We Need More Darren Wilsons and George Zimmermans for Black Men

I will not lie to you…black men are fucking animals which is why I almost feel the need to say that we need more George Zimmermans as well as Darren Wilsons for them.


Let me explain. See, as the victim of street harassment, I can not tell you how many times I have been THREATENED by NIGGER MALES for not liking them, with physical violence involved or the threat thereof. I do not get this with Asian, latino even or even white men, but NIGGER MALES and they always look to deflect from their fucked up way of behavior by blaming the “white man” or anybody else but themselves based on an incident that happened a long time ago – slavery that didn’t even involve their black asses PERSONALLY since they did not exist then (their ancestors did but not them) as can be evidenced by these videos here:

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Notice how at one point the NIGGER with SuccessInk who is there with his latina wife (I notice alot of em will have non black omen and then still try to hit on ya) attempts to boot up to me as if I am a MAN after he stared at me, leered at me ie sexually harassed me with his eyes and I call him out on his shit. This is the typical thinking and behavior of most black males which makes me grateful for not dealing with those illogical apes, as most black women unlucky enough to be born with a sexual preference have to.

Here is part two of the Nigger with SuccessInk.

Also, these articles prove it as well, such as:

http://feministing.com/2014/10/17/when-black-women-die-from-street-harassment/ (Hell, how many of these black male ANIMALS who cried over thug Michael Brown are crying for their “sister”? I guess she should of shut her mouth and kept it moving as they tell us mostly black females to do. This is why I HATE black males and approve of police, fuck, Nazi violence against then. I hate them with a passion!

http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/10/17/1337149/-5-More-Women-Accuse-Marissa-Alexander-s-Abusive-Husband-Of-Extreme-Brutality 5 More women accuse Marissa Alexander’s abusive ex NIGGER partner of extreme violence and abuse. Seems to be a pattern with nigger males, eh? If they ain’t muh diking ie taking a woman’s body away from her without her consent via rape, they are sure as hell wooing women by beating them up into a pulp until they give in! And then the nigger male apologiusts and their cohorts will say it was her fault for choosing the wrong male partner, which is what alot of nigger males say to deflect from and take away from their acrid tendency to commit violence against women and other humans, unlike themselves, in society. That and the white man always get blamed for it. Fucking nigger males!

http://madamenoire.com/476135/man-kills-detroit-mother-of-three-after-she-rejected-his-advances/ Look, another “beautiful black queen” MURDERED cause she didn’t want a nigger male black “king” for her newest baby daddy, fucking nigger males! I can’t stand them. Even writing this is getting me emotionally upset and riled up. Damn, we need more George Zimmermans’s and Darren Wilson’s for these yard apes!



Anyways, black “men” are fucking animals. I personally feel many of them deserve to get shot by the cops. You know why? They have a barbaric, simple minded nature about them. Blacks in general CAN NOT for the most part think outside the box. Thy are, truly speaking, a very simple minded folk IN GENERAL and they are people incapable of understanding things beyond a rationale and norm that requires logic. Simply put, they are not deep thinkers and when you combine this attitude, this mentality, this belief system with hypermasculinity and misogyny which I will admit was started by the white man but was appropriated with a fervor and viciousness never before seen before by black men in any sort of patriarchy around the world, thus resulting in a mindless beast, an animal with no respect for other people’s lives, much less their own and they need to be stopped either through the power of the po po (police) or through a gun shot in the head. Look at these examples of how they simply and continuously harass me on youtube for being attracted to white males (naturally) among other things they harass me for, even threatening death against me, as can be seen from black male’s comments as proof:

Bedwench 9aBedwench 8a Bedwench 7a Bedwench 6a Bedwench 5a Bedwench 4a Bedwench 3a Bedwench 2a Bedwench 1a
























Chandler Windham Asshole
Abusive commentary left by the nigger known as Chandler Windham of the Bronx, NY!

Look at how many times they called me a bedwench for naturally being attracted to white men, with one as pictured here perpetually leaving messages as can be seen here:


Chandler Windham
The nigger’s name is Chandler Windham of the Bronx, NY! You can read his pitiful ass blog at: http://thepeoplesmic.blogspot.com/ And here is his facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chandler.windham











or threatening me, telling me that I deserve to have cum all over my face and killed with it all because I worked a scene with some white me in Ghetto Gaggers (most NIGGER males do this shit FOR FREE with unwilling sex partners. Meanwhile, these white dudes PAID ME and willingly did it with me with my consent!) or even deflecting their volatile behavior onto black women ie blaming everybody but themselves for why they do what they do and then calling you a racist for calling them out on their lack of social responsibility. Meanwhile they blame black women, tornadoes, WHITE MEN (their perennial favorite), rainbows, I mean ANYBODY BUT THEIR BLACK ASSES FOR WHY THEY DO THE ACTIONS THEY DO which is why people “malign” them ie they call it racist when you associate their behavior with being a rapist. This is why you can NOT be nice to black males when they sexually approach you. They already view politeness as a sign of weakness in the black community thus if you show those animals any sign of POLITENESS they take it to mean you want them, which is why you MUST be aggressive (ie carry a handgun in your purse) or some other method of direct forwardness (pepper spray and calling the po po would do) when dealing with the nigger bucks)! And, also, even if you DO get assertive and tell them no, nigger buck males take issue with it because they can’t stand to get rejected and feel entitled to EVERYONE’S bodies – I have heard this phenomenon even happening with male homosexual blacks when they get rejected. That is why it is best to pull out a gun or some other weapon (ie the cops) when dealing with buck males since rejecting them can be a matter of life and death considering how violent – from my own personal experience as well as the experience of others – they can act when they get rejected! Black men are why black women are so aggressive since the only way you can ward of the attempted sexual assault, oops, I mean “advances” of black males is by being violent towards them in self defense right BACK!

Hey, I gotta joke. What do you say to a black man once he is done having sex? 9 to life, lol! Why did the black man cry while having sex? Pepper spray and the bucks KNOW IT IS TRUE!





Look at these ugly NIGGERS here. To see why I said that, read about the murders of Channon Christoan and Christopher Newsome right here: http://www.crimelibrary.com/notorious_murders/classics/christian-newsom/a-young-couple-disappears.html I wish they had far WORSE than pepper spray to avert what those fucking NIGGERS did to em, fucking beasts!
Look at these ugly NIGGERS here. To see why I said that, read about the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome right here: http://www.crimelibrary.com/notorious_murders/classics/christian-newsom/a-young-couple-disappears.html I wish they had far WORSE than pepper spray to avert what those fucking NIGGERS did to em, fucking beasts!



I can not tell you how often I get threatened by black males for not liking them. The case of street harassment and the amount of sexualized violence committed against black women by black men is obscene. Now, look at these FBI, Department of Justice stats for proof:

 Department of Justice StatsYou can look at the stats for yourself here: http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/fvv.pdf

You can not deny there is something psychologically, psychosexually wrong with black males. I can tell you as a sex worker how many times I have had black males call me on the phone, even go so far as to threaten SEXUALIZED VIOLENCE against me for not seeing them, all the while calling my so called black features “ugly” and then turning around and calling me a racist in the same vein for not “liking myself” simply cause I don’t wanna fuck them. Now, in that same vein, using their logic, if I hate myself for not wanting to fuck them, then ironically they are a reflection of me as well and so thus they are calling themselves ugly by calling me ugly as well. Also, ironically, considering the extreme amount of homophobia and misogyny that besets in the Black American community which blacks like to keep hush hush, all the while making a double minority out of an already marginalized community based on their sexual orientation or sexual identification (ie transgender or homosexual, bisexual) due to blacks adopting the white man’s homophobic, transpohbic religious values – I could argue that these black men hate themselves for not wanting to fuck other black men just as they are sytating I hate myself not wanting to fuck them! But this would go WELL over many of their heads considering how homophobic and stupid they are!

As for the homophobia and transphobia in the black community, this is how I believe it started! I believe this all started because, as soon as the white man came over here to North America and settled on blacks’ territories (ie blacks were one of the first indigenous races over here), he saw black people walking around butt ass naked and deemed us as “savages” and in his warped, hypochristian mind’s eye, used this as a point to degrade, denigrate and dehumanize us, such as using black female toplessnes as an excuse to rape black females, which still goes on today as part of the white man’s legacy of rape victim blame! From that point on, blacks, wherever we were colonized by the white man, felt the need to separate themselves from behaviors the white man deemed as “aberrant” so that we could seek the approval of the white man and not be “otherized” any further which is why there is widespread rejection of homosexuality and transgenderism in the black community, which you can see in even so called afrocentric circles where they place black “masculinity” above female, homosexual, and transgender rights which, when you think about it, is a mirror image of white supremacy!

But, all is not the white man’s fault. Even in Africa, where nary a white man exists in the Congo, look at all the violence being committed against black women ie the black man’s “black queen”! You can’t tell me it is due to white supremacy and that it is not a coincidence. I think it is due to the black male’s high testosterone and low intelligence! I’m sorry, it’s the truth!


Young black “queen” having her young clit butchered since black men are some of the biggest slut shamers and feel you area slut for enjoying sex – unless it is solely for their ego of course! And yes, they will blame the white man or black women for this, too.


Rapes in Congo
More great examples of how the black male treats his black “queen”.

Here is a link to an article regarding the pervasiveness of rapes in the congo by African – NOT WHITE – males ie animals!


It gets even better. In a mixture of homophobia and misogyny, they are conducting what is known as “corrective rape” in South Africa. Never heard of this happening on the same epidemic levels in other western ie white and even asian societies as it is in South Africa. But yes, homophobia is the white man’s fault (partially) but also the simple mind of black males is responsible since, after all, you didn’t have to accept that ideology!

Here is an excerpt of what one victim says a black male stated to her – a confirmed lesbian – before raping her:

“After everything we’re going to do to you, you’re going to be a real woman, and you’re never going to act like this again (you can read the full article here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/crisis-in-south-africa-the-shocking-practice-of-corrective-rape–aimed-at-curing-lesbians-9033224.html).”


Here is what one black male had to say with regards to the attack, with the article noting that corrective rape is approved and is popular all throughout South Africa in the BLACK PROVINCES!

“On the streets of Johannesburg, it is easy to find men who support the idea of “corrective rape”.

“When someone is a lesbian, it’s like saying to us men that we are not good enough,” Thulani Bhengu, 35, tells the BBC. (article taken from here: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-13908662)”

Here are the stats on “corrective” RAPE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corrective_rape#Prevalence Notice that most of the countries, hell, all are African in origin. This tells you just how fucked up the black male is with his sexual entitlement mentality and penchant towards violence against the female, especially black female bodies!

– Unfortunately, most black males think like this! This is why they chase us down even when we don’t want them. Mixture of ego, hyper pseudo masculine testosterone combined with low IQ makes for a beasts, an animal, not a man, not a human being, chasing after you, which is why it is best to run them down with a gun or some other means – like the police!

– This reminds me of how, a while back ago, when I was partially topless (with pasties on) a negro beast who looked Fred Williamson like from the film, “From Dusk Till Dawn”, as pictured here:

Dusk Till Dawn

…attempted to approach me after sitting in his truck, staring at me with his niggerishly evil eyes for what seemed hours (it was actually 30 minutes, but still). After a while, the old muh dik came to approach me and when I told the old negro beast that I liked white men, the NIGGER than responds: “Good, at least you still like men. If you had liked other women, that would be a problem!”. That is the mentality of most nigger males – no respect for homosexuals or anybody who does not want them! They are animals and I almost feel that most if not all should be SHOT if they sexually approach you due to the tendency and capacity for wanton violence the minute they get rejected!


See, the thing with black males tho, is, they don’t like to take responsibility. Hell, I can’t tell you how many times I have been sexually harassed by black males and they think nothing is wrong with what they did and they were sincere about it, too. Even after telling them I don’t give my consent to talk to with them, like them, etc. they still insist that their persisting behavior in sexually harassing me after my constant peas of “no” does NOT constitute sexual harassment as can be seen in many of the youtube comments here that I regularly get from black males as can be seen in the commentary up above, calling me a bedwench, etc. Black men regularly blame black women, etc. the white man for why they don’t stay in the home and take care of their kids, etc. when the fact is black women fielded and went through sexual abuse, misogyny AND racism to still bring home bacon and the butter on the table. Meanwhile, black men didn’t have to go through HALF of what we went through to provide for the families they abandoned, so what is their excuse!?

 Black Women Ho

Hell, many black males even think there is nothing wrong with sexual assault, almost as if aberrant behaviors deemed as “anti-social” in our society are seen as rights in their culture, an entitlement mentality that extends to how they treat women, which is why they are if anything largely responsible for the break up and continued break up in black homes. For instance, black men deem the act of simping which is a man taking care of his woman and his kids as being a negative act! They deem that paying a sex worker any amount of money as being an atrocious act and will attempt to attack the lady for them having to pay for the right to access her body, and literally treat her as less than human because they see it as an attack on their masculinity, as so beautifully summed up on Maggie MacNeill’s blog, which you can read right here:



I can’t tell you how many times I have been threatened, cajoled, and begged by black men to be with them as a sex worker and despite my constant pleas of “no”, despite telling them I am not naturally attracted to them (I like white men naturally speaking), they refuse to hear my pleas and my right to say no and they wonder why they are viewed as rapists (one of the first symptoms of a rapist is refusing to respect your right to say “NO”! which black men do often with flying colors). Black men, when rejected by sex workers, will turn around an call us whores and sluts and then wonder why we refuse to see em! THEN black men will say that because we are sex workers, we have no right to our bodies and that we should see ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PAY US as if we no longer have any right to our bodies simply because of what we do and they wonder why most sex workers refuse to see them. You know you done fucked up as a whole race of people anytime a whole group of women in an occupation who will see almost anyone for money won’t see your black ass for ANY AMOUNT


black women, I implore – I want you to look at this picture:

Taken from here: http://www.beyondblackwhite.com/picture-say-1000-words/
Taken from here: http://www.beyondblackwhite.com/picture-say-1000-words/

 (Link to full article: http://www.beyondblackwhite.com/picture-say-1000-words/)

Look at all these black females for Michael Brown. This is part of the problem.m You got all these black women simping for Michael Brown, but why aren’t black men equally “simping”, I mean, seeking justice for Mitrice Richardson or other sisters who were the victims of law enforcement or how about all the black female survivors of domestic violence largely at the hands of…oops, that’s the problem, black “men” are the main ones committing the crimes against us so they don’t want to tell on themselves as indicated by the Bureau of Justice stats up above! 

With the vast amount of violence being committed by black men against black women as evidenced by my experience in the LAPD metropolitan jail where I encountrered numerous black females like Marissa Alexander (in Marissa Alexander’s case, it was black females and white feminists, NOT BLACK MALES, who got her off! Negro “bedwenches, stop caping for these negroes who don’t “love you hoes”!) who got put in jail for defending herself from a black male. Where are all the black males coming out to march for Mitrice Richardson (white man I know did this article on her. Other than her black daddy and black male relatives, I don’t know any other black males outside her inner circle, friends, relatives, etc. who came on her behalf!) or other sisters who especially have been fighting on THEIR BEHALF against police brutality when police brutality or even brutality – which is more widespread against us – happens at the hands of other black males? Where was Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? You know what, it is because black females are not respected in the black “community” ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD, especially in the Caribbean where misogyny and homophobia is rife and extreme and with little presence from whitey as well (so who can’s they blames nows, oh lordy!). You know why? It is because black “men” ie ANIMALS don’t “love them hoes”, that’s why!

Black women, you are partly at fault. You coddle these niggers. Blame the white man and even yourselves just to keep their affections (these women are what I commonly call “black male apologists”) and sit up there and tell them that it is the system and everyone else putting them down…and they lap your victim blaming up, only to use it as an instrument of violence to put YOUR BLACK FEMALE ASS down and bring you down simply cause you are a black female and they find no fault in their own actions of doing evil things against you since, after all, you excused them so their conscience is clear just as folks feel they are free to sin gain if they go to church every Sunday and pray!

I will be honest, as someone who is naturally attracted to white men, I am thankful of my lucky stars for my preference every day. Seeing the amount of bs that I myself and other females of other races go through with the male entitlement, animalistic, racist, pseudo masculine (yeah, that shit, putting your hands on females, refusing to take care of your women and children does not constitute masculinity in my eyes) behavior and mentality of black men. I am thankful that I like white men. White men are not perfect as I outlined here – after all, they are partially, majorly responsible for starting misogyny but black men are the WORST in terms of how misogyny and patriarchy to booth are carried out. Black men want the power of the patriarchy while not wanting the responsibility, hence the epidemic of baby’s mamas without a father in toe (meanwhile, my mom used to tell me that white MEN will do this to ya, but stats prove otherwise with black men doing it to their own, lol). Black men see a distorted, warped version of the patriarchy as conveyed by white supremacy and figure in their little simple minded eyes’ mind that if white men are doing it this way and they are technologically successful, than their way of being ie the patriarchy is the way to be so they adopt all these skewered notions of masculinity ie men are supposed to be the head of the household without taking on the responsibility hence why there is a big gap between black men earning degrees and black women earning degrees, with black females being in the lead. To sum it up, I recall in NYC a black male coming up to me out of the blue and saying, “You are pretty. You wanna take care of me?” This is the thinking of most black males!

The way they do things, refuse to respect women’s rights as evidenced by a visit to the courthouse once where I witnessed a nigger male who obviously knew the girl – a black woman – did not want him but he still kept sexually harassing her, even admitting he knew she didn’t want him by saying, “I know you ignoring me” (SO WHY NIGGER YOU BOTHERING HER??)and when I interjected and said to leave her alone, he threatened me and then the two nigger Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies kinda agreed with him as they walked him out the door. This is the mentality of most but not all black males – entitlement coupled with a lack of brain capacity to see how that entitlement is unjustified!  That is why you can not be nice in your rejection of black males. The only things these low IQ, high testosterone individuals understand is aggression and violence or better yet the po po so you can keep your hands clean and get rid of their mayate (the Mexican word for nigger) asses at the same time! Hell, I even gave a Mexican extra time for killing a nigger male in my job as a sex worker! I can’t stand black men. I honestly can not. When I got sexually battered by the nigger next door to me – his name is Brian Anderson and he lives in Apt. #7 right next door to me, this nigger thought it was nothing to sexually batter me, blaming me for what happened. All the while a black ass nigger bitch who lives her mind in the stars – who was one of those who wore one of those Trayvon Martin hoodies in solidarity with him, refused to show solidarity with one of her “sisters” when the sexual battering happened to me. But, yes, nigger males coming to read this blog will blam emy sex life, who I am, what I do for a living, EVERYTHING BUT THE NIGGER FOR WHAT HE DID TO ME, thus proving my point. Black men have taken rape culture to the extreme, just as after they got let out of their cages in South Africa due to the uplifting of apartheid, they went buckwild crazy with rape, etc. (before they were doing it to only black women). Now they are doing it to the same liberal white women who wanted to free them, too (bet they regret it). 

Black men, you see the stats! There is something seriously wrong with you all. I think it is both genetic and psychological. With that said, I am not writing this to help you, but to warn all others, especially black women, not to deal with you all. You all are the most dangerous animals on the planet and I feel you all need to be wiped out! I have said this once and I will say this again: BLACK WOMEN, STOP BEING INCUBATORS FOR BLACK BABIES AND STOP PRODUCING MEN WITH MEN WHO DO NOT AND WILL NEVER LOVE YOU IE THE BLACK “MAN” (HE’S LESS THAN A MAN; BUT AN ANIMAL!).


You know what, if it wasn’t for a white man, my black ass would stoll be sitting in jail because of a nigger’s bs stories! This is why I want to personally thank and state that we need more more George Zimmernans and Darren Wilsons for NIGGER MALES!

George Zimmerman




Darren Wilson
Thank you Darren Wilson, thank you for your service of killing nigger males! Thank you!













This is Michael Oliver. He killed Sean Bell. He’s cute 0_0


The only solution for nigger males is the final solution:

Adolf Hitler

Hitler had it right, but he committed it against the wrong people. Shoulda been NIGGER MALES!

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  1. My bad for all the comments. Your videos are so interesting. I always find something to comment about. Any freaking who, did you notice how that black man and latino woman’s babies weren’t even bothered by you or your breast. I noticed that the kids weren’t even paying attention to you and some of them even ran near you. I work with kids. If they don’t like you, they stay their distance and they can sense when something is off. If those kids thought you were going to harm them, then they’d run. This reminds me of when I was little. I remember going to the homes of black women usually relatives or friends of family and seeing women take off their shirts in front of me. Many will argue , well that is because they were your family or friend. No, it was because I was a kid and kids don’t sexualize things the way adults do. Plus going topless was part of an old southern culture that still lingered around in the 80s. My mom who grew up in the 50s said, black women back then would go topless in public all the time. They’d be on the bus stops breast feeding their kids or sit out on their porches during the hot summers with their breast exposed. I remember not even flinching when these women would go topless. Now if a man were to expose his penis, that as a child, would upset me. Would I take my top off in front of kid that wasn’t my own child, no. But point is, he was pretending to defend his kids. But the kids weren’t even upset. If he wanted to defend his kids he would have packed them into that big ass van and drove away immediately.

    1. Thanks for your encouraging sentiments. Thank you! Speaking of which, I noticed I think I got that Australian white BITCH to move back to Australia. I just traced her IP of the last commentator in the “Australian white bitch” article and it is emanating from Australia, while that bitch pretended to be an “afro american girl” as she put it, RACIST BITCH!

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