Storytime: The Time A Cult Tried To Recruit Me


Dese weird-heauxs just posted up at the Malibu beach where I used to stay right after I called they asses out, lol:

– Fucking “gods”.

Yeah right, real gods don’t follow other fucking peepole.

He trying to get a lil harem started like Nature-kneegrow here:

– At least he cutee

Looka this shit:

– So apparently cause a womban dared spoke up and called his insecure ass OUT she “insecure” ?

He says “Black Wives Lives Matter” yet his black ass with this asian girl here:

And both his “wives” got European styled long hurr:

I got a harem too:

– That’s enuff!

These pro “black” mofos are funny ??

Just found his website, the “Yes,” world ie “yes” to all his bullshit ?

– “Malibu Ken”. This nigga REALLY wanna be white huh!?

He got a dude hanging like a chick on the hood of his car:

? Hmmmmm ✊?️‍?

My fucking site looks more professional than his shit, and I am a real Malibu beach bum living in my car!

– “Most recognized spiritual leader”. I ain’t never heard of him.

Like my dad would say “Whose ass he whooped.”


– Nah nigga, Eye C U ? 4 the mustay ass deceiver you are!

I don’t need 3 eyes to see ? he full of shit ?

– “god” blocked me after calling his ass out, lol!

Here they insta-hoe gram account:

I just can’t understand how. the fuck. I attract these people! It is massively annoying to think I must have some “sucker” sticker on my fucking back – and front – that draws these mofos!

Here I am talking about the incident:

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Seem like they had their eye on me the whole time and came when the energy was right (for them)….

That said, I think it was sleeping with the black obsidian that day that drew this shit ?

– Looka how that key pointing towards it!

That being said, as I said to the young girl (who he tried to use as a prop to draw my oldhead GodSelf in), breh look:

You are God! Your Soul is a splinter piece of the True God, The Source. The latin word for sun which is sol is where the word Soul derives. That being said, the True God is You! It is Your Soul = You! One of the messengers of this, one of the aspects, the feminine aspect of the Source I believe is Sophia, who created the abomination known as “god” whom the christians, muslims and all those war-shippers of mass mind control re-ligion war-ship! That is why the Divine Feminine aka Sophia is suppressed in the world cause the Divine Feminine is meant to reminds us all of our Divine origins.

That said, watch for snake oil salesmen like this mug!

There is NEVAR a reason to war-ship anything outside of you.

Trust in You = God and nevar be lead astray by false wannabe god mofos like this acting in the energy of the patriarchal demiurge – an abomination!

WOW, this guy is a REEEAL FUCKING DOUCHE! Looka how he got these brainwashed ladies splayed out on the ground!

Lordt, the brainwashing is REAL! Ladies get some fucking confidence!

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