Meeting Youtube CELEBRITY Colton Wood

I was sooo fucking star struck ? the first night I met him:

Fuck a Rhianna and alll the rest of dem mk ultra SELLEBRITY heauxs it’s about ?Colton Wood ?

OMG!!!!! ??????✨????

Here our meeting…..

In the first one it popped off with some drama…..

This old ass white man (Imma talk about the nastay ass old crakkka syndrome in the next blog) who I saw a coupla weeks ago looking at me with this intensity – and even then I near blew up on his ass – well ole Colton mah boi SENSED his ass was trouble and I hit his shit and his crakkka ass took off…..


You gotta get reeeeal nigger on these mofos sometimes (I ain’t into that respectable politricks shit – folks can kiss my ass and toe dat line before I ‘woke ya like I did this crakkka’s ma here).

I saw his retarded ass looking at me – obsessed – the next day (it HAD to be this ugly dinosaur headed reptilian influencing this shit like it has done with so many others)…..

Meanwhile, I stumbled upon this nice old white gentlemen from the South who told me some wetbacks hit his window and busted it for no reason….


Trying to run him out (in a place that is part of the country where HE was born).

I recall once thinking a lil white girl they have with them was the dude who raped me – she looked troubled as they followed her with one yelling, “What’s wrong with you” like she a man (I sense she is slow and they sexually take advantage of her – nastay ass wetbacks) and when I saw them looking into my friend’s suv ahead, one said, “I ain’t afraid to beat a bitch!” I was told by the guy that that night they posted by the light by the PCH yelling at drivers to “leave.”

A ‘wokeing I think is in orda hea…..

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Poor man! He told me the cops didn’t want to do shit cause they territorial (they need to go back to they own fucking countray with that shit instead of coming over here telling Americans what to do). I talked about this with fruitbat and her mentality here:

Don’t Think You Can Come Over Here To America And Disrespect Us Americans

That said, last time I saw em – they usually cruise with 5 – I only saw that they down to 3…. I wonder why…..

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

The next day me and Colton did a lil talking…. he wanted to walk down to the beach but it is too crowded (as an empath I don’t like to be around alot of people) and too hot (I pass OUT in the fucking heat which is why I started going topless) and I was just…. I stayed in my car, but drama still followed me…..


Then the next day….. tell me this sky don’t look like how the name Red Dawn would insinuate:

I wanna say this man here…..

Is a very nice man…. I got him wrong (and even then I knew I fucked up cause he funny) here…..

This Is Why I Am More Accepting Of Whites Than I Could EVER BE Of Wetbacks

Very nice man, held a great conversation, just sincere. Now, see the difference between hispanics and crakkkas is that they don’t get me twisted based on the topless (and sometimes nude) thing. You got some who hate themselves who will feel the need to “validate” themselves by going higher up the economic rung who will look down on me and poorer members of their group as in to say, “I ain’t like that…. I am above that” like some assholes in these nice new fancy whips that they stole who I saw the other day but….. what I am trying to get at is they will still see and treat me as human, with respects! The old fat nasty ass crakkkas on the other hand be on some dumb shit!

That said, here is a spiritual symbol:

– The number 44 in numerology at least personally for me means overcoming obstacles…. I read it from a more intuitive stance cause for me the definition ain’t set.

That’s why in part I took a picture with ole dude cause even in my drunken state I knew it was symbolic of something.

That said, I also did some egg cleansings which I will talk about in another blog…..

2nd day……

That said I SEVERLY needed to take a spiritual bath:

…..All the dumb shit I did ??

Here the final one with my experiences on Colton…..


He is a VERY smart dude! He also carries the same aura I have seen with celebrities. For instance years ago in my biz I saw a man…. won’t name names – who saw me as a prostitute. His aura was unlike most people’s: it was solid, strong and powerful (I even saw pink around Colton’s crown chakra for a brief sec.). Colton got the SAME aura – it attracts all sorts of mofos (people have said the same about me). It is an aura of someone meant to influence people via their energy alone on a mass scale.

That said, my only issue with Colton is that he can be closed minded and I feel he should be more in touch with his spiritual side. HE IS VERY INTELLIGENT AND FUCKING INTUITIVE – he sensed what that whyte weirdo was all about when he first saw his car.

Here are NEW examples of his close mindedness:

– I let his ass know he come out here to attack me over a difference of opinion and I will stab his ass!

He sincerely got problems!

Problem is he thinks too logical! Even though he has a hyperdimensional, multidimensional consciousness he is too rooted and focused on the 3D, as if everything is based on the physical even though he states – and I long believed this to be the case (this was the basis for The Matrix):

…..that we are lil holographic 3D projections being manipulated by an alien. I can get behind that (and long suspected that) cause when I have seen 4D entities, just their skeletal structure look like a computer 3D rendering:

So there is truth to that!

However he is too stuck on his belief system based on a series of constructs he conjured up like, for instance…. he believes in a holographic universe but not ghosts and spirits. For instance, a while back I had a “dream” or as I call it astral vision where, when I went to check on some broken blinds – an entity (it was Raiden from Mortal Kombat – something conjured by a foe’s imagination) punched my hand palm and when I awoke I still felt the pain…..

…..That shit is real, yet he just dismisses that as being a dream though where the punch hit there was still pain when I awoke. I sleep in my car and the se way I always did so if you wanna get scientific about it anyone else doing it, my own folly etc can be ruled out!

That said, I can get behind of us being avatars for an alien’s giant supercomputer video game cause, as I have experienced, I was experiencing the memories of Chris Redfield (it wasn’t like a regular dream either) where I awoke in this body after jumping out the window after seeing the giant spider in Resident Evil. Though he subscribes to quantum physics – so he claims – he dismisses that as a “dream.” Taking into account what he said the Resident Evil universe exist somewhere in the multiverse and Chris Redfield’s soul awoke in my body as a sort of reincarnation or what is known as quantum immortality:

The Time Chris Redfield Reincarnated Into My Body After He Died

Still, he dismissed it – the idea of a “video game character” being reborn into my body tho he subscribes to the notion of a hyperdimensional being ruling us as a computer simulation…..

My inference is that there IS an alien controlling shit – it is the demiurge, which is an ugly aborted fetus archon casted into our imperfect universe of duality:

I aborted his ass via an egg cleansing lol

He was created by Sophia, an Aeon who resides outside this unity-verse (the word) and is an aspect of The Source which is dual male, female, the all from which our souls derive…..

Mary Plaster 09032003

– Damn even back then they portrayed Sophia The God Aeon as black ??

Sophia gave birth to ugly ass demiurge and he, like the big kid it is, created this holographic universe to entertain itself, entrapping our souls as energy in vessels called physical bodies to feed the “physical” holographic universe it got casted in:

This how Yaldaboath aka the demiurge aka Authadia REALLY looks like….

This the avatar he uses to play the game….

That’s why a piece of him appeared in the egg yolk I used to do the egg cleansings with….

You can learn more on him here:

Look this one here even SHOWS the different avatars the demiurge uses to represent itself in video games…..

Colton is right but only in part and if he were to open his mind more – which I feel SOMETHING is strangulating his ability to do so – it would really help him and be of service to him.

I don’t like willfull ignorant arrogance. As a former friend once said, there is stupidity and ignorance. Stupid means you don’t know but you are open when you intuitively know it is right! Keyword is intuitive. Ignorance is willful stupidity. Colton falls into that.

He has perceptive abilities but like with many whites – as I broke down here – he thinks he knows everything.

White Folks: Not Everybody Is Like Ya’ll

To add insult to injury I think he just likes to antagonize for instance, we agreed gangstalking is real but then when I brought it up as the main part of an argument he started telling me that me and another friend of his are “too into the gangstalking.” TF! I think he said it cause we were arguing. What he knows is not know-ledge gained via intuitive but instead logic combined with an almost religious like devotion to a set of beliefs he conjured based on his own prejudiced logical inference. He an atheist and back when that shit was BIG on youtube I noticed that they were ALOT like what they say religious people are: worshipping science (which merely means to know but science ain’t gonna know EVERYTHING) with a religious like fervor, exactly how Colton is! Science changes cause facts change. There was a time that science said blacks are inferior:

Just recently science went from saying everyone in Afrika has no neanderthal dna to saying we now do and there was a time they said we just came from monkies to us coming from alien dna:

Hell, not too long ago the parallel universe theory and holographic universe theory was dismissed as science fiction and now mugs know it’s true:

Quantum mechanics is an extension of this, and now we got quantum computers:

Science changes aka evolves cause know-ledge, what we know, changes so he gotta be one ignorant mofo to have his whole BELIEF system revolve around science.

Intuition is the best thing to rely on.

For instance – I know when my shit is right and when I could be wrong based on intuition.

My intuition proved me right here!

Why You Gotta Look At The Messenger Before Accepting The Message

Because I am in touch with my higher self which is a part of the greater consciousness stream, I know when to do, say shit and when not to! If a person’s energy don’t feel right to me I call em out! I’m always right cause I am connected to that higher stream of consciousness that connects to other people’s shit and my consciousness IS 11th dimensional.

Colton’s is high up to! I saw astrally that his crown chakra is open so he got some good shit, spiritually, going on!

I don’t like the folks harassing him, gangstalking him and I STRONGLY feel that if he were to break into his spiritual abilities like I did:

(This my fav ‘woke by far)

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

He would ‘woke people up like I have….. lol tee hee

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