Putting ‘Woke On Crakkkas With White Entitlement Issues

Putting ‘Woke On Crakkkas With White Entitlement Issues




I ‘woked his predatory ass to HELL! Hope he enjoys that hellride, fucking with me, ole dumbass bitch!

That said, I CAN’T STAND when a mofo wanna leer at me like I am a 1 dimensional object, a thing. Naw bitch you fucking with a Hell Goddess. My specialty is ‘wokeing mofos and sending them to hell like I did theelse wetbacks the other night….

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

That lil dog didn’t come out, running for nothing! Them mugs can see what we can’t and when he saw that portal to hell he ran the FUCK. OUT ???

Or just like the time I laughed in the face of a dude who I caused to lose his mama due to my black magic ‘woke:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

Or all these souls who I caused to have problems, sent to mental homes (due to seeing my demons) all cause of my ‘woke:

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

I don’t play. I know my power and I am not restrained from using it.

That being said I CAN NOT STAND a nasty fucking esp. fucking fat ass CRAKKKA who got the nerve to sexualize me cause I am black and use as an extra cherry on top my being topless to do it…..

Crakkkas like this crakkka here who, while I was with Colton Wood, HAD THE AUDACITY to come his ass and act like he was trying to help (help himself to my pussy). I almost – it is a good thing that Colton was on the driver’s side cause I woulda punched him in his face to get his ass to drive off…..


Mofos got me twisted and think I’m all hippie and shit cause I walk around topless and shit. Bitch, don’t forget I can be a nigger when I need to be!

I also look a lil wetbackish:


My grandmother (I know her last name which was English) I ALWAYS felt looked South American and my mom had cousins with long straight hair (she had what she called brickish reddish hair) so she told me so it always made me wonder…..

That explains why my eyes can do the reptilian shapeshift:

Peep here my eyes got an turquoise iris with an alligator shaped pupil:

Now read this reddit story where a man working in a hospital says he witnessed a hispanic man’s eyes shapeshift the same way….

Now I’m wondering about something…..

That explains why I could laugh in that dude’s face about his ma dying at the handz of mah ‘woke:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

Hell (pun intended), I’m from New Orleans and where I come from – with all the voodoo shit – we can be some hateful vicious mofos but because, like Mexicans, we got a large party drinking culture – well, cause we lack the Quetzalcoatl genes (I may have that shit tho given the reptilian eye shapeshifts I’ve seen myself do) – well, it kinda dims us from being as vicious as the Hate-ians otherwise known as Haitians.

We our own culture. We are not like the rest of the South or America for that matter.

With that being said I CAN NOT STAND – with a passion – the way those mofos will stop and leer. Honest, when Mexicans do it there is a synergy, an acknowledgement that I am human even though there is a sexual component to it. WHEN WHITE DUDES DO THAT SHIT, THE ENERGY I FEEL from it is straight sex object, like you are supposed to see from THEIR PERSEPECTIVE that you are not human! There is a strong pernicious “othering” going, the lack of seeing you as not a full fleged human – and I feel that – which is why I go more on the defense with they ass cause it is a defense mechanism to make SURE they know who the fuck they are dealing with and let them know….

THE WORST is when they take that offencive-defensive stance bourne out of white privilege where they act like you supposed to lack the intuition we got naturally WHICH THEY CRAKKKA ASSES LACK and just supposed to be stupid and not know what the fuck is going on.

Take this landwhale of a crakkka hea ?? and his truck….

Look like he was about to throw something away there….

Looka that trash he left yesterday, coming over here to leer (probably hoping I come and pick it up – topless – but I came at him another way that had his nasty crakkka ass calling the po-lease ??‍♂️?)….

….Picked that shit up and threw it right in his thing, covered (I knew what the fuck he was there for and wanted to bust his shit)…..

He was coming out here to throw large ass fucking boxes out like it’s a dumping ground:


It mighta been him – or the wetbacks who I put ‘woke on (I sense strongly it was them) the other day who called the police….


That said, you white people need to check your fucking attitude! Like I said before – and I’ve seen this with even the nicest and most well meaning – ya’ll got a fucking arrogance about ya that I do not see in any other race…..

Looka these crakkka’s comments here…..

Lil dude at the end called her out!

How the FUCK you gonna tell me how to feel about what is supposed to be MY OWN ISSUES coming from a racial perspective (I tried to go find my original comment but in typical crakkka fashion ?? like that fat crakkka in the pick up truck above, they gotta call the po-lease – those she saying that silly ass “acab” – the insta-heaux police)!

That reminds me of The Color Purple scene where all them white “men” ganged up on Oprah Winfrey to beat her (spirit) down so she can validate a honkkkey bitch:

There was a film where a crakkka got angry cause a black lady who could pass – this was back in the 18th century – rejected his sorry pink limp dick bizcuit azz….. The name escapes me but I will try to see if I can find it later….

Speaking of witch ??‍♀️ I recall many times coming across crakkkas – and even wetbacks – who’d get indignant if you called em out for sexual harassment (that’s why I stay putting ‘woke on dem wetbacks for that shit and more…..), folding they arms like how dare (I am HAPPY I can fucking ‘woke cause they finally know what they are dealing with with this black bitch)!

Just like that lady in that film people be misjudging me cause I am black, talk a certain way and live in my car ie a hippiee who in their mind war-ships white bois, thinking that I can’t do shit and then they learn…..

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

They learn….

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Then they KNOW what they are dealing with…..

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

I enjoy ‘wokeing mofos. It’s a hobby and I get souls that only strenghten my soul up!

Then you will sea ? who is superior….

I can’t wait to come into my powers even more so so I can OBVIOUSLY fuck with pee-pole using telekinesis (I already got telepathy AND telekinesis somewhat) and more.

In the back of their mind I strongly sense that as a group their consciousness hasn’t left slavery and we as blacks can sense that they STILL see us as property!

Even when whites are “liberal” they gotta pull out their “I am still a card carrying member of the white race” and thus I still got my white superiority card!

Or this white bitch right here (reminds me of this white heaux here) where ya’ll think the world revolves around ya’ll opinions, where you think mindlessly that we are going to think the same way you all do and chauvinistically expect it! It kinda reminds me how they demand immigrants act “America” aka white and that mentality is symptomatic of major innate flaw in ya’ll mofos’ programming…..

White Bitch Gets Christopher Cased After Trying To Summon Papa Legba To Kill Black Lover

That said, ya’ll need to watch your fucking selves and your fucking mouths! Even when liberal you all got the white nanifest destiny mentality where ya’ll think ya’ll know what is best for everybody and treat people like they are fucking children and don’t know no better and can’t decide for themselves.

That mentality is RIGHTFULLY fucking ya’ll up in the form of former colonies reclaiming ya’ll asses after ya’ll took em over to steal their resources and try to treat em like chern that don’t know what’s best for em…..

They just colonising Europe like ya’ll did to em! Fuck ya’ll!

When you tell crakkkas this shit, they don’t wanna hear it!

I have been attacked by crakkkas where they fetishize you but wanna treat “you like a man” for defending yourself back….

Chasing My Rapist

Crakkka Males Can Get This ‘Woke Too


I remember this very well ?? It was during my “lord satan” period, lol! The next day, fuck – AFTER HE WAS GETTING BEAT UP LEFT AND RIGHT FOR WHAT HE DID TO ME!

Spiritually, I don’t play!

Fuck, even physically but I am known and I don’t wanna go to jail so I do spirit ‘woke on people to fuck em up so that way I don’t have to go to jail AND I can fuck the person up GOOD by fucking up their life here as well as wreaking their afterlife UP, something you do not want!

Watch who you fucking cross!

That said, getting back to what I was saying about possibly having a lil wetback in me somewhere….. I’m brutal when it comes down to witchcraft like those mofos and, if I could get away with it I’d be slitting heads and drinking blood too:

Shid look GOODT I won’t lie….

That’s my blood I’m drinking….

That said, you got mofos out here – like me – who can fuck you up without going thru your lil system – which is designed and set up to be in favour of you all – thru otherworldly means. You can call ya’ll lil po-lease…..

Just look at the names (I think he changed his profile pic a day after but it’s him)…..

He was getting a lil too uppity when I wouldn’t kiss these crakkkas’ asses (hope she enjoyed the miscarriage)…..


Had to do ‘woke to defend myself (I saw the writing on the wall).

I forgot to mention that kids aren’t sacred to me, too.

I have had 2 abortions – lil half crakkkas – and during the second one, when I used the pill to induce that basturd out of me, I ate part of it in a ritual to ingest it’s life force.

That shit goes back to the ancient mystery school religions and spiritual systems where a part of an enemy was devoured to strenghten the lifeforce of another….

Them lil half crakkka trick babies weren’t gonna take a part of me, which is why I devoured their ass, to return a piece of what was taken from me.

That said, I am a ruthless mofo. You can do all your lil “call the cops” shit but just remember I can fuck you up in a way that won’t cost me prison time but it will cost you your soul.

Don’t fuck with me. Toe the line!

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