Gus In A Bus Is A Sexual Predator And The Nasty Old White Man Syndrome

The people here said NO LIES about this fuck……

He tried to pull dat shit on me but I ran his ass up the sktreet…..


But we know how I do (pee-pole)!

Don’t fuck with me.

Sexual Predator Still Stalks Me Even Though I Whipped His Ass

That said the dudes watching his channel called his ass out a while back…..

He was sexually harassing/flaunting the ladies who was paying HIM to take photos of em (see, dem white goirls got it ass backwards and Imma break down why)!

That’s probably why I ain’t seen his ass in SoCal for awhile…..

Here his response video to them calling him OUT:

Now, this uglay motherfucker, who looks like this:

Here is other homeless lookalike lol…..

– Actually he look better than him…..

I always sensed his ass was on meth, talking about his ass lost his biz cause his mama got sick (yeah budday sure ??????)

GOT THE NERVE to call women ugly and say ugly women are offensive:


The fucking…..

Here is his channel:

I see in his most recent vlogs he got his ass up there in Canada, where he from.

GOOD! Stay your ole white ass up there, bitch!

That said, I CAN’T STAND AN OLE NASTAY ASS CRAKKKA, like this degenerate crakkka here (he got kaposi’s sarcoma which signifies someone in the late stages of HIV infection):


This nasty bitch has (or had) the NERVE to ride real slow past my car at night and park to stare but then call the cops when I am getting on someone else cause he fears my power which lies in my anger…..

He is indicative of exactly what I am gonna talk about: nasty old white men with white entitlement and white privilege issues which cross intersects with sexuality! Fucking crakkka!

Imma enhance that crakkka’s AIDS death sentence so he hit the grave early, perving on people and yet he already got a death sentence (karma = AIDS for that shit). ???⚰

They don’t see me as human cause of my race and that is the problem…..

People are quick to talk about old black men being nasty or hispanic men being nasty. From my experience ESP. old black men treat me with respect and tho. hispanic men may be nasty, I still see that they see me as a human and not an object.

Crakkkas on the other hand….. don’t get me started! When I first started this topless thing it was crakkkas who would look at me with this rapist stare.

I said here that they started misogyny out of fear of white genetic annhilation and the fact that they can’t compete with black men – or any other race of (real) men cause their crakkka asses lack testosterone (I got more testosterone than they do):

The White Man Is Why Female Toplessness Is Illegal

The REAL Reason Why Other Races Hate Blacks But Want To Be Around Us

That said, I notice that with those assholes (that’s why I would nevar fuck with one beyond tricking or anyone for that matter) that they have a 1 dimensional mindset towards other groupas I brought up here:

White Folks: Not Everybody Is Like Ya’ll

….have a real one dimensional way pf seeing folks, like they see folks as a group and gotta put us into a box (I think it’s some organic portal shit where the organic portals of their race gotta put folks in boxes.). So when they see me they have to “colour” me based on the perceived attributes of my perceived race and so thus they see me only from that paradigm and not as a full fledged human which I am more of then them…..

I see them do this alot with latinas and alot with esp. young black ladies who they sense – like a predator – are not conscious of themselves as individuals, like me.

Now, with I – they gotta put me into a box. They see me walking around topless and thinking with their 1 dimensional asses and thinking that “Oh that means she horny” with their sexually repressed HYPOchristian instilled value asses without realising that I used to be a prostitute and you’re gonna have to pay for this pussy. The Mexicans know.


This white man here knew ????


Here full vid:


This nigga here knew too…..


That said we ain’t like stupidass white girls who think it’s fun to be a slut and fuck around and not get paid (that’s cause with that FAKE feminist shit ya’ll got your dumb heauxs thinking it’s cute to try to be a man and be “indepdent” so you don’t have to be a real man ?? and take care of her like ya’ll once did).

I see the schadenfraude Eye Sea ??…..

That said I started putting ‘woke on mugs and letting them know, like this asshole who tries to kiss up to young black women (cause white girls don’t want him) knowing got-damned well he got hepatitis C:

First time I put ‘woke on him his car wouldn’t “mysteriously” start….


I had to warn-a-sistar ? about his ass….


I fucked his shit up, busted windows and all now…..

That said, they had to learn not to come at me with that stereotyping bullshit. You ain’t putting me into a fucking box. I will fuck up your life (and afterlife) if you cross me just like this man’s ma:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

What REALLY fucking pisses me off (and make me wanna harm em more) is when they see and treat me as a “man” while lusting for my body.

I grew up with a real fucking man in the home, my BLACK dad:

I know what a REAL man is so when I get these douches coming up who wanna fight me cause I let them know you will not disrespect me while wanting my fucking pussy (you better fucking pay me), lusting after me I do what it takes…..


Sexual Predator Still Stalks Me Even Though I Whipped His Ass

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

To let them know. You will not disrespect me.

That’s why I act so “mannish” cause I have to straighten beta male pieces of shit OUT!

That said, this is why this pissed me off:


I used to copwatch the hoe stroll. Started around 2010. It pained me to see these young black ladies on the streets earning very little while motherfucking TRICKS felt like, cause of the color of their skin and economic status they were nothing.

What the cops did is only the tip of the iceberg: gorilla pimps, rejection and being shunned by their communities for bullshit western hypo-christian values – I never worked the streets but it bothered me (I was a heaux online).

Then you had escort sites like usasexguide basically just judging these ladies professionally while being totally fucking estranged, and unconcerned about their reality. That shit kills me.

And, for a cop – he better have paid her or else I’m Christopher Caseing – to take someone who is already in a rough spot – who already has so little (I mean while copwatching there were MANY times I gave the ladies money for hotels and an extra $100 if I had it and drive them cause of the utter inhumanity with how they get treated) – and force them to give “favours” – nigga you need to be shot and your dick cut off and sent to hell, witch ??‍♀️ I can do!

That said, it pains me to see how black women get treated. It is such a fucked up scenario with how violence is normalized against us – same with transgenders. That’s why I hate wetbucks cause of how they have treated me:

The Difference In How Mexicans Treat A Hostile White Lady Vs A Black Lady

Read this and you will see why, unlike other groups, I maintain a “hate them all mentality” when it comes to them….

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

– They’re bloodline and souls are fucked up!

That’s why I use black magick to keep them in line…..

More blacks need to start getting into their spirituality. It will even the playing field…..

That said, it fucks me up and it gets to me…..

The way this whole world is fucks me up and gets to me hence why I don’t like to deal with most pee-pole aka organic portals who are not on my level of consciousness…..

That said, now I wish this crakkka (he look like he got something else going on tho. Wetbuck ?? ? ?? ?cop would do something to me…..

Yeah I’m a fucking weirdo…..

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