RAADDRR-VAN aka Rondell Darden of Wu-Tang Clan Threatens To Rape A Woman

RAADDRR-VAN aka Rondell Darden of Wu-Tang Clan Threatens To Rape A Woman

This is why people shoot NIGGERS, most predominantly black “men”:

RAADDRR-VAN of Wu-Tang Clan Threatens To Rape A Woman 2
Read the rapist comment in the screenshot of the comment in yellow!

Now, I don’t know how many times I have stated on my ads and my websites that I AM NOT ATTRACTED TO BLACK MEN, yet the black hordes keep coming to me, and harassing me and even calling my so called “afrocentric features” ugly while pushing me to like black “men” by saying: “You are an uncle tom and a sell out for not wanting to date your own race” (well, I guess the same can be said for you all since most of you homophobes won’t touch another brother, making you sexist AND racist using the very same logic you use against me) meanwhile calling me “ugly” while threatening to RAPE me as this nigger did since it is not about sexual attraction but the feeling, the notion that he has a right to my body without my consent, partly cause I am a sex worker and in his mind’s eye that APE feels as if I do not have a right to my own body cause of what I do for a living but also because he felt that because of my perceived “race” he was entitled to my body without my consent and that I should go for him regardless of what I really want cause I am a black woman and he feels as if black women should be obedient to and beholding to the so called “powerful” black man who always needs to use her and the white man as well as a crutch behind why they can’t take care of their kids, look out for their children, TREAT THEIR WOMEN WITH RESPECT INSTEAD OF BEATING THEM UP AS THESE FBI STATS SHOW and my favorite, thinking that they can get away with sexual assault and rape because, in their eyes, they sincerely believe there is nothing wrong with those behaviors. That is the problem with blackistan!


Hell, just check this out where a black woman who has the nerve to complain about getting raped then JUSTIFIES the rape of a white woman at the hands of her nigger son, calling that woman a “slut”:

Raaddrr Van 2
This is the NIGGER: RAADDRR-VAN aka Ronald Darden who threatened to rape me!

If this nigger beast…sceenshot capture up above), were to ever come up to me in real life, that would be attempted RAPE and I would KILL AND MAIM AND MURDER AND TORTURE (before I kill him 🙂 HIS BLACK ASS A LA HOSTEL










AND CUT HIS DICK OFF IF HE EVER COMES UP TO ME IN REAL LIFE (Defense would be it was attempted rape) since…I have made it KNOWN I am not attracted to black males but yet this person, or lack thereof

(I think the framers of te constitution got it right by saying they are 3/5’s a person just based on the subhuman way in which they act alone)

Framers of the Constitution

…still wants to fuck with me by DISRESPECTING MY BOUNDARIES AND MY WISHES FOR WHAT I DO LIKE IE WHITE MALES so you wanna suffer the punishment, I can bring on the pain. I have no problems taking a black life and I ESPECIALLY have no qualms throwing NIGGERS IN JAIL! Like the nigger here:

This is Raaddrr Van, stealing someone's boombox in the late 90's
This is Raaddrr Van, stealing someone’s boombox in the late 90’s

They feel as if black women or any other group of women, period, should just give their bodies off to them at THEIR COMMAND and then not expect to be seen as a group of fucking RAPISTS with entitlment/ no responsibility issues to booth? Wtf!

This is the reality in what many others have coined “blackistan”. I consider myself transracial. I have alwys felt like a white woman trapped in a black woman’s body. In this life’s journey, it has always felt compelling  and very limiting to fit into a world full of “people” ie BLACKS who do not work on logic and do not ascertain the concept that no means no – as many black males have proved time and time again since they REFUSE to acknowledge – hence why domestic abuse is so much higher in their communities and sexually violent crimes like RAPE – like what happened to me for instance at the hands of a nigger male – are so epidemic and yet the black females tell those who are the victims of such violence to pipe it down: “Save the black male” much to the chagrin of the black female victim and what do you get….

Black Ghetto Mom Whore

A failed community. Welfare mothers, mothers, women who want (and understandably so) NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MEN OF THEIR RACE (as so many other groups of women feel as evidenced towards stats concerning what other races of women choose in terms of mates and believe me black males are at the BOTTOM OF THAT BARREL) and understandably so. When you all raise males with the concept that NO DOES NOT MEAN NO, THEN HOW THE FUCK IS A COP SUPPOSED TO REACT WHEN A NIGGER MALE RAISES HIS GUN OR DOES NOT PUT HIS HANDS DOWN OR DOES NOT OBEY A DIRECT ORDER AND CONTINUE REACHING IN IT’S POCKET? What do you expect the cops to think of them then!?

Ferguson MO

Cops Want To Make It Back Home At Night
Thank you for killing all the monkies oops I mean “niggers (no disrespect to monkies) that you have killed thus so far. Thank you!









I mean, look at these clips here:

Notice in this clip, they threaten to beat up a POOR YOUNG WHITE MAN WHO MERELY WANTS TO GO HOME WHILE THEY CHIMP OUT!

Notice in this clip here, they literally taunt the poor cop to shoot em and then turn around and THREATEN TO RAPE THE MAN’S WIFE! These are the so called “peaceful” protestors of Ferguson, MO, the same ones who APED OUT and rioted and BURNED THEIR OWN FUCKING COMMUNITY days ago (notice the “gentleman” in the attachment stealing the wine bottles). The so called NIGGERS who all of America are ape-ing, oops, I mean, “caping” for!

And the NIGGERS are rioting all over this:

(These videos are courtesy of Froggie Leggs’ Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-OqFvmgdVvi-DAfIexCPoA)

…a fucking black ass thug who is a purported gang member with the Vice Lord Crips. How is that so sweet for ya! But, the black community, let a black male or female (true black people, btw) mention they are “Going to Harvard”, guess what? You think they will have a funeral procession in their honor much less fanfare? No, instead they will be told that they are “ACK-ING WHITE!” Which is the refrain commonly heard by those blacks who try to break away from the dysfunction that is blackistan ie niggerville!
These are NIGGERS! This is what I have to deal with! And for the white liberals who want to chime in and say, “Not all of em are like that”, please tell me why you don’t live in neighborhoods full of em? I am waiting for the response!

I swear black men and the black race as a whole are FUCKED UP and genuinely so. It has NOTHING to do with racism or something that happened many many millions of years ago ie slavery (Fucking greeks went through slavery with the Ottoman Empire and so have others, but you don’t see them using it as a crutch: I don’t so why can’t YOU) so why the fuck is it that blacks can NOT get their shit straight:

North Sentinel Island

Even in islands like the North Sentinelese islands where whites or anyone else for that matter have NEVER STEPPED FOOT, why is it that in places “ran” by blacks, they never have technological advancements on their own save for a few “innovations” straight out the era of Stonehenge:


This is the "height" of black innovation: the best that they can do!
This is the “height” of black innovation: the best that they can do!

I think that the animalistic mentality and barbaric nature (I recall a lil nigger girl along time ago saying that, “Blacks use fists to solve things while whites use court to do the same” in a very boastful manner or like the black bitch, here who says, “She will beat my ass and show me who I am [black]” BECAUSE I SPEAK WELL)


….of blacks lies in this book here:

 TheBellCurve(you can pick up this brilliant book here: http://www.amazon.com/Bell-Curve-Intelligence-Structure-Paperbacks/dp/0684824299)

The Bell Curve. Proof of that is, and I hate to say it, when you combine low I.Q. combined with a predisposition due to high testosterone, you get an animal full of violence and malevolence, which is what you got in the modern day black! A hit dog will holler and that is why so many blacks hate to hear what I have to say: It’s cause it’s the truth! Thank you!

You can not argue with blacks. They are not built in self restraint (if you contradict them they will get VIOLENT and horridly so as evidenced here in the tape above of some nigger beasts attacking a poor white MAN who simply wants to go home) and they do not have LOGIC AND RATIONAL due to low I.Q.’s (theirs hovers around 85) and high testosterone (thus making them as a race VIOLENT). The best way to deal with em is to either SHOOT THEM or to call the cops.

Also, black women, stop trying to save the black male and start saving yourselves by aborting these NIGGER MALES STRAIGHT OUT THE WOMB (My kids will be mixed so no worries there)! 


Go Darren Wilson and I pray you get through it with success!

Darren Wilson 2


Darren Wilson

If you want to donate to Darren Wilson, go here:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Support-Darren-Wilson/1464514543811507?ref=profile (I put it in blue out of respect and because it represents the uniform my dad once worse as a New Orleans policeman!).

I will support him in my own way! People are tired of the nigger hordes and I and others wants to see them ELIMINATED OFF THE PLANET! Hitler had the right idea but he implemented it against the wrong people ?(he should of got NIGGERS, NOT JEWS WHO ACTUALLY BENEFIT AND ENRICH SOCIETIES)!

Adolf Hitler


Now here are the NIGGER BEASTS ie “RAADDRR-VAN’s” links to his nigger beasts websites:


(this is where the NIGGER threatened to RAPE ME!)


(sad that this NIGGER doesn’t even have his own website)





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