My Boy Fellow Youtuber Gardener Earth Guy Admits He Worked For The Navy To Troll 1st Amendment Auditors

I kinda touch on his trolling methods here:

I was watching a Anderson Henderson livestream here:

– Gardener Earth Guy aka GEG kinda cutee ?

Always says stupid lil shit in my comments:


Anyways, in this clip from said show you can hear him admit – and he sounds honest – that the navy hired him to troll 1st amendment auditors on youtube:

I do too (and will be exposing they frauditor asses too)!

Anyways, he kinda cutee! Got the Jack Nicholson smile:

Kinda reminds me of the Jack Nicholson smile by grandfather on my dad’s side had and what I had as a kid:

I was a cutee kid ???

It was a sneaky smile.

That said, people have been talking about this for years regarding agents being paid to troll people and this is nothing new.

Even the pennyhoarder did a video talking about how you can make money as a gman, or g-person (government agent):

He breaks down how he got paid $1 for certain comments – it really ain’t that much. Money is in getting the contracts ???

Watch the video!


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