Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

Listen to his ass hear when he says, “You so cute!”

– That was designed to taunt me.

Looka how he looks in my direction, then looks away, as I film him…..


Here is the fight. Mofo kicked me in the stomach like I am a grown ass man! You can hear an explanation he throws out at one point which all sexual harassers do to put blame on the victim:

You can hear him said during fight, “I’ll let you go” after I fought him off of me which is a bruised male ego’s way of saying, “I don’t wanna admit she overpowered me by fighting back….”

He saw this here and came out to challenge me.

I Got Into A Fight With A White Dude Who Is In The Entertainment Industry

I warned about this shit:

Gus In A Bus Is A Sexual Predator And The Nasty Old White Man Syndrome

Putting ‘Woke On Crakkkas With White Entitlement Issues

Old ass nasty ass predatory ass old ass white “men” lusting after black women then putting hands on us when they know we don’t act like bedwenches cause they know black men won’t do shit and won’t protect us…..

This STRAIGHT fucking white male entitlement. All these punk ass supposed “males” fear my power. They fear my fearlessness. THEY ARE VERY FUCKING AFRAID THAT I STILL GET BACK UP EVEN IN THE FACE OF DEFEAT!

This renders their dumbass “victory” – I mean you fighting a small tiny fucking female. When I was growing up we had more integrity. I was taught that no pride comes from fighting folks smaller than me. – fruitless.

My spirit still intact. Still got back up!

My pretty face like last time got no bruises ??

– I love me. I’m a pretty mofo. And all I care to hear affirmations from is from me ?❤??

That being said, this is the reality behind misogyny, which was created by so called white “men” which, as I explained here, who lacking in testosterone and as proven by this chart:

The White Man Is Why Female Toplessness Is Illegal

The REAL Reason Why Other Races Hate Blacks But Want To Be Around Us


OVERCOMPENSATE by creating misogyny and slut shaming and the like, that way their women won’t gravitate to other races of real men with real big dicks and away from their tiny dick MAKE GOOD TRICK asses…..

Speaking of trick, hear this hoe license plate:

Hear ? how the vehicle look all around:

That said, this whole fucking thing is about trying to damage my spirit by physically attacking me – since dudes think somehow their strenght surpasses ours tho we suffer for 9 months having em in our wombs (I won’t; I’ll abort a male child IN A NY INSTANT) and then pumping out these 8 ounce bowling bowls. I refuse to do that shit! Fuck that shit!

Rape, sexual harassment (I had a few cat calls – Imma do something about they asses too), sexual assault, slut shaming, rape culture, rape victim blame, the objectification and dehumanization of womyn and grrls is all designed to suppress the potential and thus the Divine Feminine power innate in all womben!

As I explained here:

The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

These mofos were created in the image of demiurge to keep us down, lower our vibrational rate by reducing us to broadmares used to replicate “they seed” ie use us for reproduction. They don’t empower us. We don’t need em! They are useless:

What you saw in that vid was a direct, blatant manifestation, exhibition of that – of our innate fearlessness, Goddessness, TRUE DIVINE FEMININITY witch ??‍♀️ is more of the Amazonian warrior type:

– LOL she remind me of when I sometimes go out in public and drape one shirt over one breast while letting the other hang…..

I have said it before….. I’ve been to jail numerous times…. the womben there are soooo nurturing and loving and kind. Meanwhile, from what I heard – men jail is HELL! Dudes dominating other dudes, delineating where dudes can sleep based on classifications of race, etc. We females just wanna get thru it so we support and nurture. Males like to dominate and start war.

That is the innate difference between male and females.

We fight to protect, we don’t fight largely for the sake of ego, as men do, tho they have lowered many of us down to their level by convincing us that getting into their morass is the key to success in the selfish demonic dog eat dog system THEY CREATED!

James Brown, who beat up women, said no lies when he said this is a man’s world but it would be nothing without a womben or a girl!

We can make the change by aborting male fetuses while in the womb. We don’t have to have them. Don’t appreciate us, let your daddy have you thru his dick ✏?

I recall the lady who started Prohibition did it by telling womben to deny they niggaz pussy and then Prohibition was paased.

We don’t have to have em!

Speaking of which, when I said we don’t need them – we can reproduce without em!

I believe it was Bobby Hemmitt in one of his lectures who spoke of how a group of females piloted a spaceship and left Earth and he mentioned something about how men used reproduction against women!

This is what I am talking about. This is what I said in one of my articles here:

The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

This reddit article breaks it down….

I’ve said it time and time again…. men push the whole “pro life” narrative cause they wanna control you, our bodies and ensure we carry on their bloodline, their genes – totally forgetting us in the equation – as imbued in them by the demiurge. They are innately anti-womban! I have no illusions, delusions about those mofos. That’s why I said what I said early this morning in my blog:

I Got Into A Fight With A White Dude Who Is In The Entertainment Industry

As I go thru this healing period/REAL spirit awakening, I realEYES what I am hear ? to do! I ain’t hear for the men. Even that prostitution shit is past! I don’t want no dirty energy – many of em have addictions due to etheric parasites so I don’t want it. I’m done with it and I’m moving, stepping into my own power. No man will steal my glow or take that power away from me.

I remember in yesteryear naysayers saying, “You’ll get married woo woo.” I’m 37. Not married. I don’t wanna be bothered. I’m content.

I’m my own best company. I talk to me. As I said before, a dude coming up to me on a romantic level, it’s an attack. Looka this wetback whose predatory ass came before the crakkka:

Don’t come at me with that. Still they do to take snipes at my power and still I don’t let it. I’m too strong. Too quick in thinking. Imma thorn – Damien Thorn lol – in mofos, in dudes sides! I enjoy being that singular womban who bust niggaz bubbles, shut em down, embarass em! I sadistically enjoy it and I am unapologetic about it. I am coming into my power! I have never been the happiest in my life and like a flower – shit is opening.

All I ever cared about is knowing why I am hear and as I step into my power I step into my Divine Feminine Life purpose and ain’t no man gonna stop me! I will crush you if you do and, remember, I ain’t gotta put hands:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

‘Woke ✊?

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