The Demiurge Sends A Yellow Dragon To Fight Me As I Come Into My Spiritual Power


I used my third eye to send him and his buddies to hell ????

I won’t say much but I am becoming alot more powerfull ?? I’ve been hellbent and working or shall I say ‘wokeing on the inner changes necessary to help me become a beast when it comes to spiritual prowess.

The demiurge don’t like it ?? and lemme break it down…..

I’ve said before that I notice a trend: those who hurt me THE WORST seems to be protected by the higher evil powers I am fighting and seeking to overcome.

Case in point the mofo who stabbed me:

A while back I had an astral vision in which I saw him and his gf at a party. At the party some shit seemed to break out and swamp water – witch ??‍♀️ connotes to where I come from, Louisiana – was swallowing em whole. I THEN saw them get submerged under the water till two alligators surfaced with them on their backs, riding em like jetski’s…..

– It’s crazy cause as mentioned here he came around to protect me in the astral…..

I Knew That There Was Something Keeping Me Bound And Miserable And Astral Traveling

I believe those crocodilians, who used to call themselves “protecting” me, as long as I suppressed my spiritual gifts and stayed within the confines of the matrix – I saw one time back in my old neighborhood, wearing hoods. I also had some sent to fuck with me by dude here:

Do Not Buy Crystals From John Herd Near The Border of Ventura and Malibu

With that being – that’s why I been breaking free of shit and don’t trust ANY so called “protectors” – I now realEYES ? my strong soul, my strong spirit been what’s been protecting me – I had an astral vision early this morning (it feels so GREAT having my spirit and soul get put back together and aligned properly again).

I was with Colton Wood. We were both homeless and on the street – I hope not a portend cause I saw back in my old apartment evil spirits wanting to lead me down that road – and we were sorta together as friends. He tried to rape me (rape in the astral is symbolic of taking someone’s power just as it means such in the physical realm) and I saw his white dick – it was pretty long and big – but I effortlessly threw him off and he resigned.

This happened RIGHT AFTER I asked my third eye to show me where my baby brother is in the astral and I heard murmurs of hell right before seeing this…..

Now – like as he does irl – we were staying in a AirBnB, in a brick building similar to what they got in NY. OUT OF NOWHERE a yellow dragon appears to poke holes in the wall across from the building in which it drew out these large cylinders made of brick.

I knew it was looking for us so I got Colton up and we both got the fuck out!

We ran to a library and I recall the thing followed us there. I recall “hearing” that I can’t do certain things and only “god” controls shit. It was also “saying” that my brother was “with god” but I gotta say he was in hell which would make what I say as “god” being the devil and ruling the underworld as low key told here (it describes the demiurge) true:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

I recall the dragon trying to make a deal with the library patrons and staff saying, “If you just hand over the girl, we won’t destroy ya’ll building.” I recall hiding under a stairway and seeing Colton “asleep” which translates to him not being, nor esp. TRYING to come into his spiritual power in real life! I saw him vanish and I thought of running to my car – but I could not find it…..

That shit was vivid.

It’s like honest something doesn’t want me using my abilities to help me….

I think this what the buy-bull meant by the antichrist – PEEP “god” don’t like me coming into my power, “defying” it in it’s realm! They say satan has a feminine energy…..

It is FUCKED UP that I can get people for simple slights like this:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

But I can’t get people who deliberately hurt me, kick me in the stomach like this asshole did here:

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

– As a matter of fact when I asked my third eye to show me who sent it, the yellow dragon, I was shown two t rex dinosaurs, the yellow dragon and a red one around his ass…..

I’m not gonna lie…. I want the mofo dead. I throw my cards and it is THAT evil shit that quite possibly sent him that is protecting him.

This is not the first time.

Same for the other mofo here…..

I Got Into A Fight With A White Dude Who Is In The Entertainment Industry

Right after that happened and right around when the bugga bugga raghead nigger ifa “priest” from ape-rica came around….. I was trying to kill his ass with black magic and I recall – again – I was with Colton Wood. We were by this home, the doorstep where there was a red headed baby girl who, I forgot her name, but it was indicated she had been kidnapped. We went in, then a family of dark haired people were in there, white, and the son – I think he had red hair, he was 15, was trying to see me topless and then sleep with me via a mirror – meaning he probably trying to do mirror magick on me – in his room which was painted green, had posters (this was too detailed to be a regular dream). It then flipped with all us going to the beach. I recall then not being able to wake up and then I panicked. I only “woke” after the ifa priest came around. I then was in a sorta village with brick buildings, look like something in Africa:

I saw one African lady who stood out walking on a beam…..

I was then transferred to another scene where it was shown that assholes who I fought riding on a bike with his howdie doodie Crispin Glover looking ass. I think I spotted him in this Playboi Carti music video:

Fucking old cliches of mixing stereotypically old white wealthy people with young energy!

The voice in it sounded like him…..

I then heard “He is on parole” meaning he fuck up again he gone ?⚰

I want them dead.

That being said, I am a gnostic which is the best descriptor to give me. I hate “god”. “god” is an evil mofo named Yaldaboath aka the demiurge:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

God Pazuzu Amun and Satan ARE ALL The Same God

Read this on that demon:

That thing, yaldaboath, rules the physical realm. It is an e-vil mofo that requires blood sacrifice to exist, hence the sacrificing of Christ = sun ? aka Yashuah Ben Pendira so no one has to sacrifice anyone anymore to live:

As broken down in the matrix…..

The demiurge feeds off of our souls. It attempts to, like a computer program, kick out those aware of it which is why it creates hell for those who awaken to the power of their souls and who they truly are which is a true aspect of God, the TRUE GOD which our Souls come from, like me!

It tries to get us to commit suicide, turn folks against us, the whole nine yards.

As Bobby Hemmitt said, it is an ignorant “god” who thinks it is the only god and is unaware that a TRUE FEMALE GOD, an Aeon named Sophia, created it:

This what ya’ll war-ship ass (hypo) christians and muslims:

– An ooglay mofo!

Here Baba Bobby Hemmitt talking on it:

With that being said, the demiurge does not like my coming into my Sophia power – being able to create AND kill = duality (I choose administering death ☠⚰).

That’s why that mofo is sending all that adversity (to get me to kill myself) while restraining me from getting my righteous vengeance = ☠⚰

This is why I innately hate men. I thought it had something to do with my past lives of rape and murder at their hands but I think all that shit, as I broke down here…..

The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

Missy Misdemeanor Ellitot No Man GLOW Proves Men Are NATURAL Energy Vampires

This is why they are “pro life” aka anti-womban.

Their purpose is to keep womben suppressed and our energy redirected towards this physical Earthrealm to maintain as part of a pernicious cycle the lifeblood of the demiurge by, as per our innate capacity, using us to create organic vessels ie bodies to house souls from which it derives it’s sustenance.

Without our souls the demiurge and it’s system will die and we will be able to coexist with the astral again as the human species once did!

This is why males innately push rape culture, rape victim blame, double standard slut shaming and violently hate when they are called out on it – as I have so recently experienced – cause they are agents of the demiurge.

That is why I see it and take it as an attack when one approaches me with amorous affections or that they are attracted to me in any way. As someone with this know-ledge, as an agent of Sophia and the Aeon energy, it is an attack, it’s a threat and I treat it as such.

The demiurge a “he” btw…..

The whole Earthling worldly shit of seeing it thru individual, norp lenses don’t work. I see the whole picture, the bigger picture. You can’t phase me!

Let a mofo come up and I’ll knock his ass down ??

That being said, Colton Wood was allowed to disappear cause he ain’t a threat (note as much as I have tried to help him he tried to rape me in the astral and steal my power witch ??‍♀️ is why I instantly see males as the enemy). I saw in the astral that his crown chakra is open. That is why he was with me.

Dude is so steeped in materialistic addictions:

He drinks ALOT!

That’s why he gets attacked cause he is a soulled human with the potential to awaken to his soul purpose. Demiurge don’t like that. That mofo wants to keep us asleep and will send scary visions to force us to war-ship it as it did to her:

This nigga LOOK demonic. He strike me as a child predator:

Her features look demonic…..

That’s what been happening to me cause Eye ? Sea ? the shit for what it is so it don’t phase me….

That mofo, Yaldaboath, wants us folks to stay stupid to the true power of our Souls which comes from the Source.

As broken down here:

That said, I found some interesting stuff on the yellow dragon – and this why I touched on the demiurge:

The yellow dragon is a diety in Chinese culture whose birth is eerily similar to the HEY-Zeus “christ” aka krishna myth of Hypo- Christianity:

Funny that “born of a virgin” thing is a thing all around the world in many cult-ures meaning it got some basis in fact…..

That said considering the yellow dragon is some type of creation figure – and given reptilians were protecting this asshole – this here says dinosaurs were seen in hell:

….this was definitely a demiurge hit.

The mofo wants me off this Earthplane and does not want me coming into my full power. That’s why, like them poor lil people who are being manipulated into thinking they’ll go to hell if you don’t sell your soul to the demiurge (I saw that lady up there WILL be going to a hellish underground cavern anyways as seen thru my third eye), this mofo been constantly manipulating me, trying to hinder me from doing what I got to do to get resolutions.

I ain’t calling on no Oshun, I ain’t calling on shit!

I’m God and fuck these motherfuckers…..

Another thing…. when you die, so The Source or your soul tribe will get you before agents of the demiurge do, Alex Collier broke down how to evade that system:

– Shit someone took the perfect part from his lecture (they loooong) right at the perfect time ??

Just like I did when I defeated them heauxz Yemaya and Oshun, call on The Source to come into you and fuck they asses UP!

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