Why The Reptilians Hate And Fuck With The Most Reptilian Hybrids

That’s Katy Perry in the opposite pic split:

I was just showing how dichotomously reptilian hybrids who go along with the program are rewarded materially while mugs like myself are punished materially.

Finally explains why for all of you I got great spiritual power but can’t make shit materially manifest.

Like I care ??‍♀️?

There are other non humans amongst ya’ll, too.

Tell me she don’t look like the sightings of the old hag:

Shit is just NOW all starting to make sense and come together.

I keep seeing triangles ever since I started my spiritual journey:

That was the SAME symbol used in V the miniseries as was the title name that was about a reptilian invasion:

– Notice a female leading it….

Triangle upside down from what I understand denotes female!

Also, many UFO abductees describe seeing reptilians wear a triangle symbol on their uniforms or use it in some capacity:

We all know it’s a major symbol in freemasonry:

– Which I believe involves reptilians (I can go down a complex rabbit hole that will take some time to go down).

– Look, just now while uploading the reptilian symbol pic 33% shows as my charging number = the highest level of enlightenment a human can obtain according to freemasonry!

That being said, I also got a theory which blacks are the most hated:


Conventional science states that most folks outside of Africa got “neanderthal” dna….

Yet this man propounds that the “neanderthals” were actually reptilians who hunted and murdered humans.

Blacks are the only humans for a reason.

Credo Mutwa broke down via stories handed down to him as a Zulu shaman how the reptilians came and gave early humans – who already had the gifts of telepathy, telekinesis, etc. and were asexual – technology in exchange for rescinding such gifts which he breaks down here:


It’s kinda how if you peep white folks aren’t really spiritual and kinda copy from others and the more melanin you got the more spiritual you can become (except for organic portals, which is another story for another time).

I speak in general! Not all persons in a race fall under it but the vast majority will, hence the old saying, “There are truths to every stereotype.”

When white folks do do spirituality there is a fakeness behind it like that cloud riding new (c)age everybody peace and love bullshit ✌?

They aren’t real with the shit. But like reptilians they are good at cultivating the 3D shit while not living in tune with nature:

That being said, I ain’t gonna go into too much detail but I will say – given the ancient Khemetian (Egyptian) empire – some of us blacks aren’t fully human, either (my 23rd and Me said 30% unknown under their MOST accurate assessment – don’t read the speculative one) and that includes me:

– Looka the pupil.

I break shyte down, here:




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Pretty much what I say breaks down why certain reptilian hybrids are placed at the material top:

While mugs like myself and others are kept at the bottom:


– She’s gorgeous here…..

Must be the reptilian dna!

But peep they taking down ha shit (I loooong warned her to get her own site)!

And me:



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They fuck with us reptilian hybrids the most cause they know we got the power to change shit and infiltrate their system ✊?

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