Google Employee Creates Impersonation Channel Of Me To Attack Me

Imma say this right naw…..

A head at Google is telling him to do this cause the King of Swords keeps popping up:

Essentially, even though I am no longer uploading to Google (I don’t see the point cause I got my own site and I can say whatever the fuck I want on here with fear of being false flagged…..), these mofos still gotta target me.

Not too long ago a Google employee dressed herself up as my “friend” – as you will see this one trying to pull – and then sabotaged an old youtube channel not too long after she claimed she would “contact me” where my channel got taken down:

Mofo Claiming To Be Fired Worker From Google Takes My Youtube Channel Down

Gangstalking is real and many of the mofos working at the top are reptilians…..

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

I sense they got quite possibly different people rotating on that account. As of right now I keep getting feminine cards (and even saw a female via my third eye running it) but it might be a male with a lot of feminine energy = a fag (I CAN’T STAND fags to be honest cause they some of the most misogynist, hateful towards women, envious…. I can go down the line….).

That said, I may have ran into the same person just last year here piloting a channel like this which is designed to impersonate me:

NOTE they do not have a link to my site nor a paypal link:

Here me asking the asshole to take it down, nicely:

I just reported their ass for impersonation:

– You can look at the key words they choose and see they are not on my side….

Whoever at least one of these people are, it’s more than likely a black FAGGOT (I’ll show you emails from last year confirming this) who thinks I am supposed to be stupid, THINKS I AM ONE OF THOSE NEEDY, LONELY (I AM A FUCKING LONE-ER), co dependant, need someone, anyone on my team (I DON’T NEED SHIT! I’M ANTISOCIAL! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE) WEIRD ASS BLACK ASS MAYATE GOOGLE WORKING NIGGER who – I hate these type of fucking people – PUT YOU DOWN BUT THINK YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DESPERATE TO WANT ANYBODY – INCLUDING A FAT FUCKING IN THE BOOTYHOLE THE HUMAN TRASH CAN OF THE HUMAN BODY ✊??️‍?? NIGGER – decepticon (as my mom would say) “friend” like this fat black nigger bitch here who I called out and “she”, IT ??‍?? went on a sloppy fat black feeding frenzy troll attack till I ‘woked her black mayate fat stinkin’ ass (fucking fat black bitch):

Stalked By A Silverback Ape Named Angeline Alexis

Alright, getting back to the fat black faggot Google nigger employee, I first spotted his deception and called him out when he was placing the vomit emoji on my videos ??

This black ass FAGGOT (he under the impersonation EMAIL account “Raven Woke” while I’m “Nappy Hoe”, an old account) seems to have an obsession with Spiritree as can be seen here where he unhealthily talks about her and compares to her to the point of obsession…..

He a fucking weirdo!

I know Spiritree and me – look, she stay in her lane and me in mine.

This weird black two faced NIGGER uses and creates troll accounts of me to harass others in the black sector like this coo coo bitch Jamila right here:


Spirits must got ya, boo boo ?? hissss hisssssssss


That said, look, I got the mindset of a man: I don’t care what you do! I don’t meander over to where my enemies are at and start fucking with em! That’s a lowly nasty FAGGOT mofo that would do that!

That said, I do not support the Raven Masterson youtube channel, I want it down.

The ONLY active channel I got is this Raven The Goddess of ‘Woke N Da Heauxz channel where I am not fucking posting (I don’t see the point as I am NOT making any fucking money nor can engage in freedom of speech there) here:

That’s it! You don’t see that lil smiley face pic of me, naked, posing next to a naked drink – it ain’t me!

That shit is designed to sabotage any and all efforts to get big, EVEN WHEN I AM NO LONGER FUCKING WITH THE YOUTUBE PLATFORM AND GOT MY OWN SHIT!

Spiritree spoke about this shit awhile back, with youtube government agents watching folks ?

Youtuber Spiritree Says Google Employees Spy On Her And Manipulate Racial Tensions and Push Agendas

CIAtube (also known by its variants butthole-tube and an assortment of others) is under alphabet control – as is the whole of Google – and they are doing this to keep me as small as possible so, that said, I encourage folks to flag the shit out of it and to put ‘woke on whoever – whatever flaming homo is behind it:


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