Racist Inbred Crakkka Named Aron ‘O Muireagan Reveals White People’s Fears of Black Self Confidence

Racist Inbred Crakkka Named Aron ‘O Muireagan Reveals White People’s Fears of Black Self Confidence

Just look at the texts he posted on his ig account here:


This how that creature looks:

Tell me he don’t look like the cutty black (white sow) or Alf:

– That mofo, the cutty black sow, used to scare TF outta my ass as a child. He was on an episode of “Tales From The Darkside” show.

I miss my childhood.

Anyways here is the full blown convo.:

– That being said, this basically affirms what Dr. Francis Cress Welsing (who write the famous underground book “The Theory of Color Confrontation) and numerous other TRUE illuminatis aka illuminators have tried to illuminate to black folks this entire time which is that caucks need us to feed off our energy (like reptilians) cause they are deep down mad envious of us and wish to be us as displayed by his direct projection of his own insecurities by insisting that I should want cancer-prone skin and dog hair in contrast to my superior, beauty-full features which allows me to be in the sun without fear of burning up in the sun and getting cancer or smelling like a wet dog (then fucking them) once I get out the shower.

– Yup, sounds just about white!

All this shit started cause I called out caucks culture vulturing on this post here:


Look, ain’t nobody got any fucking envy towards their asses. Their asses are dying out due to low birth rates, etc. (cause even their own femails don’t want they pink dicked asses):

– LOL!

It seemed outside of a sellebrity couple and some biracial arab looking dude I couldn’t find examples of interracial fockers aka “interracial love” ??

– They had to throw in a bedwench fot good measure ??

Dude hawt ?

He look like this nigga hurr

Man when I clicked on the link attempting to look at the hawt dude more – for research purposes for diss article, TF is diss that popped up!

Here more on ya’ll dying out ???

– Even ya’ll wimmins ain’t as fertile as us!

….Just as their menz got babay dicks due to low testosterone (black women got more testosterone then white “men”) as confirmed by diss article hurr:


– Nah lil homie – lol – you ain’t it!

I remember watching his ass on early morning infomercials while getting dressed for school, John Fucking Basedow!

– When they talk about the “good ole daze”, they don’t mean for your black ass ⛓

They called that shit out in 2000 ??


Ya’ll mofos are genetic recessive DE-FECTIVE with the weakest genes on the planet.

– Fucking Fox News even saying this shit, lol!


– I just wanna say that jewish men got the biggest dicks. Don’t ask me how I heaux ?????

Even preeminent Andromedan contactee Alex Collier confirmed this:

You can watch the full vid here. Mad interesting video….

These mofos can’t even exercise without it causing health problems lol:

Soooo, how tf are you superior again? ?

I just wanted to say that when white supremacist websites push the whole “We gotta save the white race” schtick, WHY they always put a lil white girl as the interest in the same way you post GROWN females when talking about “protecting” em, like as if the girl a love interest:

– These lil broads here couldn’t be no more than 11, 12 (in dog years).

HAD TO SAY IT! ruff ruff ?

Looka this lil boy here:

It’s a broad who runs that channel

Guess she too probably be knocking his lil boots like so many of her kind:

Looka this, when I googled “teacher fucking students” got nothing but wide wimminz….

– There just had to be one white nigga in there to fuck everything up for us, smdh!

Guess it goes back to this then….

Anyways, like this Vox article expresses….


….Look, people wouldn’t hate your asses (and you wouldn’t be dying out due to the Curse of Mother Gaia which I will explain later) IF YOU ALL WOULDA JUST RESPECTED OTHER CULTURES AND BE HUMBLE! I ain’t gonna go down the rabbit hole of screenshotting comments I saw on a South African vid where you LIT had crakkkas justifying mistreating blacks on our own land – but if ya’ll mofos weren’t so arrogant and entitled and learned to live with others instead of feeling the “need” to dominate and colonise others, subjugating them – people wouldn’t resent and hate you!

Alot of ya’ll’s desire to conquer and subjugate others comes from fear of white genetic annhilation cause you mugs know you are innately inferior genetically. That fear turned into racism and the false “need” to conquer and impose yourselves on other people’s lands without trying to at least share and work with em! It’s always conquering and subjugating other people and then, like with apartheid, after murdering, raping and colonising people you all foist your laws upon them and got the nerve to call em criminals and then get pissed when people call ya’ll hypocrites!

That said, ya’ll have done the same thing to Mother Gaia which is why She kicking ya’ll out with low birth rates, “invasion” of ya’ll countries from the people you all formerly colonised and etc. etc. Truth is, if ya’ll woulda stayed your asses in Europe and not try to conquer folks, they woulda never known about ya’ll asses to begin taking ya’ll over to begin with:

I call it karma, recolonization by the formerly subjugated!

That being said – them mofos couldn’t get along with Mother Earth!

They’ve created technologies (which they stole from earlier peoples of colour) that fucks up the environment:

– Notice alot of the harm is being done in people of colour countries!

Ya’ll mofos got a lot of soul searching! Ya’ll need to look good, hard and long in that fucking mirror cause as long as ya’ll deny, project and deflect and continue to whitesplain, Mother Nature ain’t gonna give a shit.

She gonna wipe your ass out!

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