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Here a pic of his car (NIGGER ran off – I was unknowingly NOT filming the right way so I couldn’t get a proper picture):

The license plate is: CA5LRB414

WHY DID I NOT listen to my fucking INTU-ITION IS BEYYYOND ME! Man I fucked up! This crack head looking NIGGER who claims he works on Skid Row came up to my car early this morning to ask for tools for his car. I remember he had about 5 or 6 of the red band sockets in his hand. When he came back he only had TWO ITEMS (THIS WHY I DON’T TRUST NIGGERS AND THIS WHY SOMETHING WAS TELLING ME NOT TO TRUST THAT NIGGER)! So, to make a long story short, when I asked what happened to the other ones (this creepy ass nigger was playing with himself when I walked up – I had my dumbbell in hand which I thought was funny, lol), he got agitated and denied it of course. I had an intuitive sense it was in this igloo box he had in back. Nigger got agitated (clear sign he was GUILTY), said he wasn’t gonna let me look at shit, started cussing then FLED!

TO THINK he said he had a legit job on skid row – lol!

Here is my ratchet set:

WHEN THIS NIGGER first called himself introducing himself to me – I didn’t get a good sense about him! I felt a lying, deviant, devious energy – and his “wife” is a crackhead – she’s skinnier then me. I’m more toned!

That said, I know NIGGERS reading this will say: “You shoulda hit him, I woulda” and this and that…

It reminds me of how during the vandalism case (I was drunk when I hit the car, lol!) how the private investigator talked about how NIGGERS (He didn’t say it but I knew what he was talking about…) WILL DO SHIT IMPULSIVELY – NOT THINKING OF THE CONSEQUENCES – LIKE SHOOTING SOMEONE CAYSE THEY STOLE $12 OF CRACK FROM YOU and now you got a life sentence cause you acted impulsively. I have a tendency – even in the heat of the moment – to think things through (some would say too much). I even said it one time.

Even Baba Bobby Hemmitt said it:

That nigger was cussing when I just asked to see the igloo case and mofos wonder why they get SHOT, cussing, throwing a temper tantrum LIKE A CHILD!

In many cases, I have a tendency to overthink shit, the consequences and what could happen. To many people I appear to be a coward but I KNOW what I need to do to preserve and protect myself. Even in that assault with the Mexican case:

I thought shit through. I already know LAPD practices selective enforcement against me. If I woulda defended myself, did the karate kick – drew blood, I WOULDA BEEN FUCKED! I know from my experience if you draw blood in a fight out here in L.A. county then it’s YOU who will be going to jail! So, yeah, I sacrificed myself. It’s hard to get that off my chest. I threw cards and saw I woulda been in jail. I may have won – but I woulda lost my car. That’s why I follow my intuition (wish I would have in this case).

I remember the artist loft case (the case where I get assaulted first – cops don’t do shit then when they claim I came back and got VENGEANCE, NEXT THING YOU KNOW I’M IN JAIL: That’s why I gotta work on bringing justice for what happened. Trust me, I’m working on it cause I know I am treated SUBSTANTIALLY DIFFERENTLY than others – regardless of race!

There is also a reason behind WHY racial profiling exists. Shit just don’t happen in a vaccum. There is a reason behind WHY people get stereotyped and there is truth to it. There was a lady complaining about being racially profiled in Malibu.

– I DO feel like someone is trying to sow seeds of destruction through witchcraft as conveyed by another tarot card reader, hinder my progress!

There’s a reason for it. It goes back to human nuances and seeing other groups as “others”. When you have the heightened level of consciousness which I have, you are able to discern individuals for WHO THEY TRULY ARE based on that individual (I KNEW that nigger’s soul was not good)! I saw it! Not everyone has my ability which is why people HAVE TO judge based on stereotypes, etc. It is the only way 3D functioning dense humans can be able to discern – and protect themselves – in this world!

Well, the nigger drove off and I’ll see to it he stays out! There’s ways to get people without putting hands. Trust and believe I have that power!


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