OCCULT SHIT! Peep the devilish sigil in red and black = demonic colors with the number 6 next to Derek Male Chauvinist as he kills – on mk ultra command – Boy George Floyd:

Wow, the rabbit hole goes deep!

Just now when I tried to edit it on insta-heaux they blocked me:

*****I’M BACK, HEAUXS! Thought I was gone*****

Yeah I been expending alot of energy trying to figure out what to do with this car (cause it won’t pass smog even though it runs GREAT which is what you need if you are homeless living in your car), even going so far as to venture to South Central and all over looking for a new one, a van:

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It’s strange – when I tried to find one place that sold cars and I knew EXACTLY where it was at, I couldn’t find it but instead found an auto repair shop that told me a mechanical issue with my car that is pretty easy to solve.

That said, it seems cheaper to keep her cause I really don’t have any money to buy a brand new car much less a monthly budget to expend on car payments….

Guess it’s cheaper to keep her ?

Anyways…. it’s funny, every time I hear ole boi’s name, this ole boi singer here named Boy George keeps coming to mind (his name)….

“Say his name say his name”…..

You can TELL this some occult shit black lives matter are on cause this the SAME EXACT SHIT THE KILLER OF KITTENS HIGH PRIESTESS DEMON WITCH SAID IN ONE OF HER SONGS, “Say my name say my name”:

– Sun God Ra Egyptian symbolism!

Same occult killer of cats (and fucking humans more than likely) to maintain her Earthly trinkets as confirmed by a former backup singer who she put a curse on to steal her blessings (told ya’ll this shit is true cause the Migos fucked with me):

Here I am talking about how I witnessed the Migos AND Patti LaBelle stealing my blessings in the astral:

That shit’s real. Happen to more people then you think like the lady here named Essie P. who spoke of a Korean pop band doing the same to her:

– She’s a veey pretty lady but has lived a hard life like me and now ya’ll – with eyes to see and hears to here ???? know why….

Anyways, onto George Floyd Foreman:

– LOL they got an “associated closely related” image pic of Terry Crews as President Comacho from Idiocracy right down below, lol!

The significance of that is what I’m about to say – and I don’t give a fuck about ya’ll’s feelings – is that he was one ooglay mofo!

That man coulda been a stand in for “The Creature From The Black Lagoon” if he woulda played his cards right!

Did I say a lie ??‍♀️

Can’t call him “Pretty Boi Floyd”

THAT BEING SAID, erstwhile…. now this my first clue this shit a psyop. How does Derek Chauvin go from looking like a slovenly redneck hick who shits outdoors and drinks beer on the sec every sec like that pedophile molestor out here, Formosa:

– Bitch look constipated and confused, lol!

To looking like fucking GQ IN HIS FUCKING MUGSHOT:

– Don’t even look like the same person!

If this don’t scream ? PSYOP: It looked like they pulled a fucking model with similar characteristics and chucked his ass down for the fake ass glamour “mugshot” – I mean, the other dude looked ole, crusty ass fuck and here you got this handsome young man who looks 40 years younger than the cop! I mean this dude is shaved, too. When you know you’re going to jail (I been there many times) who the fuck wants to shave? You’ll be slovenly ass fuck!

As an aside they had some fat black bitch who got pissed cause I said he was cutee and her, buying into the psyop, got pissed at me and so I called her a fat black bitch and then she reported my comment:

Here her instagram:

Go fuck with her ?

You can’t tell me this ain’t no psyop so let me breakdown the facts (bet they probably in some underground bunker breaking a cole one ???? watching this stupid shit with Riots by Antifa™, all on George Soros dime):

They telling us something????

That being said it is now a known fact that George and Derek knew each other via working at this Mexican club in Minneapolis:

So why tf he’s gonna kill a dude he knows? I don’t know if they cracked cold ones with each other but this shit seems hyper strange.

That said, they both were associated with famous people:

Boi George Floyd was once a part of the rap band, the Screwed Up Click:

Derek Male Chauvinist (?? I mean, looka the choice of names, “Chauvin” = chauvinist = subliminallll ??) was married to Mrs. Minnesota, who got the fuck and (like any faithful mail order bride) flew the coop on his male misogynist CHAUVINIST ass:

That being said, in psyops = there are no coincidences.

They got ya’ blinded to the truth by fucking with ya’ll emotions with the video of his murder:

Think about it, he’s taking a knee. Who does that remind you of?

Colin Kaepernick aka CAPER-nick who’s a fucking mk ultra bred Arab who’s doing all this knee shit (while not making any real change) while funneling money paid to him by the shadow government into George Soros orgs like Black Lives Matter and Antifa:

Witch ??‍♀️ brings me to my next point….

This shit’s all a well planned psyop to take away our rights! ??‍♀️

In that clip, they want you to think Black Lives Matter is an innocent org when them and antifa – the main psychopaths/anarchist group cutting – are cut from the same George Soros clothe:

– Read about all or at least most of the orgs he funds here:

Black LIES Matter got exposed by Darren Seals, A REAL ACTIVIST who got no money helping Mike Brown’s family and who was murdered cause of it:

That being said, the looters who are hurting businesses that are already hurt by the fake ass corona “virus” plandemic are now being fucked up by a second round of government harassment meant to push the agenda of martial law ever further into our lives, as if being forced to wear face masks in public and being under curfews under this fake ass plandemic wasn’t enough. Now we got fake orchestrated anarchy, chaos in the streets and many of this shit was pushed by po-lease agent provocauteurs:

– Think they’d let regular folks get away with diss shit? ??

Things are getting so bad I can’t even find a police station emoji (yet I can find a church) and I will explain the significance of that later….

That said, it was discovered that a St. Paul police officer named Jacob Pedersen was THE 1ST ???‍♂️ one to kick start THE LOOTING and fucking up of innocent hardworking people’s biznesses by fucking up the Autozone near the police station, witch ??‍♀️ a black delivery driver called out:

Now the powers that (shouldn’t) be wanna say the folks calling this out are lying (so as to not damage their lil psyop):


That being said, I believe that many of the folks involved in this are well meaning, good people with consciences! Then you got these pos’s who should be shot on site:


– There go a whyte one!

This bitch here was hilarious tho.

I SWEAR this here the wetbuck who stabbed me in the neck one time:

– THAT’S THAT MOFO! THAT’S THAT MOFO! Musta flew his fat ass down to San Diego cause he knew the cops were on to him, fat wetback bastard!

Who procreated with this landwhale here ?

Here go a faggot member of the clergy looking for lil (black) boi bootyholes to buss….

Thank goodness the cops showed….

Here this whyte, can’t tell spainglish bitch yelling at the cops for stopping mugs from burning down innocent folk’s biz:

Here some good whyte folk to clean it up:

– Face masks and all!

– What this wetback doing wearing, “Black Lives Matter”

You can watch ALLL the fuckery going down here:

That being said – lol @ that shit up above – ya’ll gotta see beyond the veil here.

I peep that, unlike the Rodney King riots, they are only fucking up WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS NOW, INCLUDING BEVERLY HILLS AND FUCKING. BEL AIR –


And my old neighborhood too, right around Melrose in Miracle Mile:

While driving thru to go to the DMV TO GET MY REGISTRATION HANDLED WHICH WAS CLOSED DUE TO THE RIOTS (since I know sheriff’s are reading, WATCHING ???‍♂️) – I decided to take a detour down South Central, Figueroa and – aside from the hustling and bussing – of heauxs ?? – not a peep!


I see this time around the blacks and the browns ain’t fucking up they own shit but white agent provocauteurs (from outta state, flown in by non other than George Soros) are fucking up white neighborhoods.

This man who posted on @santamonicaproblems confirms it:

Effspot on Youtube confirms possibly one here:

Means they are trying to start a race war.

There is a significance behind why that sis had to capture this fuckery!

Why this brother had to capture this:

The world is a stage and all these mofos, agents, actors are here to push an agenda for the elites.

I’ve warned ya’ll mofos about the 1st amendment auditor (frauditor) shit:


All diss “lack of respect for cops” cult-ure we got going on will lead to the breakdown of law and order and then what: martial law!


Don’t fall for non of this hype, all this bullshit! It is bullshit PURE PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

As I have beem noticing – and I am being my altruistic self here – we as a human species are heading towards a climatic climb where we ALL are evolving spiritually, even the animals we share The Earth with.

Don’t let these people fuggaboo you all with all this fake ass outrage bullshit. Niggas die every day, at our own hands or even at the hands of wetbacks:

As gruesome as his “murder” (is he even really dead?) seemed, does this discount all the horrific ass murders that go on everyday between people vs people: **JUST NOW I GOT DEJA VU OF AN ASTRAL VISION WHERE I SAW THE HUMAN SPECIES IN OUTER SPACE, WARRING WITH AND CONQUERING OTHER SPECIES – something Alex Collier warned us about**

– Bad shit happens everyday!

Fuck I had an atrocity happen to me where I got stabbed by a wetback:

– But where the outrage for me?

That being said, don’t let this bullshit throw you off.

Bad shit happens everyday so why should it be a big deal just cause he is black and the cop, white:

There wouldn’t of been this much outrage had the cop been black:

That being said, that shit looked horrible, just hearing the death throes was enough. Looking at the cop – I mean who in this day n age would BLATANTLY – ON THE JOB – WITH CAMERAS ON EM – just outright murder someone like that.

Looking at his eyes, his mannerisms – he was under some type of mind control:

He look like he was in a trance and not even there.

Wouldn’t be surprised if like many mk ultra school shooters he was on pharmakeia or psychotropic drugs:

Read more on that here:

I think he was under some type of mind control and was a sleeper mk ultra agent!

Look at Derek Chauvin’s behavior and look at the eyes, behavior of the mass mind control school, mass shooters and tell me psychotropic drugs and mk ultra wasn’t involved.

Watch the Free Thought Project’s video on it to see what I mean:

– Derek Chauvin ain’t talking for a whole 10 (or more) straight minutes – this shit is weird!

That being said, there is more than what meets the eye! This shit involves two unwitting actors (Chauvin and Floyd) who are both probably mk ultra sacrifices (I sincerely feel Mr. Floyd is dead and he is – unlike most take a kneegrows I am sincere when I say this – with the ancestors) used to bring about the New World Order:



Just like how Nazi Germany had riots due to starvation up until illuminati (and formerly homeless ✊?) puppet Adolf Hitler took the reigns:


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