Rapist Decides To Reupload My Vids To Youtube Channel The Life and Times of Raven Masterson

I touched on it years ago!

Attacked By New Millennium Barbershop Employees In Los Angeles and Selective Enforcement by LAPD

This mofo – while I was drunk (this was back in my old apartment) I believe took advantage cause I noticed the odd dissemination of my clothes, took a $100 bill I had then acted like he was buying something at Ralph’s right around the corner like he a gentleman.

He looked like a black version of this thing here:

Flag this shit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUueZ8E7sYw7rjr0v7jFjdA

It is called “The Life and Times of Raven Masterson.”



Lemme help ya’ll!

If anybody need a reason behind why I have become the “monster” I’ve become and staying ‘wokeing and killing folks with black magic, just read some of the comments….

– I don’t deserve this.

Damn right I’m “narcissistic” cause I don’t wanna give my energy to you!

– And new (c)agers wanna tell me to be on the “peace and love” bullshit!

– Her response after attacking me for no reason after I defended myself against her attacks says it all….

My ENEMIES want me to be on the peace and love and light gaslighting bull so I will be vulnerable to attack!

Don’t fall for that shit!

The name of the game is survival!

I remember those days when I was powerless before I came to Malibu.

Now mofos fear me.

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

Like this wetback juss now here…..


Mofo made a “chop chop” motion as in cutting off your dick lol ????

Like St. Lorraina Bobbit:

As I said before, ever since I was a lil child – I learned that I could NEVER MAKE MY WAY IN THE WORLD BY BEING NICE! I’VE LEARNED SINCE as you can see in old vids, esp. in the comments before doing my ‘woke – I never could merely navigate by being nice. I gotta dominate to make my way in this motherfucker ??? That’s just how it is…. for me.

Glad I’m coming into my power and I’m getting stronger.

Flag this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUueZ8E7sYw7rjr0v7jFjdA

I got power now. I ain’t playing.

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