White Man Tells Me About Wetbacks Kidnapping White Girls On The PCH For Sex Slavery And Running American Homeless Off

We’re gonna need the Proud Boys for them thingz:

These thingz need to know their fucking place as I said here…..

Don’t Think You Can Come Over Here To America And Disrespect Us Americans

I’ve said it time and time again (I KNOW I am beating a dead horse) that there is something innately demonic and evil about them….

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

Article Showing MS 13 Members War-shipping Satan CONFIRMS That Wetbucks Are The Hellspawn of Quetzalcoatl

The Difference In How Mexicans Treat A Hostile White Lady Vs A Black Lady

– Just search wetback, wetbuck or any other variation to find more articles I did to connect the dots…..

This is why I don’t get on white people as much! Just today they had a NASTY FUCKING DEMONIC SEED OF QUETZALCOATL WHO – I COULD TELL – POSTED HIS ASS OVER THERE, DELIBERATELY, TO ANTAGONIZE ME (I sense that mofo gay but since I’m still in a healing period – in the throes of it – my intuition is a lil off). As if GUIDED BY AN OVERPOWERING FUCKING EVIL, I COULD SEE HIS ASS LOOKING OVER HERE! I went over there to straighten his ass OUT and he runs off but before acts like he is going to run me over.

You damn right I ‘woked his ass like I did these wetbucks here (still dying ? laughing at how that dog took off that night from that rv once I opened up a portal to hell in there):

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

Hope he enjoys the demons…..

Leave people the fuck alone…. I ain’t no zoo animal to be staring at shit – I don’t care what a woman wear or don’t fucking wear…..

Like me and that white man were talking about yesterday they have an UNUSUAL PREOCCUPATION WITH SEX!


The Filipinos were conquered by the spaniards and had HYPOchristianity imposed on em but they ain’t hypersexual or ultra violent like the wetbacks:

That’s that fucking demonic ass Quetzalcoatl gene them things got:

Here they are, tearing this dude’s heart out like their demon godfather Quetzalcoatl did back in the day….


Now where do you see the shit they do on bestgore being done by ANY OTHER FUCKING GROUP! The muslims do beheadings and shit but that’s cause of religion.

They got a rhyme and reason.

Wetbacks are just pure fucking evil sadistic sadists who are in denial about they shit and wanna hide behind “race” to keep that shit from getting out, info on their true nature!

And I am gonna say this right now: You will NOT STOP ME FROM CONFRONTING YOUR ASSES! I KNOW you all operate under a reptilian hivemind – I’ve heard ya’ll echo things about me that others don’t know, that only spirits will disclose to you! You think that shit gonna stop me from confronting your ass? Bitch, you got me wrong! NOTHING STOPS ME FROM BEING ME!

I HATE WHEN MOFOS DO THAT! I was already in a peaceful state of zen then that demonic ass Quetzalcoatl demon seed WETBACK comes along to fuck it up…..

Imma do some more egg cleansings cause when they on some bullshit it is usually symptomatic of something evil around me trying to fuck shit up since them empty vessel soulless mofos are easy to occupy cause their whole fucking cult-ure of sex, death and sadism is low vibratory, which puts them on the perfect frequency for evil entities to occupy em (their dna and bloodline also makes them more conducive)…..

That said, this gentleman spoke the truth about they asses!



My boy Big Rell is back and he posted this news article – like total serendipity – that rudimentarily TALKS ABOUT WETBACKS KIDNAPPING AMERICAN WHITE WOMEN TO BE SOLD OFF INTO SEX SLAVE OPERATIONS:

– Anybody fucking with that man’s page will get ‘woked, esp. you wetbacks!

He also spoke of an event where – you can hear it there – but a bunch of rounded themselves up in new trucks – probably stolen – and started harassing the homeless off the PCH, knocking on their trailers, etc. and then FOLLOWED them further down as they drove to other spots.

How cruel – but you can not expect human compassion from what is not human!

Wetbacks aren’t human, I’m sorry, and many folks who come to California come away hating wetbacks when they experience empirically their true devious demonic nature!

I have lived in New York, was born in New Orleans, lived in Worcester, MA and have NEVER had the problems I have had like I have had with wetbacks!

That’s why Trump stays on they ass:

Look at the fucking caption lol….

Speaks volumes…..

When I lived in NYC, it wasn’t a pretty Puerto Rican who raped me, or a Dominican or a Cuban…. it was an ugly fat nasty wetback and it was brutal!

It was wetbacks who stabbed and tried to run me over, amongst other things out here…..

You damn right I don’t like em!

And then, when I try to go after them spiritually I can’t cause they have something evil protecting them cause they are evil!

It’s like them things get sent to subdue my strenght, my power, my self esteem by evil shit in the astral realm that wants to get at me!

As I made great strides at healing from a childhood wound (this shit so severe I think I may get a real reiki expert to help – even writing this tho is healing) I heard a reptilian – the shit that controls wetbacks – hisss in disapproval!

Now, I don’t want people to take my shit the wrong way! Dumbasses seem to think that I am supposed to confine myself to a box like most of the world do, and portray a certain way of thinking all the time 24/7…..

– He has a very sweet soul!

But I am not gonna let certain experiences influence and shape my point of view towards groups, even towards certain “hispanics”…..

I can tell when a person has a soul and when they don’t.

The vast majority of people in the world are organic portals:

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

MOST PEE-POLE who are organic portals will fall into the “stereotypes” or really programming set for them by the demiurge:

I talk about him (and all through this blog) here:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

With whites – being as observant as I am – they fall into a certain categorical way of being, which I break down here:

Putting ‘Woke On Crakkkas With White Entitlement Issues

Blacks do as well (I honest don’t have much kinship with them outside of perceived race and shared experiences)…..

We Need More Darren Wilsons and George Zimmermans for Black Men

RAADDRR-VAN aka Rondell Darden of Wu-Tang Clan Threatens To Rape A Woman


Why I HATE Black Bitches With A PASSION

How Black Women Oppress Other Black Women


– You see all those articles about black women? See I am a nuanced individual. I won’t let people take me away from myself again and try to push me into a corner, into a box and be “down” with one group.

I’m just gonna say it like this: no matter how many times I been raped or stabbed, the deepest wounds come from black bitches (and to think they got black bitches who wanna tell me not to say anything):

Do Not Send Your Kid To St. Katherine Drexel High School AKA Xavier Prep

I still deeply imprinted in the form of scars of when one black bitch nigger teacher, Ms. McCleod (hope she dead and in hell) took me deliberately before the class and embarassed for using big words and trying to “speak smart.” I had crakkka “teachers” there, to fit in with the niggers, do the same! I mean it is a crime to fuck with children’s heads when they’re developing. I recall when Ms. McCleod’s ole mayate ass brother, who worked for Monsanto, spoke before us in an auditorium and told me to “lower my vocabulary.” I remember when them black bitches would smile like this light skinned math teacher and a coupla others and delighted in embarassing me before the class, taunting me while smilling with one saying, INSISITING I need to care about the “toxic” opinions of others.

I already felt like I missed out on the whole high school experience going to that nigger school and to have it compounded by that one day – when that science teacher told me to “drop the english accent” which I flounted to throw folks off of the big words…..

That fucked me up! My programming, my way of thinking was, “I may be attending this nigger school but at least they ain’t telling me nigger things – at least outright – like don’t speak well or, more dreadingly, white…..”

I was and still am, a very sensitive child and I am a child at heart. That’s why I am not hardened by my experiences – I mean, all that shit with the stabbings is like a paper clip compared to the shit done to me there, where their words burned the most and set the stage…..

Look, Imma keep it real! I know I have visions of how life woulda turned out had I attended the alternate school – De La Salle (I sense my best woulda been metriculating into Benjamin Franklin) – but I know that shit can and do get tampered by entities so I don’t know wtf! That said, I have guilt cause I strongly feel that I let their bullshit in – but I was a kid who was innocent, very innocent with a sorta innocent in a way worldview, with a sensitive innate core. I feel I let myself down by letting folks take away. That chemistry said that shit when I was at my most sensitive (kundalini awakening) but even if she didn’t I would still have to deal with the psychological trauma of them telling me not to use “big words.”

I mean it’s fucked up and can mess esp. a child’s head up when the people you are supposed to look up to tell you, discourage you from doing the right thing and being the right way and telling you to be wild and crazy…..

I’ll never forget Ms. McCleod telling me after all that teachers fucked her life up too! She was a math genius and asshole teachers discouraged her and she always pondered how far she could of gotten hadn’t they done that!

Here I sit in my car. I would always put on a front and try to shoulder it but I can’t do like others do. I am an empath. I absorb folks energies, inner thoughts like a sponge to water or better yet, more accurately, a disease to a person. As I sit and try to heal, the effects of that emotional STILL have my vocal chords severely restrained due to the psychological damage (I feel a lil freer writing that)! It’s like a curse and I always thought it was a curse:

Throat Chakra Healing Freemason Curses And Why You Should NEVER Go To Nigger Spiritualists

I always thought I was under some curse to keep me from coming in to my full potential. I’ve freed myself a coupla times but I think the wound runs deep, VERY DEEP cause I picked up on her energy when saying it – an energy of envy – and that’s always been the sin that fucks with my head the most.

I hate envious people. In some way I feel like I let myself down! I feel like I gave in to what they wanted. I talk of how I like being free and living in my car but with my voice constricted and with that still innocent part of me that made me me suppressed – I don’t feel truly free! I feel bound, restricted with knotts all over my body.

I’ve been trying mad hard to fight this shit but I just don’t know what to do. I been grappling with it all day and night and that’s why it pissed me off to see that mofo doing that shit!

It’s my life has become a cautionary tale where, this shit – my brother committing suicide and stuck in a hellish realm, evil shit fucking with me this shouldn’t be! It was that initial emotional psychological wound that caused this and…. I don’t deserve this. This shouldn’t be my life. I can do other things but fully heal me and it’s frustrating to say the least…..

That said Imma say – and this me being honest – of all groups that mexicans, hispanic, I respect the most cause you all are the most spiritual! You all have a deeper understanding of things that other groups do not – which is why other folks, including blacks, don’t resonate with me but I do with you all. I don’t know why but I think it may be due to a reptilian bloodline:

The Mexicans South Americans and Central Americans Are Under A Reptilian Curse

I think that you all are, innately, not really bad people at heart. You all are the most honest, hardworking – and the most sensitive, like me, to energies, people’s energies. I notice this. I sit back and observe.

I am the same way. I go all out even if someone is nice if they have bad attachments on them.

This is why I think bad shit keeps happening to me at the hands of hispanics cause something ? don’t want me to get t
THIS message out!

You all are spiritually powerfull, like me, but there are evil entities aka the archons, reptilians that conspire to keep you all’s abilities suppressed within the demiurge holographic kingdom!

I notice that when I start to heal – as one young black lady noticed a while back, pandemonium ensues….. Something will happen to tick me off, throw me off course, sabotage what I’m doing……

LOL that lady funny….

Imma have to do some egg cleansings cause I saw a man on top of my crown chakra that was red and that wasn’t good….

That said, I find from experience that the demiurge will place IN those who have the most potential to come into their soul energy power = Source power hellish programming via implants that will have you thinking you are at war with yourself when it is separate parts PLACED INTO YOU by the demiurge that you are at war with aka entity attachments…..

– Look at his eyes…. that says alot….

Smdh! – When you drink it allows for poseession!


I sincerely wanted to chase they ass but something telling me that’s what those spirits want so I can’t finish this at this moment! I’ll get they ass later…. I remember how the vehicle looks ??

That said, yesterday I worked my way towards opening my crown chakra. When I did I notice that the entity attachments that push for alcoholism and alcohol cravings was sloughing off. As I pushed higher and higher – while having this blockage in my throat chakra (most prominently esp. where my ear drums are at) – I noticed that if I drunk it took longer and longer to get over it, even if it were a small amount.

That said, evil entities use your genetics – which goes back to a human sacrificing reptilian bloodline – to induce alcoholism so it can induce you all to tap into that negative, reptilian Quetzalcoatl part of your genetics and do horrific shit that’s inhuman:

No other group really does this shit for pure sadism but ya’ll and you all gotta be honest with yourselves like I am with myself.

That said, another way they can affect you and activate negative dna is thru trauma, esp. generational:

– This ain’t funny! Why is that girl running away from home?

I grew up with the belt on my ass as a kid (I remember I dropped the kool aid when I was 5 and hid in the closet all day cause I feared the belt). Kids need discipline – now I am getting tinnitus in my right ear as I write this which means it is good that I am writing this – and, yes, their asses need the belt or chanclas as you call it but, why laugh. It seems like that shit is deployed just for pure sadism. Esp. if they small smack their hands and do it with well meaning intentions and not for sadism and that’s how you keep that negative shit down!

Violence feeds the negative shit, entities, tied to your dna. Don’t do that!

If you all get alcohol cravings, meditate! Esp. after trauma or after a hard day of dealing with shit, people’s shit folks – esp. ya’ll – are quick to run to the bottle or pussy (or dick) cause that shit is innately innured in your dna. Don’t!

sport, fitness, yoga and people concept – smiling couple meditating and sitting on mats over sea and rainbow in blue sky background

I can’t tell you how much fun ??????? I have had for the past coupla days doing breathing exercises, chilling and going into my own inner world and how much I accomplished doing it, spiritually!

I feel more powerful and am still in control of my own body by doing it!

Ask yourself why do you drink? Is it to deal with people you have nothing in common with? Like many starseeds (now my crown chakra whirring) is it cause you feel bad or feel something is wrong with you cause you don’t fit in? Fuck em! Drop em! Even when we talk to folks esp. us empaths create energy chords with em (which is why I need to be away from people) so fuck em! Drop em and disconnect. You don’t need them! Some may see it – esp. being empaths – as being “selfish” with their energy (I just had a thought) but you need to protect you just like how I walled up and didn’t give into peer pressure (despite emotional scarring) in high school.

With that said, the most important is to take care of you! Separate yourself from others if need be and heal old wounds. Entities attach to that and create webs from which other entities feed on to further sabotage you or any efforts at healing. I call it spider web programming:

Removing Spider Web Internal Programs And Entities While Healing

Another thing, practise black magick! Somebody wrongs you? You need to get that off your chest but be careful who you ‘woke cause you got pee-pole like this nut here:

Who have souls AND strong entity attachments that will nag and nag at you to throw you off course! Ignore them like I did that fool last night! He is controlled by a reptilian entity. You ‘woke a person like that and – it is analogous to someone devouring a zombie and then gaining the illness (entity attachment) you risk taking on the shit that is attacking them to get into, onto you!

That’s why I’m happy I quit sex work, many of those dudes got entity attachments that will latch onto you and cause addictions….

That said cause I know from personal experience when you do black magic you open portals to hell! You have to sorta kinda suture those holes up so that same shit don’t fuck with you and attract more bad shit to you.

I find egg cleansings can permanently keep that shit at bay but, entities will induce the alcohol cravings and – it’s weird and makes me feel controlled – last weekend I got mad drunk but the shit stayed away (now that I think of it it is cause I still had eggs in the car) but when I drunk recently with no eggs shit reattached! It makes me wonder if…. I gotta see why most folks who do dark schitt don’t have this issue. I peep most of em are under one of the matrix avatars…..

That’s a bad ass altar…..

That being said, the best I can advise from experience is to just stay away from shit that allows for possession and keep fighting evil shit and try to keep your vibrations high…..

Too pretty of a pic and perfect for this!

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