Dog Rapist Colton Wood of Lake Forest California Turns On Me And Threatens Me For NO REASON

He got the wrong fucking person…..

He got the wrong fucking one…..

He come his fat lord of the asses ass up here to fuck with me and I’ll stab the shit out of his ass!

NOW I see what folks been saying about his crazy weird retarded ass….. How the FUCK you gonna accuse me of “stalking” and file a restraining order for said thing when you the one sending me motherfucking messages…..

You weird motherfucker.

That said, a lady who seems knowledgeable about his ass said that he raped his dog, Nibbler, who was taken away after folks saw him beating the poor lil animal in a grocery parking lot…..

This guy says his poor former dog had tried escaping from him NUMEROUS TIMES and if you look at old videos of him with the dog he is scared terrified!

You can HEAR COLTON ADMIT his own dog ran away from his fat cowardly ass here:

Fat fucking coward, always wanting to attack folks and things smaller then his ass.

Here he is attacking a poor lady just trying to do her job at a Vons restroom where he smeared feces and treated it like it was his own personal fucking home:

Somebody gonna get his ass one day or night when his ass asleep!

Here his fucking channels:

The more I think about it that nigga caveape dog rapist got an UNUSUAL preoccupation with fucking dogs…..

– Fucking weirdo…..

Here his little dog looking at his fat ass in fear cause of the fucked up shit he did to her…..

– Look how BLACK that lil dog’s eyes are….

She looks tired of his shit. At around 3:07 HE ADMITS she ran away from his fat ass, again…..

He ateep here….

Colton Wood is a miserable mofo who likes to go around causing problems while proclaiming himself to be a “service dog civil rights activist” after beating the shit out of his innocent lil dog, Nibbler, damn near to death…. requiring Torrance police to step in!

Here he is, going around to various businesses, trying to fuck with folks about some “service dog rights” EVEN WHEN HIS LORD ASS OF A LANDWHALE ASS AIN’T GOT A DOG:

Here he is, calling folks “niggers”…..

Here a brother gave his fat nasty caveape dependant on the system welfare azz DAT BIZNEZZ after he called a hard working security guard sister a “nigger” – meanwhile he collecting benefits like a “nigger”:

Well, here a sist⭐r and a coupla other people about to give him dat “biznezz” with that fake service dog “rights” bullshit which he really uses to get attention and to feed his ego:

Here some hispanics about to give his ass da business over his stupid fake service dog shit:

Then wanna play fucking victim after fucking with folks’ jobs…..

Some of them people fucked with his ass while he was at “work”, BEGGING with his “superior white genes….”

This nigga just want attention…..

I mean, WHY fuck with the only places where you can get showers and shit (that’s why his ass was trying to clean up in Vons in the most recent video)…..

Colton Wood is a, there is something seriously WRONG with his ass! I wanna say he a psychopath but I can read him. He is most DEFINITELY a narcissist with psychopathic traits who thinks he can step on others while thinking the world owes him something due to the immense victim mentality he has.

I mean, what kinda fucking mental gymnastics and hula hoops you gotta jump through to legit call yourself a “service dog rights advocate” yet beat the shit out of (and possibly have raped) a tiny lil innocent dog…. then blame aspergers?

I had a baby brother with aspergers (visited him in the astral last night – he transitioned in 2012). I don’t think folks with aspergers are self aware they got it. This nigga, I mean CAVE APE USES IT as a go too excuse to mask the stupid, unnecessary dumb shit he pulls without being considerate against others. I honest KNOW he a curmudgeon who antagonizes others cause he hates himself, hence why he calls himself “The Hard Tard” calling himself retarded. It’s his way of not dealing with his inner issues.

He has a “I am the world and the world should revolve around me” mentality and I saw that when talking to his stupid ass one time:

Meeting Youtube CELEBRITY Colton Wood

I get bullied alot – and my ‘woke take cares of mofos ie black magick (I’m from Louisiana)…..

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

I’ve killed mofos with it (and sent mofos to hell too)…..

So for a min I sympathized with him cause I saw him as being treated differently for being different, like me…..

But even then I saw inklings that there was something wrong like he would ban me for caping for him or asking a troll a fucking question…..

The more I see that the more I am thinking about ‘wokeing his fat ass ?⚰…..

He a controlling, insecure, hateful mofo…..

See, for me, my saving grace is intuition. I use it to discern mofos and cause it is your connection to the unity-verse-all flow of consciousness – you can’t go wrong with it ??

That’s all I was trying to tell this stupid big headed mofo. But then he wanna fight over a difference of fucking opinion:

He don’t know who the fuck he talking too but he gonna find out REAL QUICK like all these people here did:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

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