Fruitbat Tried To Send A Shit Demon My Way But I Repelled It

I’m telling ya…..

This nice potpourri spray:

Followed by lavender oil:

And ESP. 6000 hz frequency goes a looong way…..

I awoke in the middle of night and I shit you NOT all of a sudden I smelled a STRONG SHIT SULFUR ROTTEN EGGS SMELL coming into my car. It seemed to be coming from outside…..

It wasn’t too long after I saw what I STRONGLY believe to be fruitbat’s car near my car, parked on the road in the middle of the night (bitch do anything to me and I’ll hurt her). I strongly felt she had SOMETHING to do with it…..

Like with the shit bags here……


That said – when I awoke in the middle of the night after having this weird astral vision where my brother was with a brown haired, yellow jaundiced mixed brown kid white kid who was just shitting LIT like 2 bricks on our floor in our childhood home (I immediately scooped em up and told him to run his ass off) – I could hear her voice (I think she tried to put some shit in my energy body say, “Go away, leave me alone” and “No, this not supposed to be.” She was saying that shit (pun intend.) cause I sent that shit BACK TO HER AFTER SHE HAD SENT IT TO ME after I fought that shit off by spraying the potpourri spray, lavender oil all over the car and playing 6000hz (that shit even runs wetbacks away)?? I even smelt burnt wood (which supposedly indicates positive spirits like angels etc.) around after….

I think – based on what I saw with my third eye that she mighta sent over Belphegor which is an ars goetia shit demon who accepts shit and piss as offerings.. .

– Here he is on a commode!

However, what I saw looked more like this:

I saw it swallowing souls via my third eye once while doing egg cleansings…..

I saw it initially take on the look of the demiurge (more than likely is him)!

I had also astral projected…. it’s not really interesting….. but before then, before ALL of this I saw, WHEN I FIRST WOKE UP, a zombie looking ghoulish what I thought was a human (well now spirit) in tattered clothing walking far. At first I thought it was someone physically alive but was not as when a driver, while driving down the road, shone his light in it’s direction it wasn’t there but a few times after and even before I saw a black shadow of it. Poor dear was walking just like a stereotypical zombie meaning a poor spirit, restless hungry spirit stuck in hell, miserable for possibly all of eternity.

That being said I always felt these fucking woods were fucking spooky for a reason:

– You can LITERALLY SEE the spirits in that mofo…..

As Missing 411 talks about (shit is more than just bigfoot which they try to link ALL the disappearances to):

ALOT of crazy shit goes down in the woods….

Yes they are majestic like the redwoods in Yosemite Park but because they have limited human energy due to a lack of humans being there – and due to things like satanic rituals being done out there (I saw some folks try to pull that shit out here awhile back) and alien civilizations being underground, you have alot of strange highness and weird ass portals – ESP. portals to hell – being created out here. That’s why I once saw an entity that had a head and body alot like Pumpkinhead’s (but it had all sorts of boils forming the “football” shaped part of it’s head and hunchback):

Alot of weird shit and weird energies be going on hence why folks living out here – esp. ones in tents – be going “crazy” esp. if they already can see into the other side.

I believe, as I long sensed, that there are portals to hell here and I believe it was WORSE before I came.

After dealing with fruitbat I decided to use my power to open a portal to heaven (the heavenly realms of the astral) and have it engulf all of this area at least.

I woke up to the dudes across the street sounding mad jovial.

If I can open up portals to hell like I did here:

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

I can SURE open portals to heaven (I did on myself and I felt very good for a change). It seems when I drink and push my consciousness into the higher realms I can get EVEN MORR DRUNK even with a little bit of beer. Imma have to stop that shit entirely cause, in part, I don’t wanna get possessed plus I ENJOY meditating and leaving out of my body thru my third eye – which I did early this morning!

It throws shit off and is not needed by me anymore.

That said when I astral projected I saw something interesting…..

I was in my childhood home and I was looking out the blinds of my old childhood home dining room – which was towards the back of the house – and it was dark and raining with a shrill wind like a hurricane.

To the front of the house, esp. by the front door in the living room it was sunny. When I went to open the door I saw what looked like a brick wall with vines and other shrubbery. I opened it like it was nothing. I think it means I am advancing, spiritually!

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