Rapist Decides To Reupload My Vids To Youtube Channel The Life and Times of Raven Masterson

Rapist Decides To Reupload My Vids To Youtube Channel The Life and Times of Raven Masterson

I touched on it years ago!

Attacked By New Millennium Barbershop Employees In Los Angeles and Selective Enforcement by LAPD

This mofo – while I was drunk (this was back in my old apartment) I believe took advantage cause I noticed the odd dissemination of my clothes, took a $100 bill I had then acted like he was buying something at Ralph’s right around the corner like he a gentleman.

He looked like a black version of this thing here:

Flag this shit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUueZ8E7sYw7rjr0v7jFjdA

It is called “The Life and Times of Raven Masterson.”



Lemme help ya’ll!

If anybody need a reason behind why I have become the “monster” I’ve become and staying ‘wokeing and killing folks with black magic, just read some of the comments….

– I don’t deserve this.

Damn right I’m “narcissistic” cause I don’t wanna give my energy to you!

– And new (c)agers wanna tell me to be on the “peace and love” bullshit!

– Her response after attacking me for no reason after I defended myself against her attacks says it all….

My ENEMIES want me to be on the peace and love and light gaslighting bull so I will be vulnerable to attack!

Don’t fall for that shit!

The name of the game is survival!

I remember those days when I was powerless before I came to Malibu.

Now mofos fear me.

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

Like this wetback juss now here…..


Mofo made a “chop chop” motion as in cutting off your dick lol ????

Like St. Lorraina Bobbit:

As I said before, ever since I was a lil child – I learned that I could NEVER MAKE MY WAY IN THE WORLD BY BEING NICE! I’VE LEARNED SINCE as you can see in old vids, esp. in the comments before doing my ‘woke – I never could merely navigate by being nice. I gotta dominate to make my way in this motherfucker ??? That’s just how it is…. for me.

Glad I’m coming into my power and I’m getting stronger.

Flag this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUueZ8E7sYw7rjr0v7jFjdA

I got power now. I ain’t playing.

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