My Brother Comes To Let Me Know He Okay And Defeating The Demon


Whata night!

Early this morning…. at about 2am, I awoke to hearing a dude recap a story about fucking me up, etc.

Before I could get to they ass, they drove off in a beemer.

That “yahken” dude drives one.

Wonder if it was him?

That said, I saw in my cards that they would try to do something to me overnight.

So I flipped the switch and put ‘woke on him: commandered his mind and caused his car to run into a wall using my third eye.

I then saw a tower moment for said peepole. Damn I’m becoming Power-FULL ??

That said, I had a great astral travel. Now that I am defeating many of the entities, esp. reptilians, who held me back – I’ve been becoming more power-full as a result ??

Early this morning, I got a visit from my baby brother in the astral. He was in our childhood living room – playing with toys. I could tell it was him and not a deceiver because he had a bright white aura around him and a very surreal 3D look to him and there were stars (funny cause they say we all come from the stars) glittered in his aura.

While he was playing with his trucks the “scene” flipped back to Malibu and there was a 70 ft something wave incoming. That said I urged my bro to get to higher ground he just stayed there – with water barely touching him – while water kept coming at me as I got higher and higher. I was on a boulder on a mountainside somehow.

That said, I recall looking down and thinking my things like my cellphone and car keys got washed away (symbolic). I then looked to the upper part of the room that seemed to mimic my the den or my parent’s room it seemed. I then tried to relocate my brother and dad to the upstairs parent room when my brother said this: “Sis don’t worry about me; worry about you!”

That really hurt my heart to hear that. I worry about him on the otherside all the time. I had a shaman rescued him from the hellish underworld and in turn he gave me this key to protect me:

– I don’t know what in witching hell (pun intended) is going on but it seems my age is reversing, looking younger and my breasts are getting bigger ? I rem. when they were fucking A’s a coupla years ago.

One time I changed the design on the key necklace and next thing I know, a trickster spirit that fucks with me snatched up my debit card while I was in the 99 Cents store.

Corrected it and never had that problem – again!

I think things happen for a reason. Maybe he had to be in that underworld so I can acquire this key that has been instrumental in helping me throughout life.

That said, in the next phase – I encountered a demon – my cards keep showing it’s death – who has been fucking with me and creating roadblocks on my path.

Before I went to sleep – diss how Tesla did it so listen up – I asked my third eye to show me this King of Pentacles and render so that I fuck his ass up and get him out my lyfe:

– I hate this motherfucker!

That said, I was then transported to a place that looked like a basement – maybe the underworld – that had people, employees I guess who worked there, there with a birthday cake and all. I then saw a big distorted roach that was real surreal looking and discombobulated like a snake eating down a cake. I zoomed in to see it as if for symbolic purposes. I then saw this ugly bee looking bug eyed creature that looked like ya boi Cletud from the Simpsons:

Damn, it had brown hair just like I saw!

Anyways, it had wild shaggy crusty dusty raggedy brown hair but with a hammer shaped head with bug eyes like a bee or a fly and Cletus’s wifebeater – lol! It tried to grab me and it seemed like the women there esp. were slaves of his and I beat his ass and threw him down the stairs, showing triumph over him.

Now, my first thought is that would be Beelzebub, an ars goetia demon I first encountered a while back since he is supposed to be the “Lord of the Flies” after all:

– Damn, you got FOOLS portraying him in a positive light now. Wonder if it’s cause he stole my energy.

There is also a Japanese anime based on him.

There is even a website called beelsebuub which is centered around some dude who teaches astral projection and you got folks who LIT complain of seeing demons when calling on that name, lol!

And don’t understand why ??‍♀️?

Welp, anyways based on the cards it seems like this mug is death (I can’t see him being Baron Samedi tho. I know he a trickster spirit) who acts as an emissary for the other evil entities, reptilians esp. who been holding me back!

Yesterday I talked about defeating a being like that and next thing I know EVERYBODY was nice to me yesterday:


Even got a beer yesterday:

That said, it feels like – after getting that negativity that was on me all this time off me FINALLY, I feel better and with those roadblocks gone I can move forward.

I feel stronger, powerfull and more energetic. I don’t feel a darkness overweighing me like I did in the past. I feel like my afterlife will be protected.

Walking a spiritual path ain’t easy; it’s one where you gone have to face ALOT of demons to come into your power.

But at least for now I can be at peace that I’ll be at peace when my physical body goes – and that my baby brother is at peace at last!

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