CHP Trainee Deven Gutierrez of Whittier CA Calls Black Woman the N Word Online

THAT there is Deven Gutierrez (look at that bitch; all you need to do is cut two holes in that sheet there and you got a klan outfit)!

As anyone who knows me knows I ain’t the most politically correct person on the planet. If you piss me off, I call a black a nigger, I call an Asian a gook, I call you based on whatever identity you have and what racial slut they go by which is what makes THIS blog post so highly unusual:

This is of Marlene Pinnock, the lady, frail old lady pictured in the above video there, getting her butt beaten, UNJUSTIFIABLY, by that faggot grown ass CRACKER of a neanderthal male who had no right to do what he did to her, beating up on ladies, especially old ones. I hope somebody kills his ass in the line of duty (oops, he got fired, lol).

To keep a repeat of this from happening again, I decided to bring to you all’s attention here Mr. David Gutierrez, in this pic:

David Guiterrez

What Deven Gutierrez did was call me a nigger, unprovoked, on my very own youtube channel, which you can see in the screenshot below:

Deven Guiterrez Facebook Proof In Car 3 and Comment

I was able to put two and two together when I traced his raggedy ass car back to his facebook profile, which you can see below:

Deven Guiterrez Facebook Proof In Car
Here is his raggedy ass car. Note that it looks very much alike, hell, it IS the very same car as in his Youtube profile up above!


Deven Guiterrez Facebook
Here is his facebook profile for all those who may want to troll, excuse me, I mean, “check out” his Facebook profile, lol!


Now, up above is his facebook profile. Notice the DUMMY lists that he works for Autozone in Whittier, CA as well as training to be with the CHP (I plan to call them this upcoming Monday and expose his ass).

Now, I ain’t the most politically correct person. But I am a hooker and because I am a sex worker I can literally do and say whatever it is that I want – well, almost – with reckless abandon because I do NOT have to conform to society’s mode of being politically correct and wearing a  mask and shit to keep my job – but this nutward does, which is why I find it HIGHLY illogical and beyond common sense understanding that he is gonna attack a person on here and think there won’t be any repercussions? What a fucking dummy and dumb ass wetback, beaner to booth! Fucking idiot!


Anyways, here are the links to his site in case you want to see it:

(note the raggedy ass car as depicted up above in his profile avatar, lol!)

I also suspect that it is him behind all the harassing phone calls last night, from which he called me from this number: 310-483-1640, begging me for pussy (what a fucking weirdo and proving wetback hypocrite, calling me a nigger but at the same time lusting for my jewish nigger pussy!

If you don’t like what the little SPICRACKER had to say, you can call Autozone at 901-495-6500. If you want to get in contact with the CHP (California Highway Patrol) and make sure another incident like Marlene Pinnock does not happen again ( call CHP at 916-843-3000.


See, my mama always taught me; the best way to hurt someone is in the pocketbook. I am not like most niggers. My jewish (thanks to the jewish side for my intelligence) nigger brain works very differently. I know how to get ya, and I don’t put hands ie beat people up like most barbaric NIGGERS would do in this case and Mr. Dumbass spic wetback cracker (that boy has to be the WHITEST wetback spicracker I have ever seen), you’ve been EXPOSED!

WON’T see ya in the unemployment line, ya dumb spicracker! Lol!
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