5th Incident of Harassment by LAPD for Being Female and Topless In Public In L.A.

Alright, I thought that this shit would NOT persist after I filed my federal lawsuit but it is:

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You can see here where I filed my lawsuit against the LAPD for this SAME, EXACT THING: For being topless in public, which you can read here: http://dockets.justia.com/docket/california/cacdce/2:2014cv04803/593138  

Just today, as I was working out in front of, well, near my home you see, I got approached by a bunch of LAPD officers – MOSTLY MALE and I am noting this as well to note the inherent sexism in this abuse here of society overtly discriminating against and so thus sexualizing women’s bodies WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION which allows rape culture – who harassed me, AGAIN for being topless in public while I was working out after a whole year just passed by of them NOT harassing me in public while having my boobs out, including without pasties!

This was prompted I believe by this woman here:

Bald Neighbor Fight

…who I strongly suspect of being a police agent after a detective, who was trying to work on my case after this woman battered me, reported that the license plate on her car – 6SAN977 – comes back registered to an apartment in Oklahoma DESPITE HAVING CALIFORNIA LICENSE PLATES – something which is consistent with an undercover cop and/ or police ops and she lives not that far from me, right down the block. This woman, of which I have evidence, has battered me, and the cops refuse to not only do anything about it, but they also erased the evidence of her battering ME and attempted to arrest me for the incident, all of which I have reported here in this other article: https://toplessinla.org/2014/12/24/having-a-bully-for-a-neighbor/

You can see here walk past me here (I note that she gave me the middle finger while taping me) and not to long after a police cruiser showed up:

You can read here that according to In Re Gianni and Robins vs County of Los Angeles, it is LEGAL FOR A WOMAN TO GO TOPLESS IN LA! Don’t believe me, read the court decision right here:

In Re Gianni pic of lawsuit info

Robins V County of Los Angeles also states that it is legal to be NUDE in the State of California.
Robins V County of Los Angeles also states that it is legal to be NUDE in the State of California.

I just find it very odd that after a full fledged year of going topless, they did not harass me up until THIS particular person here called and now, they show up? That is really bizarre. Anyways, I will amend the complaint to include the names of the officers who were involved in this incident and perhaps even include that next door neighbor if I can get her name, which the cops won’t allow when I tried to file a restraining order against her. Something very funny is going on and I don’t know what’s up exactly, but these people, especially that girl, are out to get me!

Below are the cops names and what they said on the back of that business card:

20150129_123221 20150129_123230


Their names are: Serafin #41043, Sgt. Hernandez #35609, Perkins #38466, Martinez #41025, Marsolais #41652

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