Youtuber Spiritree Says Google Employees Spy On Her And Manipulate Racial Tensions and Push Agendas

…Straight outta this woman’s mouth (the vid was originally 33 something minutes long – NOTE the “33” – but I cut it down to the most important part):

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(You can watch the full video here:

That said, this is PROOF POSITIVE of what many conspiracy sites, suspecious people especially those in the black community, have long suspected! The lady here ADMITS that there are two Google/Youtube employees – a male and a female (funny because a tarot card reader going back to 2016 long advised me of this) manipulates the “recommended” FEEDS, the tension and beefs, manipulation of views, manipulation in amount of subscribers, comments dropping subscribers (ever wonder why your subs complain about not getting your latest video?), having more channel views but yet individual videos don’t reflect that (cause they’re watching!!!), FALSE FLAGGING OF YOUTUBERS THEY DON’T LIKE, WHICH I SPOKE ABOUT BEFORE: and other things in a certain “black” sector of Youtube. Ever wonder why certain chanbeks get overran with “trolls” all of a sudden, out the blue as has happened to Cynthia G, Blaqspot, me and others. I recall – and I took a snapshot of this – a looong looong time ago seeing a picture of an ape in the “recommended list” for a video I posted about racism a long time back! I suspected something was weird but dumb NORPs would say “I’m crazy.” Now, I know I’m right! I noticed that when I was on a pro black site and while agreeing with one vid about the evils of homosexuality/transgenderism (well, mentally ill sickness of these people cause – after all, you were NOT made to lay up with the same gender) and the warpness of transgenderism as influenced by 1 mentally ill tranny whose been threatening to beat real women on youtube out of jealousy AND the slippery slope towards pedophilia – I noticed that comments were being “tracked” because for a while – in the afternoon and well into the night – I COULD NOT COMMENT ALL OF A SUDDEN (despite my saying those comments for years). As this smoking gun article rumminates: Google/Youtube has an AGENDA in which they are trying to force/perpetuate on the masses to get us to accept a certain way of thinking, a certain way of believing things that will get us to fastly submit to the New World Order. That said, I sincerely believe they were created by the C.I.A. (or at least telling from how Youtube was back in the old days and I think in the case of Google I SENSE they were started by them from the start) and designed to perpetuate agendas: transgenderism, homosexuality, and now they are pushing PEDOPHILIA:


THAT ARE DETRIMENTAL THE PUBLIC! If #pizzagate hasn’t shown you anything, it is that Google along with TPTB (the powers that be) WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO PUSH THEIR INSIDIOUS IDEOLOGY AND WILL REMOVE ANYTHING THAT WILL MAKE PEOPLE “AWAKE!” Watch they will try to fuck with my Youtube channel and fuck with this article, which won’t be the first time they will have done so…

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