Having A Bully For A Neighbor

UPDATE: HER NAME IS TIYANNA (AKA TIYANA) OSORIO AND I HAVE REASON TO BELIEVE THAT HE MAY BE COMMITTING WELFARE FRAUD AND HERE IS WHY: I BELIEVE THAT HE IS STILL LIVING WITH HER BOYFRIEND/ HUSBAND. NOW, UNDER WELFARE GUIDELINES, YOU HAVE TO REPORT THAT YOU LIVE WITH THE OTHER PARENT: http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/free-books/living-together-book/chapter4-9.html and here: http://www.shouselaw.com/welfare_fraud.html and in many instances PEOPLE LIE, THEY DON’T DO THIS O THEY CAN GET MORE BENEFITS WHICH IS WHAT THEY PROBABLY DID so feel free to report here: http://www.cdss.ca.gov/cdssweb/PG21.htm She performed in some po dunk film named, “Dysfunctional Friends,” which I can tell was never released: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6010499/

Baldy Tiyanna Osorio Film

NOTE: This person just had a child, a small baby, an innocent baby. After you watch these videos, you will SEE why I fear as to what can potentially happen to that child. As I cite my own fucked up upbringing, I can tell you that people who do malevolent harm to those OUTSIDE THE HOME will definitely be worse with people who are in it. Please watch out. Here are the numbers for CPS if you see something strange: 800-540-4000 and if calling from outside of California, call 213-639-4500

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Notice how in the latter part of the video she approaches and then threatens me for supposedly filming HER when I was out there the whole time, FILMING and she approached ME and provoking me, which is what she wants!

This person whose name I NEVER knew and who resides at 614 Hauser Blvd in Los Angeles, CA 90036 then threatens me AGAIN!

Unfortunately, because youtube found my speaking OUT against this person to be in violation of their so called “guidelines” after only 1 VIDEO and not the requisite 3 (which is when a whole channel is supposed to get taken down) got complained about:

Bully Neighbor Drops Channel 1
Obviously, they think that bullying is okay and Google approves!



Bully Neighbor Drops Channel 2
Google approves of bullying

I have decided to repost here in case something happens to me so that people see how volatile and psychopathic perhaps this person is:

Bald Woman Bully Neighbor Bald Neighbor Fight

I don’t know her name, but I recall one year speaking to this person. When I first encountered her, she was in an  argument with her husband. Being a good person and all, I intervened to HELP, thinking that I was being a good Samaritan and all. To quote Carl Thomas: “I wish I never met her at all…”

To make a long story short – I knew something was wrong with this person when she approached AFTER her private (well, publicly displayed) debacle with her husband late at night, wanting to be my “friend.” While we spoke, she mentioned of how she almost attacked a young lady who merely looked in her direction and just rolled her eyes – according to her – at HER! Really, that may have not been the case but when you are dealing with people who are mentally unstable, unfortunately, though, things like that flourish.

See, she was in the military and like Clifton Rainey, a fellow youtuber who just starts arguments out the blue…

Here are samples of him attacking me and I have NEVER attacked this person. I was informed he does this to others and picks fights with other people in real life, too.

Clifton Rainey Bully 5
You can see this is a lie! Anyone who knows me KNOWS I am attracted to white men naturally and would never see a black man not even as a “client”, not EVER!

Clifton Rainey Bully 2 Clifton Rainey Bully 3 Clifton Rainey Bully 4


Clifton Rainey Bully Clifton Rainey Harassment 2 Clifton Rainey Harassment


Well, all this started BECAUSE, well, after I informed her I was a sex worker – feeling comfortable enough to tell her, thinking a military murderer for hire no different in ethics from a sex worker (I get paid to fuck, she got paid to MURDER) would pass judgement on an occupation that is relatively innocuous to hers. As you can see – she is like that, EXACTLY like him. To quote bestgore (articles taken from here and here):

1st quote:

“The invention of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is just as ludicrous and proves just as strongly how clueless the psychologists are. Imagine the following scenario:

Let’s say there is a ruthless serial killer – for the purpose of this exercise, let’s say his name is Ted Bundy..

He spends his days looking for his next victim… 

But then, after dozens of victims have been abducted, tortured, raped and murdered, Ted Bundy is apprehended and locked up in prison. He goes from manhandling any girl he wants to being completely deprived of his lust. So what’s a poor guy to do? Easy – complain that he’s depressed as a result of past experiences and request help from a psychologist, psychiatrist or any other “expert” with no clue about human psyche.

Absurd? Of course it is. As absurd as the invention of PTSD itself. Yet this is to the dot precisely what is happening all around us. Mass murderers and rapists whine that they are depressed as a result of what they went through in the past and divinely dumb psychologists, in a bid to justify their paychecks, diagnose them with PTSD. Must be hard to not be able to mutilate people without repercussions…”

…and the 2nd quote (the most DAMNING OF ALL):

(the author’s thoughts on the film, “Wartorn”, by HBO): “Wartorn 1861 – 2010 is a documentary by HBO about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. While being an HBO production the documentary is bound to be full of shit, it does in many ways prove what I have been the first to say out loud. What “experts” classify as PTSD is really conscience catching up with monsters who preyed upon the weak. It’s the remorse reminding the filth who murdered, raped and pillaged the innocents that they may have gotten away with it legally, but there are beyond Earthly powers that saw what they did and will hold them accountable.”

People like her do this to take her mind AND her conscience off the fact that she was a paid murderer for hire. Now, I have no problem with the military. I have no problem with self defense. However, we all have to admit that the Iraqi War and the Vietnam were SHAMS FOUGHT FOR MONEY. She was, based on the age I deduce her to be, the same age that would be appropriate for someone who was in Iraq and/ or Afghanistan, BOTH UNJUSTIFIED WARS FOUGHT FOR PROFIT AND NOT FOR HONOR AND TO ACTUALLY RESCUE THE WORLD LIKE WORLD WAR II!

This woman bullies people and she has bullied numerous times, which culminated in a FIGHT where, unfortunately, I won’t say too much, but she badly beat me. She even had me on the ground, underneath her, suffocating me and NEARLY KILLING ME, WHICH I TOLD THE COPS! Here are the scars to prove it!


20130102_201440 20130102_201444 20130102_201505 20130103_154157












Chipped tooth to the left in case you could not notice.

20130103_092921 20130103_092951 20130103_154203 20130103_154207 20130103_154211 20130103_154224


























Unfortunately, the cops refused to do anything about it because they don’t like me for my copwatching at the time and out of bias towards me, hence why I fostered and launched a federal lawsuit against em. When I finally did try to get a detective – Detective Yearwood – on this – it came back that they had license plates registered to an ADDRESS IN OKLAHOMA THAT IS NOT EITHER ONE OF EM though they have California license plates and live in Cali, which is weird (they also changed their plates after this, not too long after I believe along with car so, I dunno)!

Here is what happened when I went to the cops after the cops who showed up that night (this took place on January 1, 2014) about a month later (hint: they refused to do anything):

I see her all the time, I know, it seems, she has no job. I don’t know what they do – I don’t care what they do for a living. All I want is to be left alone and I see based on indications which she displayed this year, such as while I was walking with a friend, her shouting that, “That bitch!” towards me as I was passing by and in another calling me, “Stupid”, very childish things meant to attack me for NO REASON – she won’t let me be! This person is alot like Clifton Rainey – a fellow murderer for hire. People like that LIKE to take their aggression out on others cause they can not HANDLE the fucked up things they did during war. How can you handle, how can you JUSTIFY fighting a war that is unjustified, that is not meant to save the world, but to save and even make money for Haliburton and Co. That is what these people did and they feel guilty and now they took down my youtube channel as a result.

Bully Neighbor Drops Channel 1 Bully Neighbor Drops Channel 2





* Usually, Youtube only takes down a WHOLE ENTIRE ACCOUNT AFTER THREE FLAGS, not the one in which I was rendered earlier, which denotes some type of governmental operation going on here that they may be involved in, hence why the cops helped em out!

But, like all predators, I believe in speaking out and EXPOSING THEM cause they destroyed my channel for a reason – it exposed the truth and it is an uncomfortable truth from whence she can NOT recoil: She bullied me! She had no right! And she is looking to go at me again and I won’t have it.


This time, if she comes up to me – I WILL CALL THE COPS! I have enough proof to file a restraining order (if she comes up to me and/ or harasses ME AGAIN, I WILL FILE!) . If the cops refuse to do anything as they did last time: LAWSUIT! I am suing their asses IN THEIR INDIVIDUAL CAPACITIES! I will make them poor. All I want is justice and to be left alone and if this person CAN NOT DO THIS, then, they deserve to be brought to justice!

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